GMA LIVE (06.17.13)

Josh and Dan check out one innovative young girl's charitable baked goods business.
18:22 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.17.13)
-- -- Job we'll discuss this the side of beef and Turkey is. We have a we have a veritable garden here got your onions to me let's isn't real -- as his -- Case I'll -- eyes only of me so that's that considering everything that you've been that Dan Abrams did not join. Finally. And joining us again it's -- -- Monday after. Your first Father's Day -- right how about my friend. It what is it was great it was really great -- you know the weird thing is when you're walking around the little baby and you're going to like. You know a place for lunch whatever it was his old your first Father's Day and and it was cool it was great I love you know sort of tagging them along and sticking food -- -- -- You know there was I don't know -- he's -- I'm going to be wearing this is your ways this is York this is my fifth fifth Clarence by the summer us. Serena got me -- -- for Father's Day I'm gonna be wearing my -- -- for the next ten years com. Why should get this time it's -- for because it was pretty daddy -- daddy's Leslie picked out her -- ASU that he is shockingly she went panic well so -- terrific and I got Antalya. They obviously get more sentient every year but yesterday was the first full you know she woke me up and she told me daddy it's kissing day whenever you -- -- Okay. I went back to the -- 276. Not mine who is that the it's going to be days -- -- 200 and -- yeah exactly it's time to create -- -- and daddy. -- on the. Before we get to our cavalcade of stars all of our guest today. I like to avail myself -- -- legal expertise. Whenever we can. -- celebrity trials that -- sure there's sort of taken a break however. There's one that actually will it's gonna impact us here on the show -- sloppy ver Vick is adamant that what are we document. So Tom. At Warner -- is the copyright and that they say to the song happy birthday. And that means technically that any time someone. Sings it particularly publicly -- -- royalty yes. And now they are being. Challenged on that as to whether they actually. -- own that copyright the big question that class action lawsuit I think it's the most -- -- billion people hated the most popular song Google. And so. At and they're saying look don't tell us that -- that's the reason that that this hasn't been brought up until now is because no one. Has actually taken the time to say what is -- Is this a valid copyright could you talk about going back to the early nineteen hundreds and did they just have a copyright to the piano version -- the lyrics -- satirist -- What if they lose that. -- -- they say we don't enforce it birthday parties thank you. Thank you -- -- -- -- studio -- and -- -- like every birthday party in America in the hello hi we're here from Warner if you -- easy you know. Yet but they say they don't collect on birthday parties -- But that -- public. Do they collect at all is really -- and they did -- so that's what kind of being you know that's what the producers the producer making a movie. And about the song. Acts can you think about -- speaking of movies you never see it sung in movies all despite the fact it like you know. Characters -- all sorts of news will have celebrate birthdays as part of a plot but you never -- it's what we don't saying it. We do you actually are spoken word version happy birthday which is you know which works for -- but right now I'd love his -- that -- No idea it is sort -- -- right now right -- but then I'm sort of like if I'm gonna do it then I better. And operating -- -- right -- path -- had deteriorated to wind will we have a decision you know it's gonna takeaway on this is one of these the popularity of aid of -- sort of model variable walk the picket when you're talking about something going back in nineteen. Ford in 1920 section from McVeigh going back in the eighteen hundreds fleeing on something the legal expert myself there -- New York it's what people don't know yet and this is a confession that I don't think you and I've ever talked about publicly -- That before. Before I ever good happened that before I go on to talk about legal segments -- that they have to do is not. Go do any research it's not actually looked this up it's not look at the case law I go to the office of one. Josh Elliott -- -- numb and on the clearing out gasoline -- the especially when we get. Tangled in the -- copyright -- exactly exactly exactly Fiat -- -- you know it's been and I wanted to tell you that I appreciate that they could we -- -- -- the time to really say thank -- and compelling -- today he has -- stepdaughter odds -- pretty -- those guys -- it was a brief involved all right well I say this is doing its priests knowing this is -- and it is is that this can generally a Vietnamese who last CNN -- last fall. World war -- -- -- I don't know who didn't last. Friend of the program the most famous -- pop brother and all the land here with many things you have a new book out my friend for what it's worth business wisdom. From a -- -- from -- broker I'll get a better and that his wisdom one you can argue one needs. But first if only so that we can feed a small nation and what are we what are we looking. -- you're looking at the hardcore sandwich I mean this is something regarding either party -- debt that they made for us because you know we're big eaters. You can see by the size of missionaries. Cap and so they made us a -- -- -- -- -- see the hardcore on this matter would die hard salami. When I've been needed