Justin Bieber's Alleged Egging Prompts Search Warrant

California police are searching the singer's home after his neighbor accused him of throwing an egg.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber's Alleged Egging Prompts Search Warrant
This is a special -- And -- company -- -- ABC news digital special report. It is unbelievable but police scrambled to the -- rating Justin Bieber house all in relation to last week's -- incidents. Where he is said to have -- that his neighbor's house. With more than twenty eggs -- the LA county sheriff's department says the charges could be upgraded to a felony which would mean. That he caused more than 400. Dollars in damage. So following this case I want to bring -- ABC's -- -- watching in Los Angeles Alex take us back to last week what happened. Well this was an argument that he had with his neighbor -- neighbor who says he's had all kinds of problems with Justin Bieber he told his -- the neighbor did. To get a a video rolling on her cell phone. -- and somebody was throwing eggs at this neighbor's home the neighbor says it was Justin Bieber you can hear a voice in the video that. Sounds like beavers now the LA county sheriff's department seems pretty sure that. Bieber was involved somehow and today they are execs -- this search warrant and have we seen that video that was shot. We have seen the video and in it you see the daughter who's holding that the camera as she's running around. It's very very shaky you hear the neighbor there's a lot of expletives -- it. -- hear the neighbor yelling back at. Whoever was throwing the eggs said to be Justin -- they yell at each other it goes back and forth. And then you hear the neighbors -- call the police and that's when it cuts off and what exactly are we seeing evidence we -- we UC's of the sheriff's department. Outside -- -- -- home there what's been happening with the latest police activity outside. Well this search warrant was executed about 8 o'clock Pacific time this morning it began its been going on for hours we can now tell you that somebody was brought out in what look like handcuffs was not Justin Bieber. But somebody was brought out in handcuffs -- not too long ago. Police tell us a sheriff's department -- said. They are looking for video surveillance inside the home. They're looking for any other evidence that might link Bieber to this case. -- enough damage was done that over 400 dollar number that you mentioned sheriff's department has about 20000 dollars in damage was done. This is now -- selling felony case. That -- Bieber if he is charged in the case could be looking at felony charges and you Aziz on rain -- out cup threat there. Obviously not Justin Bieber but earlier today the sheriff had something to say let's play that. The vandalism is is that he apparently. Threw eggs at this house as I said right now it's a misdemeanor now upon our investigation -- -- goes forward it could go up. To a felony depending on what kind of cost estimate that we come up with. But the assault is the intent. That the the victim and the victim's child were on the second. Story balcony. And there was the possibility that these days were being flown at -- And that is the intent to cause some kind of physical harm. So if Alex those charges are filed against beaver what's next for him. Well and that we should say it has gone up to that felony level that that you heard -- Steve Whitmore from the sheriff's department talking about there. Well they are executing a search warrant today they are finding what -- -- find inside. Then they will decide if they present the case to the DNA the DA will decide if charges are actually filed against -- But as of today -- sheriff's department is calling Justin Bieber a suspect in this case so he is now a suspect in a felony case. But if that charges will actually be filed we don't know yet it does appear to be heading that way but. Any number of things could happen between now and then -- of course he is one of most popular one of the most visible stars in the world. But this is not his first run in with the law. No and -- and not even in his own neighborhood he has had numerous problems with -- -- neighbors in the area who have complained of loud music and parties sometimes he's been home for them sometimes he's been away and it's been his friends having parties. As fast cars screeching through the neighborhood going -- faster than the posted speed limit in that Calabasas neighborhood. So this is not the first problem he's had with his neighbors it has been -- back and forth for quite some time now. This being the latest one. And in the -- it could be an aching that actually -- -- in the most trouble. After all of the problems that he's had with those neighbors we will have to wait to see how this latest problem will -- -- in legal system ABC's out -- -- the very latest for us -- thank you for that. And of course a complete recap right here on ABC news dot -- on Dan -- New York with the digital special report.

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{"id":21529733,"title":"Justin Bieber's Alleged Egging Prompts Search Warrant","duration":"3:00","description":"California police are searching the singer's home after his neighbor accused him of throwing an egg.","url":"/GMA/video/justin-biebers-alleged-egging-prompts-search-warrant-21529733","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}