Eisenberg 'Not Very Good' at Magic Despite New Role

Jesse Eisenberg discusses his role in the new film, "Now You See Me."
3:34 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Eisenberg 'Not Very Good' at Magic Despite New Role
Test Text1 underline Test Text1 Take a look at who is here. Four magicians who rob banks. Mix in a tenacious fbi agent, determined to bring them down and what do you have you have the line to a phenomenal new film "now you see me." It opens this friday and star jesse eisenberg joins us now to discuss and, jesse, I want to set up a clip first. This is where you are facing off with mark ruffalo. Brilliant mark ruffalo in an interrogation room. He is the fbi agent questioning your character atlas, accused of being the mastermind behind a bank heist. Take a look. Perfect, yep. I will be all over you like -- like white on rice? Sorry. That's unfair. Let me warn you, I want you to follow because no matter what you think you might know we will always be one step, three steps, seven step as head of you and just when you think you're catching up that's when we'll be behind you. At no time will you be nowhere than where I want you to be. The closer you think you are, the less you'll actually see. I'm going to nail your -- first rule of imagine ifkts, always be the smartest guy in the room. Talk with jesse for a couple of seconds you feel like you are with the smartest man in the room. Oh, no. Tell me about your character atlas because it's a fascinating, rather complex character. Yeah, yeah, he's like the greatest like sleight of hand magician in the world and performs intimate card tricks and huge grand illusions and kind of have the attitude that thinks he's the best at something. Whether you believe in it it's incredibly cool. Exactly. What was it like in the prep with guys that are actually showing you what to do? It's more fascinating now that I know how it's done because you see kind of like the discipline it takes and work that goes into it. My character would have been practicing for like 25 years every sing day eight hours a day. That's the guys who were my teachers on the movie, go to sleep with a deck of cards in their hand, incredible. How much prep went into it to appear to be the master that you are? Well, my character would have practiced like 25 years, I had like 25 days and then like four months while we were shooting the movie to perfect things we were going to shoot at the end of the movie so I had a lot of time to perform but I'm really not that good. I think if I did a magic show it would be a 35-second magic show with all the stuff I know put together. I wish we had the extra 35 seconds. 4 minnd 20 seconds. The list, all-stars not just mark but morgan freeman, michael caine. I'm going -- people that maybe you hope to work with once. Woody harrelson and is like a great actor and very funny guy and plays like a mentalist like a mind reader in the movie and that's -- this is what happens in times square every now and then. He also saves lives. How. How often do you hear this kind of thing? Listen, I was saying in the delivery of that line, you're cornering the market on these characters, on a really smart character with issues. I read somewhere a lot of the characters that you seem to choose to play, there is some self-loathing, self-hatred. What did you find with atlas? Yeah, kind of the opposite. This guy loves himself. Think he's great so like for the four months when I was shooting the movie I felt good about myself. When you play a character you start to like just feel a lot of the things the character is feeling because you're spending more time in the character than yourself. I normally play character tass are self-hating and played this character and after this I was happy with myself for a few months. Why is that. Oh, my character liked himself and should probably find more parts like that. Great movie. Thanks for coming in. Jesse eisenberg in "now you see me." It opens nationwide on friday. Do not miss it and we will be

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{"id":19270861,"title":"Eisenberg 'Not Very Good' at Magic Despite New Role","duration":"3:34","description":"Jesse Eisenberg discusses his role in the new film, \"Now You See Me.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jesse-eisenberg-interview-2013-good-magic-role-19270861","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}