Michael and Katie Foley: 'Pope Described Jim's Acts as Martyrdom That Will Not Be Lost'

The hunt continues for the murderer of American journalist James Foley.
9:06 | 08/22/14

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Transcript for Michael and Katie Foley: 'Pope Described Jim's Acts as Martyrdom That Will Not Be Lost'
There's just been an outpouring of support we. We received a call yesterday from the Pope boot Telecom. A lot of time and sending. You know referred to Jim. They won't go there won't be lost. Katie and Michael Foley speaking to Yahoo! News global anchor Katie Couric. As the hunt intensifies for the murderer of their brother James. I'm Mary Bruce in Washington. Joining us now with all the Friday developments ABC news's Karen Travers Karen. Good afternoon Mary US officials won't say exactly how many Americans are being held hostage right now -- -- -- is believed to be in the single digits and right now American and British officials are poring over that video of police execution. To try and get more clues about his killer. And at this point though they do believe that he was executed -- three days before that video was released which puts it at about some time last weekend. The massive international manhunt to find jeans police killer continues. Former -- hostages say the man seen here in -- execution video is one of three British citizens at the hostages nickname The Beatles. They -- jailers torturers and executioners for the Islamic militant group. In an exclusive interview with Katie Couric on Yahoo! News police sibling said the US could have done more. To see their brother I'm really really really hope that. And so my agent's death. -- facilitated take another look at -- our -- our approach arm arm. Policy to to terrorists and -- ago. Stations and in Washington. Dire warnings from top military officials. Defense Secretary chuck Cagle said -- is is is well funded and sophisticated as any group the US has ever seen. And beyond just a terrorist group. They are an imminent threat to every interest we have whether it's Iraq or any anywhere else. But US officials have been clear. The US air strikes nearly 100 so far have not been a knockout blow we should expect Tyson to -- group. And stage new offensive. And what is the big question about Syria. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that at some point ice this is safe haven there must be dealt -- Can be defeated without addressing. That part of their organization which resides and Syrian answers no. -- did not seem particularly enthusiastic about US airstrikes in Syria but Mary it's important to note he didn't rule them out. Karen -- brother said he thinks the US could have done more -- mean -- that. That could be -- some money yesterday we heard from the CEO of the company that James Foley was working for global posting told ABC news that. It became clear that ice is it was not serious about actually negotiating for Foley's release. And the FBI believe that as well ice is asked for about 130. Million dollars in exchange for releasing -- The State Department was adamant yesterday the US does does not do that on principle but it's interesting to note that France and Spain the governments there they do pay ransom money and some of their own people -- been held hostage by. Al-Qaeda and nicest have been released for sums of about two to five million dollars Mary. Karen Travers thank you so much. Now the Foley family getting an outpouring of condolences as you've heard including a call from Pope Francis. Here's more of Yahoo! global news anchor Katie Couric's interview with James -- sister and brother. There's just been an outpouring of support we. We received a call yesterday from the Pope boot Telecom. A lot of time -- sending. You know referred to Jim. I know don't want it or not I know you Waller Kathleen Q you have a deep faith and chanted as well which I think. Probably help sustain him I understand. During those years but that must have been a pretty extraordinary experience to have a conversation with Pope Francis for both of you. And it it was pretty power bomb. I'm very powerful we felt like sounds kind of Allard in -- at the same time was watching down on -- off. And giving us -- of the hope and strength time. -- far in. And live life until -- -- nineteen and it. -- -- -- -- Francis just just recently had a tragedy is -- one you know when he took the time to. The call I was really nice and -- what was that what did he tell you about that. Stop Peterson thank you need him you know for acknowledging -- you know there was. That's a car accident I believe in in Argentina. Meanwhile you know -- was so committed to journalism at and shining a light I think on these these terribly violent repressive situations giving voice to the voice -- And I was and Christine they're interested to read about his life he was in T he joined Teach for America he then -- -- and that say. At hammers and he really decided to pursue a career in journalists some. In his mid thirties when he went to McDill at northwestern -- got a master's degree what we drew -- At this profession -- you thank. Well it actually was I think the perfect mix of his interest he cares deeply about people. Particularly. He'd been disadvantaged. You know -- -- and -- Phoenix for years and made. A lot of relationships and really save some lives there he taught in. -- county jail and Chicago. For -- -- years any any any love to write he always loved to write about photography. And cannot think that combination was a natural one. Let's go back if if we could to Thanksgiving Day 2012. When when you both heard Tim had been kidnapped while working for the global post in Syria. Michael and Katie must have been sick with worry. Tell -- to hear that news. -- Yes I have actually as I'm fortunate enough my actually had a work at a hospital that -- Thanksgiving. And I'm brands up that morning. -- and -- -- that tests at -- alert I comments I -- my computer and it was jam. Common he has just talking to me and I told them happy Thanksgiving hand he is like it thinks. Beginning and think yes six. Kicking them as the sun. You know we all love the end. An and I want have to Wear and obviously we now the rest of the story -- It was a Newton cafes you probably were one of the last surplus person and are handling it and tell -- I feel very honored and -- now it's really special that I was at least able to say that. Before its -- and and Michael this wasn't the first time your brother had been kidnapped. Now know -- You know he was I think. And detained for some point forty days -- in Libya. We worked day and night to get released today. I'll never forget meeting and in Tunisia. Flying -- And Clair home. And just the the thrill of that moment and a lot of us were really. Initially angered when when Jim went back back to Olympia covered he was on site when he -- -- -- -- We were angered when he went back to Libya to help look for -- Hamels body had been deceased colleague who was. Killed when their capture when you -- -- the same initial reaction Syria but but over time we've. We've -- we've learned to. Understand why didn't. And and how. How grave. He was that. And how important. Them. You know what what what -- what what he did what was there is to the world news. A reminder you can keep up with all the developments in the Foley story in real time by downloading ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Mary -- in Washington.

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{"duration":"9:06","description":"The hunt continues for the murderer of American journalist James Foley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"25086724","title":"Michael and Katie Foley: 'Pope Described Jim's Acts as Martyrdom That Will Not Be Lost'","url":"/International/video/james-foleys-siblings-michael-katie-pope-jims-acts-25086724"}