Ugly Christmas Sweater Phenomenon Sweeps U.S.

George, Lara, Sam and Josh model their selections for "GMA's" wacky sweater party.
5:16 | 12/06/12

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Transcript for Ugly Christmas Sweater Phenomenon Sweeps U.S.
rocking the holidays here at "gma." So many of us have pulled on the crazy holiday sweaters, every year, right? Every year. We're going to show you ours a little bit later. First, the scoop behind those sweaters. Back for another season of holiday parties, blogs, books and fashion shows, take a look. They feature reindeer. Snowflakes. You wish you were in my family. Reporter: And snowman motifs. Dog antlers. They've been embraced by mothers, daughters and grinches alike. No doubt about it, those kitchy holiday sweaters have grown into a phenomenon. There's books devoted to the sweaters. Websites devoted to their every thread. And late-night comedians use the material provided by the sweaters. To keep their audiences in stitches. A little bonus poinsettia on the back there. Reporter: Our own team can attest, there are over-the-top sweaters there. Look at their submissions for the whackiest and ugliest in yuletide yarnwear. Last year, the chrtmas sweater industry boasted record profits. Just goes to show you, there's beauty to be found in something so outrageous. Those are some great sweaters. We're going to model our bad -- tacky, like bad in a fun way, sweaters. By tacky, you mean perfect. Yours has a light motif. Mine is an outside sports, skier motif. Yours? All-out holiday. I added an accessory to it. I didn't accessorize. George, you didn't access rise? Go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Right now to cast your vote. Coming up, we'll model on our catwalk and reveal the winner. Live from wcvb tv channel 5 this is a newscenter 5 "eyeopener" update. Emily: Good morning I'm emily riemer. 8:27, a warning to mbta commuters to stay alert after several recent attacks near t stations. Police say the attacks target women traveling the red line after dark, several have been held up as they walked home from ashmont station, savin hill, shawmut and j.F.K. U. Mass. The driver of the green line train involved in last week's collision is now fired. The t determined he was responsible because he reported to work at 11 a.M. After working a midnight to eight shift at a second job. A live look outside, the sun looks gorgeous, but it's a little deceiving. J.C.: It is. You'd think after all these warm days you'd go out to warm temperatures, but that's not the case as temperatures are IN THE 20s IN MOST AREAS. Highs will only be at best around 40 degrees on average. So we'll have latest of sunshine today, there is a breeze this morning, less wind later this afternoon. And then tomorrow clouds build with showers tomorrow night into early saturday. Emily: Dorothy keeping an eye on the roads for us. Dorothy: Another busy one this morning, this is just part of a 0 minute ride on the expressway, but as we go to the maps you'll see that is not it, there's also an accident on soldiers field road right at western avenue, another one at 128 on the northbound side as you're driving at north avenue in reading. And a breakdown in the center lane 128 in canton. Emily: Thanks so much. We big, happy crowd here in

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"George, Lara, Sam and Josh model their selections for \"GMA's\" wacky sweater party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17893127","title":"Ugly Christmas Sweater Phenomenon Sweeps U.S.","url":"/GMA/video/ugly-christmas-sweater-parties-phenomenon-sweeps-us-gma-17893127"}