Rob Lowe, Bill O'Reilly on 'Killing Kennedy': America's Continued JFK Obsession

Movie traces collision course between assassin, president on eve of 50th anniversary
5:17 | 11/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rob Lowe, Bill O'Reilly on 'Killing Kennedy': America's Continued JFK Obsession
A man -- a rifle and fires. Three shots three shots at the heart of a new movie. Killing Kennedy about the collision course between an assassin. We didn't -- not -- today and a president a story we have been telling ourselves over and over again. Ever since it happened for real. Fifty years ago next month. Good who both I think you have got a member of a scapegoat -- I was paid about an anabolic include. A landmark anniversary for those court telling the story again now. Who include some interesting pairings like this guy who wrote -- best seller called killing Kennedy. I remember sitting here in -- -- studies theology class Chaminade High School island and having a loudspeaker crackled in the principal -- -- shot in Dallas hits that. And this guy who stars in the movie based on the best seller -- -- thought it would be -- With Shakespeare were alive today he would have written about the Kennedy family and and JFK would have been -- titular character and actors would. Play him. As a rite of passage. It's not just this movie it's others like Parkland. A half century. Obsession can recall it and this thing's still. Grabs us why -- is that. When he was killed his image was frozen -- -- This good looking. Robust man with a beautiful wife and a lovely family. When you have. Tragedy like that -- a blunt force on a country the image that stays. Is the image that people will always remember. But how do you make French a story that's known so well I -- Joseph Kennedy. We only. -- or if you're an actor playing Kennedy. How do you live up to an image and a voice that is so burned into public memory. And yeah. -- have to look like. You have to. Have voice you have to have the -- the mannerisms and that in and of itself is its own challenge I am today. Announcing my candidacy. For the presidency of the United States but I really wanna know is did it did the voice gets stuck in your head the what's the get stuck in your head as the famous voice. Ask not that's his presentation -- voice I spent more time listening to. His dictation his private dictation. Know -- -- home. Killing Kennedy strives to be an authentic record of what happened during his thousand days in office. And pieces -- taps into tanks from the agony of the Bay of Pigs debacle. It was too young too soft. Communism. And I told them I was spreading to the pink suit especially picked out for the day in Dallas. Favorite. You know. And even though not to Kennedy's obsession with Abraham Lincoln -- tonight's the night and -- European. All images from a legacy that began to be shaped in particular fight Jackie Kennedy almost immediately after her husband's death. Kennedy was. The ultimate. Figure on which we projected -- all of our hopes and aspirations. He was so forward thinking and so optimistic. And so inspirational. To us collectively. That when he went we lost that. How much of of the story -- could be. Posthumous. Revisionist history myth making even -- listen it's we we know for a fact that that is. Legacy is very carefully maintained him. And manage and I don't think that's about them. Yet despite some 40000 books that have reported about JFK in the past fifty years. New nuggets of information continued to surface. Like the recently released audiotapes from an interview Jackie gave to historian -- Schlesinger four months after the assassination. Woman named -- -- -- after the Cuban missile crisis. News teams have fantastically. But -- humans and -- -- me and sophisticated -- Nuggets that could be startlingly personal. Human being thing. That once there wasn't -- team. -- -- -- -- It was not just what the Kennedy family one of us to believe had been lost. It was apparently what many alive at the time also wanted to believe we need people to believe them. People believed to JFK. And the amazing thing is how long it has lasted even for people who were not there. Which is why this story of that day still gets told and why it's still felt by many what happened fifty years ago. As though it happened yesterday. For Nightline I'm -- done in life.

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{"id":20753225,"title":"Rob Lowe, Bill O'Reilly on 'Killing Kennedy': America's Continued JFK Obsession","duration":"5:17","description":"Movie traces collision course between assassin, president on eve of 50th anniversary","url":"/GMA/video/rob-lowe-bill-oreilly-killing-kennedy-americas-continued-20753225","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}