Quentin Tarantino on Retirement, Future Plans and Samuel L. Jackson as his Go-To Guy

Tarantino appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talks about his new film "The Hateful Eight" and reveals why Jackson appears in nearly all of his films.
18:43 | 12/23/15

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Transcript for Quentin Tarantino on Retirement, Future Plans and Samuel L. Jackson as his Go-To Guy
The UA got mixed emotions about bringing a woman to we'll. I woman who mean. No. Mixed emotions. Good thing in America. You bet he won't lose ground want or whole you know line. Only here in the next snap my own two years. You never wait. Washington hadn't. About it milk and present them apparently and never. We can't practice journalism. Bring a desperate men and labs Goodwin gets their day. Conditions sleep quote some homework. No one said adjust both bees know what's theirs will be there are new and a did that little lady. Why they call him the hang. When the hand bills is due alas the rest those who didn't back marble fountain hurts them remembering you did movements out. The win Jung drew dead a man kitchens. A baton no bullet in the back game. And hang me get to you. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and they is that happening out there now called hateful way. It is written and directed and god knows what else he did. Up by the guy who has the creative motor that rents hottest in show business I don't know anybody can touch that Clinton what. What it meant so much that welcome. You dust they guard would. A so let's get to care they hate fully. What inspires what makes you say I'm going to make this west I'm going this is what I'm going to do. As much as I've been inspired by other movies this one in a weird way. Was more inspired by a a lot of the western episodic TV should of the sixty. In particular shows like that Virginian and bonanza big valley and the place and the episode but promise them gravitating towards and watching of the ones that had really cool guest. The like the robber cult or James Ko over Nora Charles brought and they all did Dick mark people. And I noticed. That a cult places on an episode. The Virginian. The story was about him. It was about Robert copter was about to ensure it was an about Doug McClure they were in the episode but the story was about robber caught. And he would come into town and he'd be this strangely enough we ones. And you still don't know it was for a while but then usually the some past. Was revealed about the care and you're not what was or how natural way he did develop the character with a good guy or a bad guy. And it wasn't usually revealed until towards the and then there was a a moral ambiguity about the characters you know at the end of that Virginian episode if Doug McClure and tropical would be friends or and the clerk would end up killing at the end of the episode. It was a very interest in place to jump off for a character angle let. What I did a movie. Or nothing but that was. Picked eight of those guys that you're not quite sure about news in this that the some moral ambiguity about them and they all have a pass the kind of paints them to some degree or another. Yeah you've done a good bad and the ugly without the good without the good doctor good if you and the traffic those characters together and one room and just having him hash out. So they are hateful they idea OK. I think some of more likable than others but nevertheless they are hateful and there is no good guy. There is no hero there is no moral center for the audience to gravitate towards I think you'd do gravitate toward some of them but that's all in the I don't make it easy for you but I think it happens them. Yet just because I might say DC to argue with somebody I gravitate toward so you might not say somebody else would say element with me about that. It is if John rupees or care or is he dharma who's your character or about Christmas attic that your character well. Three different people have those three different choices all three of you have. Three's slightly different viewing experience depending on the character that you gravitate. Talk a little about these actors and these actors because this is an amazing group to put together a starting with Stan Jackson. Well yes and Jackson's it is as appeared in probably. And one degree or another and in. In more my movies and any. And there's really nobody who took my dial. The waste can act and I think we have one of the most fruitful and rewarding relationship between actor and director in Sonoma. As much as it's fun to work with him as the director rightly do you think it's the way the interpret my materialized right. That really is the key to our relationship. There's an aspect my dialogue where it's not poetry. But there's poetic moment took. It could be musical oh absolutely yeah it I about writing songs but there in the musical Monty to it. It's nuts and comedy but there is a music rhythm. Two it. And he gets all those now he turns it into the public he turns it into them. Music he turns it into. Almost Richard prior routines all right that is. Required of them in a way that nobody else does. And why. Are you saying about race when you use them Jackson used him in jango in a really extinguish yet went through when he was here. I was asking him about that because that character is truly hateful. L he absolutely has or actually remember after he read the script he. He thought I was gonna right departed jango forehand and I think maybe I even. Have hinted that that's what I was