Hugh Jackman Opens Up About His Real-Life Health Scare

The award-winning actor sends a message to his fans and dishes on one of his most famous roles.
2:07 | 05/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hugh Jackman Opens Up About His Real-Life Health Scare
And right now Hugh Jackman opening up about his very real health care and what he's doing to help protect millions of children. Also what he's revealing about the future of one of his most famous roles. He is going one-on-one with our David Muir. Hugh Jackman in the bravery of his role, wolverine singing in les mis. Hosting the oscars. But the actor now bravely showing something else, the images of him at the doctor's office, the skin cancer diagnosis after a childhood outside. You were outdoors all the time. It was all outdoors. I just remember it was that old school be home when it's dark, be home for dinner. You know, mom or dad yelling out from the -- dinnertime. When I look back at my childhood I never remember putting on sunscreen. Never. Reporter: Filming "X-men" they noticed a speck of blood on his nose. You thought you cut yourself. Which is not unusual and I casually mentioned this to my wife who was like get it checked. Reporter: There are three times, his the most common basal cell carcinoma that. I took a photo, bang, with the thing and said don't be like me, wear sunscreen. Reporter: In a Texas factory he's helping to make affordable children's sunscreen made in America, pure sun defense using cartoon characters, anything to capture young eyes but it's own children looking out for him. They see the band Dade. Of course. Always saying, dad, sit in the shade. Reporter: As they watch over their dad his fans keeping close watch too millions saw that image he posted from his kitchen wondering what does it mean revealing to us he'll hang up those wolverine claws after one more final movie. You're much better off finishing when your gut says to you this is the right time and you feel you're on that rather than on that. Came home and said, deb, one more and the moment I said that I knew it was right. Reporter: Embracing his other role as a dad. Looking out for millions. Here we are putting the sunscreen on. I'm going to. We're getting out of here. Great advice. Wear your sunscreen. Coming up one of our friends,

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"The award-winning actor sends a message to his fans and dishes on one of his most famous roles. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31000188","title":"Hugh Jackman Opens Up About His Real-Life Health Scare","url":"/GMA/video/hugh-jackman-opens-real-life-health-scare-31000188"}