Repairs made to failing Northern California dam

In an effort to repair the Oroville Dam, large bags of rocks were dropped by helicopter into holes in the primary and emergency spillways.
2:24 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for Repairs made to failing Northern California dam
Now so flooding fears in California people still racing the sort of damned dropping rocks and helicopters before a new storm moves in and ABC's Cano with work. If on the scene good morning came. My good morning they are pumping water out of that or they'll examine it is filling up the feather river this swelling over a bank over its banks. We look behind you can see how high is on that tree and how fast the water is moving. Now that the recent quarters are still in place despite the fact that officials say water levels are actually dropping at the dam. The trick it. They have to get it down fifteen feet of what reined in on Thursday. Overnight. Efforts to make repairs and or filled dam under way large bags of rocks drop into the massive holes of both the primary in emergency spill ways by helicopter. No more water rushing over the emergency spillway but the Maine's bill weight which was damaged a week ago is still in use. I'm seven miles downstream from the dam and this is the feather river Indians are raging in places where it's normally dry. Philly if that spillway were to fail the sheer amount of water released into this river would be devastating. Nearly 200000. Forced to flee their homes I'm scared because I've never did anything like this. Authorities fearing the worst what we're looking at is approximately any. Thirty foot wall of water that would be coming out of the lake. Even just an hour notice some people leaving food on their plates at this Denny's. A mad rush to escape the lines of cars sitting in traffic and gas stations are running out of fuel a phone started going off and we just. Media's let a ticket and took off. This morning officials say water levels in a lake dropping. But evacuation orders remain in place. They're doing everything we can't get this damn it and shape it. They can return and they can live safely without fear. Many now wondering when they'll get back home. I want to go home that it hurts you Monday's game. We learned that three environmental companies warn state officials about problems with that emergency spillway. And they did it back in 2005. I look to the documents last night and according to them. Pena and that's the way to be paint toys they called it farmers because the spillway should never be designed so that it might erode. Guys. Tough situation the only victim. It all figured effort went in with a better if they can go back home that would be good.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"In an effort to repair the Oroville Dam, large bags of rocks were dropped by helicopter into holes in the primary and emergency spillways.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45478423","title":"Repairs made to failing Northern California dam","url":"/GMA/video/repairs-made-failing-northern-california-dam-45478423"}