gonna do early on the beginning but in the characters became younger that was writing. So I called them up on the founding you see red yeah red. A case though. I think you can't realize that. He McGill tooled plaguing yeah I kind of notice that. So what do you think about Stephen lengthy and Stephen. He knew what do I think about playing the most despicable acts. SOB in the history of cinema gobbled that would. But I'm already in a man I went into my hair this way and I want to do this to them and I'm already in a a a a. So you to have that connection in terms of doing it but the question of race which should ring up so strongly jango is also here. But a little more sub actually. And it wasn't there it was a my attention to oh I'm gonna really deal with. Racial matters today at the at the context. Of this western that takes place you know 150 years ago. In the course of writing it. If you started kind of coming out. And I remember after. The well god has character and the and acting character have their big political debate in the state. What that was over I was actually. Surprised that I I you know I've I I've always felt that that confederacy is like an American version of the Nazis and the cost. Yet a trying to suggest my characters. That way so I was actually even surprise that Chris manic ended up coming up with them eloquent defense. You know for the competitors seek to some degree or another. I know that she's about how he so literally when I wrote his defense that was like the price. And shocked that I actually wrote them in the negative thing with contemptible about this character that I thought with contempt leave that up in the story. And and that it hit me mrs. This is almost kind of a blue state red state westar. Which is very reflective of our time. Right now and never went a lot of prognosticators have that we are living in a time that point the most divided time in America's history since the civil war and the posts of the war period. But the thinking about that and we can get more back in the race and I'm happy to but it thinking about that and you know as far as that's concerned. The western has always been a really interest things on right in I think there's no other genres that. Reflects that decade in which it was made more than the western made during particular. Searchers yet it's a good example is the fifties could Hollywood when the time in the western the most popular. They reflected an Eisenhower ideal. Of America they reflected. A perceived American exceptionally. I write for having from one having one of the World War II. And and they took western heroes and and and and and built them up. As Demi got. Yeah weather beaten outlaws they believe the cared or Jesse James in the stories that we're told at that period of time and then opting characters like Buffalo Bill or. Quieter but then if you look at the western. Of the seventies. And the very very late sixties that was a very cynical time. In America and America had lost trust in itself and it lost trust and its heroes. And actually the cynicism of movies back then actually. Confirmed americans' right to feel cynical about about their time period. And the westerns reflected. And it you just you know. Look no further than Tyrone power's Jesse James compared to Robert the balls Jesse James in the great Northfield Minnesota rate. Or Burt Lancaster is why at her gun fight at the OK corral compared to harass you and Dwight Kirk in doc. And and it's just a very cynical time. And and that reflected the time and without really trying to I I think I ended up tapping into that would rightfully. The other thing that's happening to as many things happening in it but Jennifer Jason Lee's character. Is basically the only major female character yes movie. And she comes in there and we don't know what you think of that we don't we were confused about it. But she gets punched Iraq to get hit a lot and so some people have said well why he's doing. Why are you doing it why is it that meet you so interest did in days. Well part of the way that the story work the beat eight characters is. And effective part of IP TV and that the driving motor of the movie is that and even almost. A theory I have when it comes to suspense at least in my news. Is. The threat of violence. Is hanging over all the character. And you know what's going to happen. You just don't know when. And you don't know who and you don't know how but you know it's going to be back. And it's going to be brutal. And the idea. That Alex subject seven of Mike characters who backs but wouldn't subject subject the eighth character to that. Because she's a woman is just absolutely utterly ridiculous. That I'm not only is it ridiculous it is actually to meet a friend set. To a woman's right to play any kind of character she wants. My conception of starting. Is that she with the commands and out. She was Susan. And make any effect. Who here. Exactly what daisy did the why there's a 101000 dollar bound manner had and she's wanted for murder and they're gonna hanger in the town of red rock but I don't think there's any doubt that. She's guilty. But the thing about it is your viewpoint is supposed to change. There are moments. Early on in the movie where John Ruth the character Kurt Russell plays with about a governor who's taking her two the hang men's room. He's very brutal to. Right at the beginning in the and it's shocking. And it's meant to the it's meant to it's not played for laughs. It's played for harsh. And that first Chinese Spitzer with a but a bag guy you feel ripple go to the