Khloe Kardashian Sister Inspires Young Women

Reality-TV star promotes healthy living and education for girls with "Generation Know."
3:48 | 01/31/13

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Transcript for Khloe Kardashian Sister Inspires Young Women
COMING UP,plain . It's time to catch up with khloe kardashian. Her career is skyrocketing and her business is booming. She is trying to get young women more in touch with their bodies. Tell me about this campaign. It's called generation no. This is the third year I've partnered with kotex. It was such an honor to be asked this because there's so many girls in my family. Yes, there are. But when you're young, I have two older sisters. One's five years older. One's three years older. When I was a teenager, I didn't have anybody to go to ask, you know, the things that you're embarrassed about. Or that you might feel uncomfortable asking anybody. So, for my little sisters, i always made them feel -- your didn't go to your big sisters? No. I just felt that -- when you're 10, and one's 15, you're embarrassed. I would go to my mom. But you don't ask everything you want to ask. What kind of questions can girls go and ask? Go to generationno.Com. And there's myth busters, which I love, because there's so many things that people tell you. Right. That you might think is true or not true. And it's a forum to go on, ask questions, if you are too embarrassed. Sign up. People can help you. You can bust all these myths. It's just so informative. I love that because I have two little sisters. If they don't want to ask me something, I direct them -- I have to say, that you pretty much bust every myth. And talk about every off-limits topic. You are not shy. We're not shy. No. So, it's all out there. It is all out there. And you know, that is the blessing of being so close with the family. But still, even in school, i like, I wasn't taught certain things about my body or even i was comfortable asking. So, even as honest or as comfortable as you are with your own skin, sometimes -- now, with social media, easier to hide behind a computer screen, log online, and ask questions that way. Your not just on many family constellations. You're also on "the x factor." S my first time hosting live tv. I got better with my confidence. By the last show, I just got in the groove. And it's over. Who is going to take britney spears' place? I have no idea. Big changes. But I was hired a week before the show aired. So, I feel like simon might do the same thing. Oh, no. He loves to wait until the last minute. The suspension. Your family's expanding. You're about to be an aunt again. Your sister, kim, is pregnant. And you and lamar are trying to start your own family. How is that going? I don't want to ask details. Fertility has been a lot of issues for women in this country. And you've been upfront about a lot of things. I've been open and honest about it. Kimberly is the one that made me go to the doctor and check my body. And figure out what was wrong, if anything. And that is also why I'm so proud to be a part of a brand like you by kotex, is women need to be aware of their bodies. And if there are issues, if there's question and concerns. Right now, lamar and I have been married for three years. Good luck with that. I think you'll be a great mom. I think so, too. And I'm excited to have another niece or nephew. Good luck with that. Thank you.

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{"id":18364792,"title":" Khloe Kardashian Sister Inspires Young Women","duration":"3:48","description":"Reality-TV star promotes healthy living and education for girls with \"Generation Know.\"","url":"/GMA/video/khloe-kardashian-interview-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-baby-18364792","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}