'The Simpsons' Features Live Segment With Homer

Homer Simpson answered questions from viewers at the end of Sunday night's episode.
2:22 | 05/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Simpsons' Features Live Segment With Homer
Come on, almost three decades -- you know that song. We're back with the moment making simpsons history over night. Breaking the barriers of TV animation by having homer answer questions from viewers live. ABC's T.J. Holmes is here with how they made it happen. Robin, how did they do this? After 27 seasons, 595 episodes, how do you keep it fresh, new? By making history by bringing an animated character to life in realtime. Last night homer Simpson was taking your call. Overnight a Springfield first. Our father is going to improv live questions from the TV audience. The simpsons go live for the first time -- ever. To prove that we're live on Saturday night live last night, drake was terrible. Reporter: America's favorite dad homer Simpson. Took viewers' phone calls for a Q and a live. What kind of car do you live? Oh, I drive a hybrid which is combination of old and terrible. Reporter: Simpson was brought to live by using adobe character animated. It captured his voice and translated in real time to homer's mouth. Always wear glasses with eyes glued on to them. Next question. Reporter: Fans were eating up this simpsonizing. Chicago deep dish or new York -- I prefer Chicago style because I like Italian better than Chinese. It was worth repeatedly calling in over and over. Reporter: As for homer's harshest critic. Homer, time to bomb. Okay, they pulled it off. It worked. It begs the question now, if you had a chance to interact with homer Simpson what would you ask him? Oh, gosh. You stumped us, T.J. It wasn't supposed to be a tricky question. What would you ask him? You know what, how do you keep a network job for 27 seasons? How about that?

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Homer Simpson answered questions from viewers at the end of Sunday night's episode.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39137279","title":"'The Simpsons' Features Live Segment With Homer","url":"/GMA/video/simpsons-features-live-segment-homer-39137279"}