'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Exclusive Sneak Peek

New clip from the upcoming film, plus the stars of the film answer questions from superfans.
6:31 | 11/13/14

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Transcript for 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Exclusive Sneak Peek
They are wonderful. Keeping it real. The stars that make up the hunger games love triangle. They were at the Twitter mirror a little earlier and brought an exclusive sneak peek just for us. I edited it. We brought it in ourselves. I wanted to give you the whole movie. I'll be honest with you, I didn't know there was a clip. Let's watch. Please. Please, urge them to stop this war before it's too late. And ask yourself, can you trust the people you're working with? We need a respond. Thank you peeta for these revelations about the real mockingjay. Did you see what he looks like? I saw a coward. You don't know what he's going through. I don't care. I would never say that. Even with a gun to my head. That's the same guy who defended you at the whipping post. I remember this scene powerfully when we were watching. Ask just seeing you all. And you are -- My body language, watching the clip. Oh. But you -- the transformation of peeta. I didn't do anything personally to achieve that transformation. It's all done with computer-generated images. It's a cgi diet. The cgi guys lost weight themselves working so hard to make him look that way. It's true. All four films have been shot, right? Yeah. All four of them. I know you are planning reunions and all that. We see each other all the time and hang out. Josh and I live down the street from each other. Bad idea. I moved in after him. She followed me. I did. Yeah. So we got really sad on the last day. All right, we are going to hang out all the time. It's different. It's not like all day every day for months at a time. It is different. And the thought of having to go and work with other people. It's not easy. It's really weird, though. I'm retired. I'm not going to do it. You get to work with woody again, right? I just did again. And it was weird. Because we play this game on the hunger games. You look at this, and punch him. It's the family game. Woody tried to do it on this film that we shot together. Wasn't the same. He look ed at me, it's not right, is it? No, man. Not here. And thanks for bring iing it up. And the one you're working on, didn't help you get ready for this role? "Escobar? The. Yeah, it was intense. I had to lose my mind in this. I got my mind lost. He was crazy. No, he wasn't. I got to let out my inner looney. You're just crazy until they call cut. Looney. And they call cut. Ask you'd you're hooking up again with your director in the next one. What is that about? It is about joy mendengal. What? I mess it up every time, so I go with the mistake. She invented the miracle mop. When you get a call at 3:00 A.M. Zog make a movie about the miracle mop, you say yes. We have some of your fans. They have been lined up all night long. I didn't see you guys there. You didn't see them. Hello. Super fans. Questions over there. I do, robin. We have liza who lives in new York City. Go ahead and ask. What's your favorite part about being in a book to film adaptation? I think for me, what I like is we get to go deep. In jomockingjay, two separate movies, you get deeper and show a lot of things that, you know, that you didn't know before. Yeah. I don't know, I like that. Different perspectives on the story and the character. Scripts are just like maps. And books kind of go more indepth than scripts. You guys are good with words. Thanks. We also have Fiona. She's from New Jersey. What's your question? Who's your favorite character other than your own? Haymitch. I love that guy. Haymitch or Effie, yeah. I'm haymitch, for sure. I couldn't say haymitch. You're glaering at me. Cut it out. And from a Atlanta -- If you could choose one person to be your ally to take down the capital? Between the three of us? Story wise within the stories, or just in the world? The world -- I just to want clarify. Dwayne the rock Johnson. I want to give a good answer. Yeah. All right. There you go. So, and then finally, tiffany has this pressing question. This question's for Jen. You have made clear your passion of eating and food. If you had to choose for the rest of your life pizza or peeta? Pizza or peeta. Wow. Be careful. This is a dangerous -- what are you going to say? It's not even a competition. Pizza. I'm kidding. Thanks. Thanks for that. You just destroyed this great thing we had going for years. Well, I can get around it because I still have pizza bagels. And pizza piebites. Always thinking. Lara, thank you. And another question. All right. Her daughter, right? I thought you looked familiar. You know them all. Can you stand up? Your dress is getting a lot of love on Twitter. Thanks. When I put this dress on. If I were a cartoon character, this is what I would wear every day. This is like my favorite outfit. You put up with that all the time. Hunger games: Mockingjay, part 1, starts next week. Go to "Good morning America" on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"New clip from the upcoming film, plus the stars of the film answer questions from superfans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26883950","title":"'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Exclusive Sneak Peek","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-mockingjay-exclusive-sneak-peek-26883950"}