Lunch Lady Fired For Good Deed

A middle school lunch lady is fired after giving a free meal to a hungry student.
2:52 | 12/24/15

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Transcript for Lunch Lady Fired For Good Deed
Okay it's time for the next. And we're gonna start this with the you've got to be kidding me. Of this take a look at this this this woman here this is. D'alene Bowden she's a lunch lady in Idaho she seems nice enough but. Sheen recently got fired up because. She gave a twelve year old girl who. I'm Neal. Hop from the cafeteria she's alive stay there the cafeteria this pool at the middle school. And apparently the young girl was hungry and didn't have any money for me of this as the termination letter. But instead of praising her the middle school fight of her face a for stealing oh no come on yeah can you believe that the supervisor I actually refused. Allow her to even paid for the lunch for this young lady. My after a little bit of blowback from that now and say tonight that she has been offered her job back now or eight the sprout plants take it but that's. Just laughing I eight most pricing that and also because my cafeteria ladies at Loomis elementary in Tampa Florida always gave me extra tater tops O did take. Bob what it was pathetic little child shout out to Louis elementary you're like that still. What will show you what people coming over whether it's grandma's house friend's house for the holiday season. Take a look at the weird places that people are staying a guy posting photos of childhood beds were adults are required asleep and few years ago this is hello kitty I would might my daughters is like my daughter's dream battery here. None older adults and bad. And a few years ago Brody marred send it was visiting his parents for Christmas he would stay in that small little twin bed. And he's shares bet on social meeting with other people to share their beds as well. Advanced. One of the funny things about when you go back home to your parents bad cycle all of a sudden Yury yours your Spiderman to jobs. The John and once again on the bed or you have a mattress in the bond report. That's trying to offered OK let's cozy debts closing its if you get cold just turn on the it. Pick exactly actually folks W. So that I want to show you this wonderful wedding ceremony that is taking place down on their beautiful setting up beautiful couple. You know this is had a hand bend they're getting married and did it's it's of beautiful setting for their wedding and then their three year old son steps and take a listen ruthless. For the real value he's in line and come back to decide what reunited. Did you hear what he says I got a little thing at pet yeah. Nothing about timing but that we. Yes they're about spending and there's actually video of what have been a student young Hudson. All. Right time entry of that and I've looked really happy. Music food.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"A middle school lunch lady is fired after giving a free meal to a hungry student.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35938832","title":"Lunch Lady Fired For Good Deed","url":"/GMA/video/lunch-lady-fired-good-deed-35938832"}