Across the pond: ISIS brides, UK lawmakers and Facebook

ISIS brides want to come home and British lawmakers call Facebook executives "digital gangsters."
3:01 | 02/18/19

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Transcript for Across the pond: ISIS brides, UK lawmakers and Facebook
Welcome back let's go across the pond they ABC news's London bureau and David Wright keeping an eye on the biggest international news. Good morning David what she got caught on over there. Good morning sure they were first up we've got ice his bride's this is one of the trickier issues when it comes to the collapse of the crisis regime in Syria. People who willingly traveled to Syria from western countries to join crisis including women so called vices prides well. Our colleagues at sky news spoke with a nineteen year old British girl she was a school girl of fifteen when she went off to Syria to join nicest. Now she's nineteen years old she just gave birth to a son. And she wants to come home. Don't they give my child and afraid you might ignite his hand and they love beavers have dragged into the towards me that it had been true. Well when it comes to sympathy not so much from the British tabloids. Those sun's headline pretty much sums it up here. You must be kidding. We meanwhile the guardian spoke with an American girl in much the same circumstances. Her name is holed up mood time she is from Alabama she says that she was brain wash she wants to come back to the states. We'll over the weekend president trump urged western countries to take back and repatriate. People from their countries who went off to join nicest so. That'll be uninteresting test for us. Wow that is fascinating Damon. How about that this digital gangsters business stated in the the FaceBook report that's out very interest thing you know DeVon this said digital gangsters is the term that members of parliament are using to describe FaceBook which they say flout the laws this is the British parliament's. Version of the investigation. In two foreign meddling via FaceBook after the Cambridge analytically scandal that happened here just like it happened in the US back in 2016. A much stronger response though from the British parliament compare with the US they say that. Mark Zuckerberg. Is guilty of contempt they're calling for strict new regulations for. FaceBook and they say that they need to curb the worst excesses of surveillance capitalism will Facebook's response is that they've already taken steps. Internally to address the criticism they say we still have more to do we are not the same company we were a year ago. But we'll have to see if that'll fly here among parliament rip rip. Her tough stuff before and it's a good neighbor we're taking a poll here where are you are you in favor of selling Montana to Canada for a trillion dollars or the ground all. I have divided loyalties I have to say because I'm a dual citizen I'm a citizen of Canada and the US our candidates were able to welcome Montana of them had to be gracious moment lap. Good hands and they will see can you give us an answer every day holiday. You want to spend on cannons are Canadians David Wright is a slim look like I'd hate him.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"ISIS brides want to come home and British lawmakers call Facebook executives \"digital gangsters.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61145476","title":"Across the pond: ISIS brides, UK lawmakers and Facebook ","url":"/International/video/pond-isis-brides-uk-lawmakers-facebook-61145476"}