for you have date they've now named to say they have named the search for us right they -- getting more hardcore than this if you look at ordered -- that and the manual I'm Emma. There's a hung in the air dirty laundry -- there. Tong marsala maybe they guess. I think that there is just I want to get it continues to lead any -- Here tonight can I see can -- -- -- -- Denise you are. The president did the chimney a lot of -- experts. I am -- so what do at a how does this well howdy has this book I got Italian less outside the top of the top -- it threw me yeah I had out she's got a problem with the top sorry there lies she's also will -- this is that they would -- -- -- of weird. She she's lowered pneumonia Finland with wings evicted if it could theoretically fly away I would argue -- shouldn't count because they don't even know they can fly -- like. -- fight -- flight takes him. -- -- -- Had Scott negative all right so then you won't do that Tom really apparently time we've had how -- daddy that. The -- that Americans -- would you if you notice his bread in the center I'm delighted to have you just -- hard salami yeah I guess. July it could -- talking did you -- -- they put the -- in their per request from the well we talked a lot. Yeah I know they wanted to make it you know look as realistic as they possibly. Why not talk you know amazed I mean do you not watch it -- up on the show at the gallery show -- -- and Edwin Angeles while I don't I just punish them I'm not gonna homeowner and you don't that's a little. More difficult now are you excited about the book -- -- -- So -- you know it was it was a took a year to do and I'm so excited it just hit the shelves last Thursday. You know it's it's like people can listen to me talk -- it's a business book it's an autobiography. Negotiating its its cooked it covers everything I -- -- his great business for the margins we've got to be in -- not necessarily know what what it is -- you try to give people a fair amount of money for the merchandise because you want them to pick it up. So your legal expert right now how many people I don't know how to pick up their -- loans -- legally Chinese people. -- -- a lot of people -- -- -- upon their stuff that weathering the wanted to be how many people coming get. I would assume -- very high percent very good so then you understand that. We're not getting the merchandise at a reasonably low price we're getting it at a very fair price because we want people to come back. Their merchandise but you guys -- a nice interest -- that a month. Michigan is the lowest interest rate -- in the United States to Florida's 25% Georgia's point 2% arkansas' 30% so there's a lot of states. But we -- -- so we do -- thousand loans that they are margin is small our profit margin on everything has to be you have to make profit and everything but. -- -- -- And he's an international film and television so no I really look that block how many do you at a sandwich -- IDC jobs aren't I designed it. You know I had another -- would involve -- while Obama got elected that that's you know you've made when you have a sandwich of this magnitude in Canada. The net every single piece of meat here says something about mr. -- and Judy let's Jeff -- -- O'Connor has the golf I understand you know want to understand which I agree that it is in it. -- -- now that the book is out you know people. One innings villages after much more going to be talking to you a little bit later for Good Morning America later this week I don't want to I'm understood some -- -- -- -- what impact has the show. -- television. -- on the business in the first well not one of my goals when we did the show us to show that pawn broking it was a legitimate and viable industry. You know 3000 years ago 200 years ago 1930s. We've -- it was a dark dirty illegal entity. What I've tried to do and what we've done is we've opened up the doors to a major punch -- in this city of Detroit which is known as but tough. Neighborhoods and we have shown that we're legitimate business you come in. -- -- you're treated fairly when it's a well lit well runs facility my children and hopefully that. We've changed the image now my grandchildren -- here -- You know we'd like you said we're we're on from Australia now we just got picked up at South Africa and all the countries -- between -- it's made pawn -- a legitimate. Cool place to -- It's better live now that the TV camera exactly yeah yeah and our -- -- it but it's not a stage it really going on it's a real business like this -- and I hit had a very -- you need to come to Detroit and Iowa he'd be we spent some time on good afternoon American this past summer. You like Santa Claus. And you'll be happy to know who won an Emmy for daytime and possession and there really the Emmy award really well congratulations. So where's my kids. Thank you I -- Puerto many people that say yeah I want you start with -- it was Miami. Bomb. Slightly better picture of that video picture I -- -- -- until at least give it to me to take -- back to I don't. