Texas Plumber Files Lawsuit After ISIS Uses Truck With His Logo

Mark Oberholtzer is suing a car dealer after he says a used truck with his company's decal was photographed in Syria.
4:21 | 12/15/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Plumber Files Lawsuit After ISIS Uses Truck With His Logo
Back now with that wild story of the Texas plumber whose company truck with its logo and phone number still on it somehow ended up in the hands of Isis fighters and in a propaganda video he is now suing the dealer that resold the car and ABC's David Wright is here with that story. Good morning, David. Good morning, robin. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, let me tell you about this plumber. Free advertising worldwide of the worst sort. His pickup truck ending up on the front lines of Syria featured prominently in Isis propaganda so he is now filing suit. The black Ford f-250 still has his logo but the dudes who now drive it clearly aren't interested in fixing any leaks. My secretary called me and said you can't believe this. Reporter: That's his old truck, now 7,000 miles away from Texas city, Texas, with quite the gun rack in back. There it is in action. Isis militants firing the anti-aircraft gun, the logo and the company phone number as clear as the intentions of those Isis militants in the ski masks. I really at first thought it was just somebody playing with us. Reporter: The plumber mark Oberholtzer says when he traded in the truck to a dealer, they told him they'd rather remove the decal so as not to risk scratching the paint. But when these pictures started popping up on extremist Twitter feeds a year ago today it became clear the dealer never removed it. Tracking the truck on the used car site carfax, it went from an auction in Houston, Texas, to mersin, Turkey, from there ending up somewhere near aleppo, Syria, in the hands of jihadists. Oberholtzer says death threats started pouring in over the switchboard. She was getting constant calls, threats, nothing about plumbing. Reporter: Now those photos pop up on his yelp page and made it on to the final episode of "The Colbert Report." A Texas plumber's work truck showed up in Syria although pickup truck, desert, machine gun, that could still be Texas. Reporter: The plumber is now suing the dealer for a million bucks claiming mark-1's revenues were lost and the company's reputation was irretrievably damaged. The plumber says this was free advertising he could do without. I don't need this press and I don't need the threats to my family. Reporter: Well, the plumber was even questioned by the FBI and homeland security about this. Of course, we reached out to the dealership auto nation which blamed the auctioneer and sent it was sent out for auction as soon as it came in and the dealer said it's unfortunate the customer had to go through this. You don't say, robin. Bring in Dan Abrams to see what he has to say about this. You feel for the guy. Legally where does he stand? You can understand why he's furious, upset. There's damages but not necessarily you can hold the dealership responsible. It's a tough legal case. They're throwing all sorts of possible legal theories here hoping that one will stick but the key question is, was it negligence? Should they have known better than to allow this to happen and one of the questions when you're talking about negligence is something called foreseeability meaning could you have foreseen that these sorts of damages would occur? You could say it's foreseeable there would be damages and he's got a suit. You certainly couldn't have foreseen it would end up in the hands of Isis is Syria. The plumber is saying he was trying to take down the name and number and that the dealer stopped him from doing it. He said that the dealer said don't worry about it. We've got a better way to do it. That's the heart of his case, they should have taken it off. They should have known that no one should be driving around in this truck with this decal and that is certainly the strongest part of his argument. Looking for damages, he's looking for more. To clear his name and every time someone says, hey, I saw your truck or some jerk calls him on the phone and says, you know, what do you do? Look, I sued them. I sued them. I think this is his primary effort to clear his name and there will probably be a settlement. I can't imagine being that guy and seeing your truck in that video. With your phone number. I hope this story helps him too. Thank you. Coming up ed sheeran quitting social media, no instagram, no tweets.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Mark Oberholtzer is suing a car dealer after he says a used truck with his company's decal was photographed in Syria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35772687","title":"Texas Plumber Files Lawsuit After ISIS Uses Truck With His Logo","url":"/GMA/video/texas-plumber-files-lawsuit-isis-truck-logo-35772687"}