Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Recovery Effort

Engineers attempt the largest maritime salvage operation in history.
5:28 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Recovery Effort
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello when I'm -- that -- New -- witness ABC news digital special report. Riding the Iraqi engineers are trying to pull the ocean liner Costa Concordia upright. After capsize in twenty months ago. Killing 32 people that giant task of making the ship up right now underway in ABC's -- -- and is there on the phone with us a look Lama essentially. Engineers have one shot to do this right. -- -- You mean all morning and we have to date at the -- is that it -- on the Arctic. They beat -- Beijing. Immediate hit quite regularly and in the briefing at that they've actually managed to -- that but he did lords and their hats. The competent court -- from that we which is where is being stock. Africans -- guns into the -- hearing in January. 2012. And it -- it is it's quite a complicated and complex. Operations. We that you think forty hydraulic jacks with cables that well with a cutting -- of about 6000 content to rotate it. That by the aid being able to repeat that 83 degrees. But -- -- think that everything is now according to eight. Maneuvering -- is quite compact -- typical one about it all the Q you know if a syndicate news if there are any issues have been caught but again the thing -- not why they he -- one shot at. But engineers say it now an effort is that there -- each -- if you debate even any longer and the Costa Concordia not going to be able law -- waits her. So and so essentially that that the ship could start. Really breaking up is that what I'm understanding if in fact it were to stay there longer. It's up to stay in the water for another winter for example without more the fear -- That now the engineers are happy with -- the -- program far. We we didn't get off -- -- very good start -- -- there where. -- -- storms overnight and not kind of how it. The beginning of the -- -- the beginning of the procedure this morning and need by about three hours. And then they ought to -- operation in the morning and that aren't going well and athlete -- according to schedule. You don't -- to get it is -- biggest salvaged. Beat Peter and back time history. -- our fear is that -- trying -- -- about they're trying to gravitate -- -- anything can happen. It's -- breakup which -- that worried that it might actually and coordinate apartment of the doctor and not saying is that it might as -- -- my -- back. -- -- And that would be -- -- and you'd they would have to figure -- -- dismantling at which would be very very difficult. And corporate -- -- the way it's perched right now would be difficult to -- in the orchard here. It's a mind boggling task and I know that you had to speak with -- the engineers -- the -- or recession sank. They had never performed any kind of of a procedure like this before how long then if everything were to go as planned. Did they expect this process could take. According to -- is that if they stick to the schedule that they have the -- that they have. Then there are looking at anything up to twelve hours -- that -- by the end of this evening. An Italian -- we should see the Costa Concordia upright. Just -- thought -- and -- of course that the backing -- which would be to just added to our toward the top won't there hoping that she it will. -- -- -- And eat that and then eventually in the that a second and -- direct aid they'll be able to look at -- wage and nearby port where it can then be. -- -- -- -- To -- we know that 32 people -- from that accident are are they still looking for bodies or has that either been called off war. Have all been accounted for. That are still bodies in the wreckage. And -- -- -- that that it straw today at the operation. Began and they haven't been able to locate -- to achieve bodies but they are looking -- and not quite sure if they'll be able to find them. They are aware that they are cognizant of that. Of course I mean everyone is hoping that this operation will go as is planned but have engineers come up with any kind of a plan B or -- back up if in fact. This doesn't work wars are not that line of thinking. Contact you off in Akron and because you know -- stepped if you continue -- -- Baghdad contingency. And they're not coming carton of -- out -- Guy by the name -- next. We -- saw that as such if it doesn't work there is no plan B but -- homes and -- it has. That they'd been to get together for the project that they'd been looking. -- took some time now they are quite confident that everything will go according to -- -- -- All right ABC's -- -- and on the phone with us from Italy as that major operation is getting under way -- thank you for that. Of course -- have a complete report on On this massive operation that's going on. From the Costa Concordia after -- crash in 2012. For now I'm Dan let's learn New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":20268622,"title":"Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Recovery Effort","duration":"5:28","description":"Engineers attempt the largest maritime salvage operation in history.","url":"/International/video/costa-concordia-cruise-ship-recovery-effort-20268622","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}