'GMA' Anchors' Coffee Table Book Gift Picks

Showcasing this year's big coffee table books in one of our favorite holidays traditions.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for 'GMA' Anchors' Coffee Table Book Gift Picks
Back here for one of our favorite holiday traditions. We showcase big coffee table books. Some celebrating the beatles' debut on ed sullivan 50 years ago. And another gorgeous book honoring 125 years of "national geographic." And check out this kitten I'm holding right here. This is franklin. He's from the new york humane society. I thought you were channeling dr. Evil for a second. He is here because my book I'm going to bring home is called "kittenhood." All of these pictures from the first 12 weeks. The girls will love that. What about franklin? You know, he wants to get out. There's a dog. Like, I have a sweater, too. This is the one I wanted to share with people. I have a video clue. "Soul train" remember this? Soul. "Soul train." Not bad, josh. The longest-running syndicated show. It was on from 1971 to 2006. And every saturday morning, i remember we had a new basketball coach. This is my favorite. A new basketball coach. He tried to have a basketball practice on saturday morning. I told her, no one's going to show up. But this is from questlove. He did this. You look at the pictures. And you think of all of the great acts that got a great start there on "soul train." It's a beautiful read and book. A couple here. This one I really want to point out. Here now in a world cup year. The u.S. National team, heading to rio, come next summer. We're also celebrating 100 years of soccer in this country. A beautiful game for a beautiful country. It's just chock full of history. And takes us back to 1950, when the u.S. Men pulled a huge upset over england back then. But it captures hope solo and the great stride that u.S. Women have made. Been the dominant team in the world for a long, long time now. So, it's terrific for men and women. For the fans in both. And for sarina. Again, the u.S. Women are such wonderful role models. Also, a quick one here. "Caught in the act." It's actors, candid snapshots. It's going to be your favorite. I have- I love interior design. This is something I love. Great ideas called "remix." And I thought it would be a coffee table book. But I love this. Robert osbourne has written "85 years of the oscars." The only authorized book about the oscars. It is revised every five years. One thing I really love about it. Not only the pictures and the memories from all of your favorites. But also, quotes from the greatest acceptance speeches of all-time. It's a fun gift and a great read. Highly recommend it. Does it come with the little fella. I know. Franklin? Franklin? I don't know. No. It does not come with that. That's just a prop. But love it. I don't blame you, franklin. I don't blame you, buddy. Such a great idea. Coffee books. And I think of that "seinfeld" episode. When kramer had the coffee table book that he turned into a coffee table. Sometimes they're that size. Beautiful ideas we do every year. And they're just books. We're going to the e-books and going digital. There's something about having them.

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{"id":21191010,"title":"'GMA' Anchors' Coffee Table Book Gift Picks","duration":"3:00","description":"Showcasing this year's big coffee table books in one of our favorite holidays traditions.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-anchors-coffee-table-book-gift-picks-21191010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}