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- Got -- cry even cruel and experienced a lot yet worked out and the crew is Greg Coleman and slowly slowly -- -- Call him over. -- Carnegie deli in with what we have here and it says this man -- -- man takes. This is a -- it's amazing who's making friends and -- that's the story -- first of all the case that this is day. -- in the filled -- -- maple butter cream brown sugar baked. Most delicious thing I've ever heard my life and doing what economists and -- them I couldn't definitively yes it's a -- but someone that would in real rear rating -- the one to make -- think that it had -- we say hello to the master pastry chef behind the little wonders arguably. A little wonder herself -- -- is. Running a very successful business because she's discussing it here on GMA alive lose these big -- joins us -- look see. Babcock how are you a little one. Yep that's about the federal. Not -- it out so. Listing most kids when they think bake sale right there -- -- Seles and goodies it school create a lemonade stand. You have -- beautiful business with these fancy. And fancy cakes -- these beautiful stickers and ribbons. How did you go from the typical. Kid did the bake sale to the fantastic business person. Well it won't -- all. Roll -- pull flags. For a guest Alex scoop. -- -- I felt -- brutal bar water under the -- since he pulled me. -- But some -- so I just didn't see you make these wonderful creations and then all the money you make. Actually goes to a very good cause what do you do with a loose. I -- I hope -- it goals. Narrowly but -- -- already -- this. As a money. That's fantastic on that's terrific you view and -- contribute to cancer charities. Animal shelters a glass made -- -- class greeted elephant that is terrific are. All right so. Muir feeding us this morning but -- when are we get heavy stuff we ought to talk about the day we first -- are you gonna take over the baking world -- is that what you want -- they'll. -- -- What are you what -- when you grow up. -- -- -- -- All the -- -- baker did you pick out that -- yourself it is beautifully instantly beautiful. Checks -- did you pick that out. Four and -- Love relief from. -- that's off his mom right there. Tell mom to -- -- hit to economic content to have them come and have come in the shot. I -- Jennifer -- want to ask you do you have to be proud seven years old accomplished and really doing the right things for the right people who really need. Today her. Phobia yet I just corporate birds. Well my waistline will not thank you but I want to thank you both for being with us today it was fantastic avenue. -- -- -- -- -- -- Filed for yeah I want to introduce you. This for a second year this strapping lad that we will -- my he's he's running team gosh that's terrific but I want to show you what I got. What I got for Father's Day. Guy worried Serena obviously went three to this season the six letters in the New -- -- you want us to work today all I did yes and I wouldn't be wearing at home. Proudly you've got it from -- office beside ran back that's so -- so well. Why didn't you 1000001 million the -- how awesome isn't working. It's about how can -- tell that I. Like infinity time Kennedy -- like those that these young the other. Thank sounds -- Reid is doing the -- All the people who work for jocks with their -- calculate how awesome it is to -- actually I -- and didn't come on the Internet and tell the Internet. Just in you're single right well I am -- Nobody has had to look more directly into the camera. Then. Hash -- easy or is we want to again he come back -- -- the body around the actual. Man -- notice how does say that absolutely -- by the way before we got we -- -- -- That's because it starts now where is sort of a soft launch the Ian Abrams facial hair. We don't you a lot of called didn't do a lot let's -- and push and real tight. -- we have fancy graphics we can actually show you the -- of what we expected to look like although this is what we're concerned about and it's the great concern. -- -- Connects -- -- how will it then there are some very small holes but. It's still it provides that -- it's not like never and baby dating myself here making a Bjorn Borg reference was -- -- -- yeah exactly yet anyway. Bob people whose -- appeared sometimes look bad because they don't. But I'm I like I like I like Martin tactical -- soak soak located. We're gonna see we're gonna we're gonna see we're gonna see -- but let's see it's fiction and I don't even know what they call. But it's that and that's why communities -- you mentioned it could easily just be a mustache independently yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not that got to give the exact it is the sort of -- can guide academic eight kids that gives the nerdy -- he got a little bit of a sort of try to be cool -- like a rough -- academic criteria for -- The management underneath like how far back to you do you go right now -- -- -- into this is really only I guess -- was since Friday on morning. So this is since Friday show but once you -- have to you know. Because back in my eight previous previous TV job I had a streak going here regularly. Dave beard if she was my favorite -- Here. I. Every time I have to sacrifice for days' worth of it's like -- I Sunday night Monday morning -- is brutal the embassy for someone like -- -- is particularly. Significant because it does help need begin to shed a little bit of the -- factor. -- associated who that we aren't bars and -- Denise before we go. Yeah and if there's a straw -- happening here. Well in hand and what are we hearing with with zero to -- -- -- -- -- -- what can -- what can we -- this latest just didn't love me was the subject in his -- at this Arafat seeing this. -- -- -- -- Without -- -- here but we're we're gonna see and meanwhile did you think you grow -- -- -- -- about the best I -- do -- -- I get I think connecting is not authorize strikes. Youth. RA -- we'll talk about it in a corner bank had an avenue. In moments we -- I think -- instead join us and -- 9 AM eastern daylight until then we'll see.

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