4 Killed When Car Careens Into Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade

Eight medical helicopters and countless ambulances rushed to the scene to help those hurt in the crash. The driver was charged with DUI.
4:50 | 10/25/15

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Transcript for 4 Killed When Car Careens Into Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade
We'll start here with horror and death at what was supposed to be a day of fun, family and football. There's the mug shot right there of the young woman accused of running her car into a crowd of fans, many of them children at the Oklahoma state homecoming game. Many of T four of them dead and 44 injured. Good morning to you, Dan. We're along the parade route this morning. This is so sad. These people didn't have a chance. The car hurt them from behind as they were paying attention to that parade. The sound is the sound of the car hitting the parked police car. Another look, you see no one saw it coming. They watched the homecoming parade at Oklahoma state university Saturday morning. We're going to need a bunch of help. We got a car through the crowd out there. Reporter: The Numbers are heartbreaking. 4 dead, 47 injured. Among the dead, a 65-year-old professor at osu and his wife. 23-year-old mba from the nearby university central Oklahoma and a 2-year-old toddler. Police say this woman is responsible for all of the carnage. 25-year-old woman arrest ed for driving under suspicious of alcohol -- Oabc news has learned that chambers left this fast-food restaurant reportedly sent home early just before the crash. Her boss telling a local paper she didn't appear to be under the influence. It was just 15, 30 minutes later when her gray Hyundai scarred this annual celebration. They needed to rush all of the wounded to seven different hospitals. Sort of like -- a crash like a bomb. Reporter: And despite what happened, university officials decided to go ahead with the homecoming game here, just a couple of hours later, there was a moment of silence at the game, osu winning big, but certainly a hollow victory for many in that heartbreaking community. All right, Ryan, thank you. We want to bring in an alum of the Oklahoma state university. You have been going to this parade for the better part of 40 years and you were one of the heroes in yesterday's tragedy. One eyewitness said they thought this was part of the parade, from your perspective, when did you know something was terribly wrong? They hit a section of those people, kind of like toy army men flying if you could get this picture, like they ran a tank through it. People flew in all different directions. Then the car proceeded on through the intersection and hit the southwest corner of the intersection. And then stopped at that particular point. That's the last time I even concentrated on the car. So, you knew right away that something was wrong. This all happened in a matter of sections, did you know where to begin? I think it was adrenaline. My thoughts, stillwater medical management, highway patrol, things like that, were is very good as far as getting everything done. But they didn't have a lot of medical people on the spot at that particular time. So what I did, I went to several people just to make sure that they were conscious, breathing, still kind of alive and then, they would ask me different things to do, even though I wasn't a professional and tried to do the best I could until the true medical people like the doctors, nurses got there so they could take over. At what point did it hit you what you just saw, Larry? It hit about two hours afterwards. I think the adrenaline stayed with me for a little bit. About two hours, it kind of hit me, some of the emotions and so much the scenes and things came back in my mind. All right, Larry, we want to thank you for your heroism, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Oklahoma state university family this morning. Thank you. Sure. Again, this is a homecoming parade that billed it as America's homecoming celebration. Our thoughts and prayers go out to that community. He and a lot of other people will be reliving this event for more years to come.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Eight medical helicopters and countless ambulances rushed to the scene to help those hurt in the crash. The driver was charged with DUI.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34714515","title":"4 Killed When Car Careens Into Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade","url":"/GMA/video/killed-car-careens-oklahoma-state-university-homecoming-parade-34714515"}