audience about how brutal use torture and you are meant to think. That John route is a brutal past that he would do and you almost. Can't help but be on her side to some degree or another after she gets that treatment. Oh as you watch the movie. And more aspects about his character and her character are revealed may do you feel differently about. Maybe you out but there's also we are backed companies telling. On the other hand. Is about manner and she's wanted dead or alive. He could showed her at any time he wants. And every other character in the movie makes it clear that's exactly what they whipped him. They would just shoot your ass dead. And attacked her to the roof of the stage coach with the other dead bodies that are out there and that would be. So it's not black and white it's not only cleaner I heard. You're saying you got ten movies in U. And this is it after ten that's kinda what are you talking about Clinton was currently idea I mean look. I'll give my sat below what it could be eleven but I got out of it but it but it's well worth fourteen you know. I don't want to. Be a director that just. Directs. Because he doesn't know anything else to do and and he needs to be on the Sadr he needs the attention. And I am working two. There. Diminishing capabilities that diminishing talent diminishing. Focus. I don't see any evidence that well while where a young man I have the better not the answer haven't you left 83 that's not enough the other beatle you know but I mean but almost the very things that about well it. It's a real exciting aspect that when you come out with a movie well I I don't wanna be doing there's. When it becomes more passe thank and I am talking about other directors. They can. Do what they want and and you know and neo. I feel a little polish talking about stuff like that's standing next to Ridley Scott at some rounds at all right when. You know he's doing tremendous work. At the same time. I do like the idea of ten and died I do like the idea. Not. Passing over into another period. Up my career per say due to age and longevity and linked I liked the idea. That. There is umbilical cord connected to my first film all the way to my last and then that is the body of work as I am about my tomography. And frankly I do feel that. A bad film on the Fiat on the tomography. Affects good films. On the deal that if you know I don't know about I can stipulate a good dog yard line I in good right now Ira Allen to keep good right now. And I do like the idea of leaving you wanting a little bit more rather than going to be delinquent. On old I mean I'm a writer. Secret right because right after I can write play is I could write plays and direct flights idea and I'm I do that before we get to number ten. I can do I can right now could be a plan I I had I might very well turn it into Reza for dots could be and I might very well turn out to play captain. And I might write a new place sometime. Being about write novels. Right cinema books you know I could toll do that and I I think ever since kill bill. There has been up. A veer towards the more literary when it comes to my work and we also. This is a tremendous amount of focus to. Put a career in movies. To be the most important thing in your life and everything else is secondary. Including wives including children and you don't have those I don't. I I don't because I created a world where this is what I'm doing this it's a variety of DeWitt room for those. After that period it's Kenya and you know about it it's not you know I thought a piddling little appearance I mean it's like you know by that period of time the way it that you would take me to make a movie. You know I would be sixty more last RI that would be ten films are that would be about thirty years as far as a credible that's. That's a wonderful community especially by can keep keep that up. The to the level that I've been working at and I do like the idea of like is leaving you wanting a little bit more. They're gonna pull you out here so we end always in song last time you saying for me. It was a song from in glorious bastards called the man and the big some resentment throughout our hearts eyebrow he did it now. You have Roy Orbison song by the things is there something in your head you can do for me. As saying aren't I could I think it bit you I don't think they'd be my guest utes please use it wouldn't sing that song for me it's like you tell you what movie was from I told you with hi diddle diddle with out of mind you gene have a saying in in the Muni so you for military that was pretty impressed that I what does that. OK I will I'll thing they actually that. I will do and listen to me people. And then Dallas net. You may be filled. Woman's child of men but though don't. Many many count and then Holden. No there won't me and many eco in ho. There may. 81. Maybe ten may have been now I'm not there so don't be. Come in home. Wall let's Star Wars beat. That he at bat an. At the American Idol era here big cotton but. He is yeah that was great Ali the plane that was great.

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{"duration":"18:43","description":"Tarantino appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and talks about his new film \"The Hateful Eight\" and reveals why Jackson appears in nearly all of his films. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35925881","title":"Quentin Tarantino on Retirement, Future Plans and Samuel L. Jackson as his Go-To Guy","url":"/GMA/video/quentin-tarantino-retirement-future-plans-samuel-jackson-guy-35925881"}