London Bridge stabbing kills 2 and injures 3

The suspect behind the fatal attack, who had ties to al-Qaeda, was granted early release from prison in December 2019 after being convicted of plotting terrorist attacks.
5:15 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for London Bridge stabbing kills 2 and injures 3
Want to move to London now where they're mourning the victims of a terror attack on London Bridge to people. Were killed there in a stabbing attack ABC's in panel are senior foreign correspondent. Is with us now from London in let's start with what exactly happened on that bridge it was terrifying and in broad daylight. Yeah no astonishing really begin about a month this happened at 2 PM on a Friday afternoon in London's the Russia has pretty much we've got to that point. And this is London Bridge one of the key thoroughfares across the River Thames. And it was pretty packed to the moment at that point with full of double Decker buses as red buses full of traffic Fuller pedestrians. And the original incident she happened not quite celebrates ridden a bicycle fish mongers hole it was a conference on rehabilitation. All of offenders. And the attacker who was one of those invited to do that conference. Of what she came with a completely different intent started to he brandished a couple of nice started to attack people people pull back. Would everything they could. As happened people with during chances him people used far extinguish is one took based. Not wall Tuscan no wall is kind of whale in the was one of these up on the wall. Someone pulled one the touchdown and a chase him up on to that bridge realign make. Not someone who wish we see these whole series of different videos of them trying to take him down to the ground which eventually they succeeded that's. Who's a British transport policeman was nearby heels they came. To help the reports that there was a polar chef who's working. At this conference and taking you also intervene. By the ball striking is not just that used solely scenes that were being videotaped. But that sense that people were ready to fight back better Monday he was wearing what looked like an exclusive best and yet. Innocent bystanders people who were unarmed. Willing to grab what ever they could to try and bring to the ground and stop him attacking anyone else. In simply astonishing as you say the attack itself but also the response and it turns out it. This suspect has a history of terror offenses. Yes I know on this a lot of hand wringing going on about this year in pursuit of the moment at least because we were right in the middle of election campaign the general election is due. And less than two weeks now so close have been lots of questions about the sentencing of terrace offenders now. He had been sentenced. In connection with an al-Qaeda linked plot to try and attack her stock market here in London the business ARIAD equivalents. Of Wall Street it was an unsuccessful plot that was a group in London. There's a group in the town in which he lived in the north of England and he was convicts who sponsor them for sixteen years but Viennese. Eight is now that is north unusual. For offenders serious offenders to a release a whole show and all of their original sentencing happens. In the states and it happens here as well but of course is not turn the spotlight almost situations. We believe there's something in the region of seventy full. Former terrorists offenders schools have had been released early in uncles as I say there's a lot of soul searching as a little politicking going on about those sentences. The sad reality is the rules will followed. He'd be announce a prism for a number of months he hadn't shown any signs that it alerted the authorities. He had one of those kind of ankle bracelets that allow the police. Tomorrow zeal locations in the police knew that he was here probation offices didn't think there was anything wrong. There was no reason to think he's about to launch an attack until he did. And abolishing the sad conclusion from that is entirely possible for that kind of thing to happen again there's a limit how much the mole and the judicial system. Is going to protect you. And in I wonder what it says about how deep seated. At terra ideology may be in in the minds of some of these people with common says as vices has suffered another defeat on the battlefield with the death of bubble bath probably Donnie. But ice this was quick to claim credit. For this particular attack. Yet they claim credit without offering any proof and I think we've seen a whole number of attacks over the last few years where dale are racists in spied in other words there is a threat that from the judge OG as you were as you referenced and and that and jewels and that's available on the Internet. It's very easy when people to be in supplied. But ice is organized is something very very different in this he wasn't that was they've always connection. Anyway to license so I think there are two ways of looking this one is that look to freshen jewels we know the crisis will continue to want to attack on salt. Vulnerable targets. On the other hand. As tragic as it walls two people died three if you were injured. But it wasn't any big and that the last time there was an attack in this area here in London bridge and then down there'll bar market eight people died. It was a much larger incident the consequences will much grace I wonder whether there is an elements here that says the public and am ready to fight back. That their ability to attack has been diminished and weakened it doesn't mean that there wouldn't be another spectacular attack. Sadly I think that's a world in which we live for the number terror attacks in Britain has gone down. And although these attacks will continue I think we have rule pitch it is possibly one with people will be relieved that it wasn't much worsen if loss. Indeed ABC's senior foreign correspondent in panel witness. From London Bridge the side of that attack in our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"The suspect behind the fatal attack, who had ties to al-Qaeda, was granted early release from prison in December 2019 after being convicted of plotting terrorist attacks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67441429","title":"London Bridge stabbing kills 2 and injures 3","url":"/International/video/london-bridge-stabbing-kills-injures-67441429"}