Jan. 27, 1973: Paris Peace Accords signed, leading to end of Vietnam War

Representatives from the United States, South Vietnam, the Viet Cong, and North Vietnam signed the peace agreement.
3:47 | 01/16/18

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Transcript for Jan. 27, 1973: Paris Peace Accords signed, leading to end of Vietnam War
The day began here in Paris cold wet and gloomy around the now famous majestic hotel an impressive security force. It was here that for almost five years there were negotiations. But seem frustrating and never got anywhere. Now it's the site. With a citing ceremonies took place they'll actually two separate ceremonies the first was this morning. Among before foreign minister and the ceremony that was designed to get the two forces in south Vietnam to accept the cease fire. Without having to accept each other. South Vietnamese foreign minister DelHomme was the first to arrive. Both almost immediately by the provisional revolutionary governments foreign minister madam bin. As usual she was wearing traditional outside the Vietnamese national dress. After hurricane the foreign minister of north Vietnam you and lead free and he had arrived two days ago from Hanoi for the signing ceremony. The last of the dignitaries to get to the majestic hotel the secretary of state Roger. His car had driven by hundreds of demonstrators outside they were carrying north Vietnamese and Vietcong flag and they cheered when mr. Rogers went by. However it did not seem to bother him and he waved cheerfully as he walked between the rang for the French honor guard and. Of the building. Inside the roundtable with that and waiting. Mr. Rogers moved to his place flanked by his aides including ambassador William water and ambassador William Sullivan. I just six minutes after 11 AM local time the signing began. Each of the men had to places signature on the document 32 time. Secretary Rogers seem to have a little trouble finding dependable right but he finally succeeded. And with that stretch of a fan of the American involvement in Vietnam was over and America's longest war was ended. What was being signed with the agreement itself calling for an end to the fighting. And freak protocol dealing with the international control commission joint military commission and the return of prisoners of war. The document itself does not mention any of the secondary countries by name just refers to. The party participating in the Paris conference on Vietnam. It was the formula to avoid having the south Vietnamese and the provisional revolutionary government recognized each other. Are under the Colombo south Vietnam has already said that Saigon is ready to talk to the Viet com. But there's no indication on either side that they are willing to make the kind of concessions that will solve the political problems that still exist. And which have not been resolved by this agreement. The copies of the agreement were passed around the table and it was understandable that there was a slight mix up. And the folks had to be re pass so all was correct and according to protocol. The south Vietnamese and the Viet Cong by the way refused to even sign on the same page they use different pages. Aside from that the ceremony went smoothly and almost matter of factly. There were no statement made everyone seemed aware of the importance of the moment from the move was almost solemn. The foreign ministers they're eight and invited guests waited quietly of the finals they that you were placed on the documents. And then just twenty minutes after it had begun the ceremony was over. The delegation grosans slowly moved out of the conference room the same place they have spent almost five years trying to hammer out agreement just. A small champagne reception was scheduled an empty room. Whereas report of the delegations relaxed today. Secretary Rogers and analysts foreign minister prince are reported but so each other but there's no indication that and then and our minutes alarm went through the same diplomatic niceties. And that's how the first ceremony when Sam.

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{"id":52389710,"title":"Jan. 27, 1973: Paris Peace Accords signed, leading to end of Vietnam War","duration":"3:47","description":"Representatives from the United States, South Vietnam, the Viet Cong, and North Vietnam signed the peace agreement.","url":"/International/video/jan-27-1973-paris-peace-accords-signed-signaling-52389710","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}