Stunt Wing Walker Falls Off Plane

Florida air show ends tragically when stunt man falls to his death.
3:00 | 10/20/13

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Transcript for Stunt Wing Walker Falls Off Plane
with staying con the ground. Happy bridge day. A tragedy at a florida air show, stunned speck staters watching in horror as a wing walker plunked to his death. The second one since the summer that has gone so wrong. Families turned out for the show as well as nearby residents, all of them had front row seats for a spectacle that was not part of the day's agenda. Reporter: This morning a florida community is shaken by a daring stunt turned fatal. This is not part of the show. It was definitely an accident. Reporter: Officials say he fell to his death in front of stunned on lookers including children. It was scary because they did see the body, both of my kids. Investigate say he fell from 1,000 feet, far too low to open his parachute as he plunked toward the lawn of this -- there is someone with a parachute in a tree. Seen here boarding the plane he fell from was performing in the festival of flight air show. While wing walkers and other death defying feats in the sky are crowd pleasers, they can become traumatic spectacles. In june horrified on lookers watched as veteran stunt performer jane wickers plane killed wicker and her pilot. On saturday mark's pilot was unhurt but spectators say they feel anything but safe after witnessing the grisly seen. It upset me. I probably won't watch one again to be honest with you. It really shook me up. Reporter: The faa will be investigating exactly why that parachute didn't open up. It's an investigation they plan on looking into as well as the ntsb. Thank you. Two men lucky to be alive

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{"id":20625768,"title":"Stunt Wing Walker Falls Off Plane","duration":"3:00","description":"Florida air show ends tragically when stunt man falls to his death.","url":"/GMA/video/stunt-wing-walker-falls-off-plane-20625768","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}