Margot Robbie Masks Aussie Accent in 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Australian actress Margot Robbie stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the latest movie from Martin Scorsese.
3:00 | 12/27/13

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Transcript for Margot Robbie Masks Aussie Accent in 'Wolf of Wall Street'
Here is rising star, margot robbie. She arrived in hollywood three years ago. And already, has a starring role ALONGSIDE leonardo DiCaprio, in "the wolf of wall street." Playing the second wife of DiCAPRIO. A beautiful beach out there. Hi. Nice to meet you. The name's blair, right? Like to jet ski? I've never done it before. You never jet skied? Never been on a jet ski? How many times are you going to ask her? There it is, "the wolf of wall street." Margot robbie, welcome to "good morning america." Thank you so much. I love that you love the coffee cup. I'm really excited. Do I get to take this with me? We have these coffee cups. This is just a great example of how it's fresh for you. All of this is quite new, isn't it? The novelty hasn't worn off. Talk about hitting it out of the park. The first major role. leonardo DiCaprio, martin scorse scorsese. No pressure. I am kind of diving in head-first with this one. You're from australia. Yeah. And yet, your character has a very distinct accent, i recognize, growing up on long island. Yeah. How did you pull it off? It's a fun accent to do. It's easy to do coming from an australian accent because THERE'S NO "Rs." Give us an example. You know, I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to her. Exactly. You get your hands going. You have a dog. I have a dog. I have a dog. I like coffee. We're having coffee. I'm giving you the coffee cup. You get to take the coffee cup home with you. You're gorgeous. I love you. I love you. Isn't it fun? It gets addictive. A lot of fun, too. You get to play the love INTEREST OF leonardo DiCaprio, including some love scenes. It's a tough job. But someone has to do it. You did it quite well. Thank you. Take all of us mere mortals who will never act in a major motion picture, take us through the process. It's romantic. Is there dog food involved? They had to be. My character is going to have him jump up on the bed. We're trying to coax it on the bed. Chicken liver between his toes. We're getting sweaty. Yes. And it was just so unromantic. My friends are like, was it amazing? I was like -- and I just lied. I was like, yeah, it was amazing. Yeah. Just like "titanic." It was great. Margot robbie, great things to come. It was a joy meeting you. Thank you so much. Don't forget your coffee cup. I'm taking my coffee cup. "The wolf of wall street" is Waiter: Here's your check. Oh! You--you got it. You know, since I got rid of

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{"id":21347155,"title":"Margot Robbie Masks Aussie Accent in 'Wolf of Wall Street'","duration":"3:00","description":"Australian actress Margot Robbie stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the latest movie from Martin Scorsese.","url":"/GMA/video/margot-robbie-masks-australian-accent-wolf-wall-street-21347155","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}