Vikings defeat Saints in last-second comeback

The Minnesota Vikings were trailing by a point and scored a last-second touchdown to edge out the New Orleans Saints 29-24 in Minneapolis Sunday night.
2:33 | 01/15/18

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Transcript for Vikings defeat Saints in last-second comeback
Now to the wild finish at the vikings-saints playoff game. A 61-yard touchdown with time rung out on the clock. In their home stadium. It puts the vikings just one win away from the super bowl. And Diane Macedo is here with all the highlights. What a game. I was speechless. Even if you're not a football fan this game was awesome. First the vikings ahead. Then saint ps. The vikings ahead by two. The saints ahead by one. And then this happens. Steps into it. Pass. Is caught! Diggs! Sideline! Touchdown! Unbelievable! Vikings win it! Reporter: With no time left on the clock and about to lose by one point, the Minnesota vikings fire off one last pass. Pass is caught! Reporter: Stefon Diggs makes the amazing catch. Capping off a nail-biting fourth quarter for one of the most stunning last-second comebacks in football history. Minnesota erupted in celebration with Diggs mugging for the camera. And the qb even leading fans in the vikings fight chant. Yes! No! Reporter: This morning, the vikings faithful across the country are shocked and overjoyed, calling it the Minneapolis miracle on Twitter. I still don't know what just happened. I just tried to take advantage of my opportunity. Reporter: He's a little bit xitd over there. Now to add to the excitement, Minneapolis is hosting this year's super bowl. Long thought to curse the home team. So if they can beat philly on Sunday night, they'll be the first team to ever play the super bowl in their home stadium. Never before? It's never happened before. And they have never won the super bowl. The last play, they had ran it in practice. It was called seven heaven. Stephon dugs never made the catch in practice. A risk to run it all out. They were saying, get out of bounds. To kick the game-winning field goal. They're calling it a miracle for so many reasons. The team itself has had a rumor of being cursed because they have never won at football. Four terrible defeats in the '70s. This could be the year the team is hoping sflp you have to see our hearts. I know robin Roberts is a huge saints fan. Some of the saints personnel went into the locker room because they thought the game was over before the play. And the beauty of the shores

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The Minnesota Vikings were trailing by a point and scored a last-second touchdown to edge out the New Orleans Saints 29-24 in Minneapolis Sunday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52351927","title":"Vikings defeat Saints in last-second comeback","url":"/GMA/video/vikings-defeat-saints-comeback-52351927"}