Miley Cyrus Partners With MAC to Give Back

MAC's Viva Glam! campaign will donate 100 percent of the pop star's custom lipstick sales to the MAC AIDS Fund.
2:44 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for Miley Cyrus Partners With MAC to Give Back
And we're back now and our exclusive interview with Miley Cyrus. She's making headlines this time not for what she's taking off but for what she's putting on. Creating lipstick and lip gloss for a cause that's very close to her heart. ABC's Cameron Mathison got the latest from the megastar about this passion project. Reporter: A Hollywood triple threat with the number one album now fresh off worldwide bangerz tour, it seems Miley Cyrus just can't stop. ? We won't stop ? Reporter: Don't let the tongue wagging, foam wagging fool you. There's much more to her than meets the eye. If somebody didn't know you what would they be surprised about you to know? I'm not the way that people try to make museum. I don't go around just trashing hotel rooms and partying. I'm actually working on, you know, music that I love and being involved in things that I love. Reporter: Now Miley is doing just that joining the ranks of Rihanna, lady gaga and Nicki Minaj as the new face of Mac's renowned viva glam campaign that dough anyways 100% of custom makeup sales to the AIDS fund. Empowering them to give them hope to know people are fighting for them and especially not just for the cure but to end this kind of stereotype. I think it's fun for young people to get to buy liptick and know it's going to changing the way their future will be. Reporter: Here at the los Angeles lgbt center she spends time working with young adults. The minute she walks in the woman clad in her glitter sweatpants. What's going on here today. Reporter: -- One thing is clear, this is her passion project. Would you consider yourself a role model? If people ask if I'm a role model I can actually say I am for what I know of what is important to teach people and what is important to teach people is that judging -- you can't judge other people. ? I came in like a wrecking ball ? Reporter: Miley remains self-deprecating about her chart topping vocal chops especially when it comes to one very press teens accolade. Huge congratulations on your nomination for the grammy. Thank you. Fantastic. How does that feel? Good. I'll probably never get it but I'm stoked about the nomination. Probably not going to happen but I'm stoked. Reporter: Her likely date to the February awards show new beau, Patrick schwarzenegger. One more question. It's going to be a biggie. Sort of like a quiz show question. One time, are you a good speller. Not really. How do you spell schwarzenegger? Literally I just had this. Apparently I can't tell you. There's not a "T" in it. Reporter: Cameron Mathison, ABC news, Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"MAC's Viva Glam! campaign will donate 100 percent of the pop star's custom lipstick sales to the MAC AIDS Fund. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28427908","title":"Miley Cyrus Partners With MAC to Give Back","url":"/GMA/video/miley-cyrus-partners-mac-give-back-28427908"}