Vigil takes place in Albert Square for Manchester victims

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to Molly Hunter and Patrick Reevell for the latest on the Manchester Arena bombing that left 22 dead and over 50 injured.
14:10 | 05/23/17

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Transcript for Vigil takes place in Albert Square for Manchester victims
And you're watching live picture from the vigil that just took place in Albert square Manchester England. Site that deadly attack last night at a concert. 22 people were killed 59 more injured and we are running at the latest now. On that story what's happening there in Manchester I'm on in his eyes in New York thanks for staying with us you've got two of our colleagues joining to help us understand a little bit more context. About what happened last night and also give us the latest from the ground Molly hunter is there in Manchester and joins us now live at the site that Mitchell. Molly some incredibly moving words and accounts being given there. Leaders in the community and we heard again and again the message there was weak stands together as one city. Oh act that we can't get there at love Wayne that we will not let Jarrett went there. Amazing pictures for on hatred for lots that chance that it actually ended at a moment ago every kind of around here are. You just being together on has made things so many times in different cities across Europe. People want to read together stranger's wanna gathered together haven't talked about unity and it is absolutely no differently mean that all day. At mom's note popping up on that city and night right here in the and turn this city everyone's heart unity by. Molly we're learning now some new details we heard from the chief constable there at the Manchester. Police office we've we're learning a little bit about the attacker. Although the -- they're willing to share what can we share with our audience right now. So weakened Sarah that they believe he was a suicide. Attacker that he died at in the attack last night. His name is common at vanity he was born in Manchester in 1994. Point eight years old he lives in Manchester. His whole life in. Several different locations that he knew this city well on that. I'm and we also know they Karen at a 23 Europe was arrested in south Manchester they didn't fare. Who that was. That we do you believe that at summit have bedie had at least three siblings. I unclear if any real direct it was in any way finale relation or our render what the association there wise. And now we do you know the death penalty and it now about when he Q I would at least 59 injured but on that he has that was an IED and improvised explosive device. And her apartment not an eventful thing and deals. In the explosion last night that means that these injuries are incredibly severe life altering injuries which means that gas pump may actually go out in the coming hours. You mention the attacker was from there in Manchester new the city well we're hearing. The leaders in the community there and I want to bring in our colleague who actually knows the city very well as well Patrick rebel joins us live now. From Moscow he's a native of Manchester and Patrick you've been sharing with us all of your colleagues here. Some of your thoughts as you're watching this from afar there and Russia. Tell me what you think people there are going through right now knowing what you do about the city. I mean you know I grew up in Manchester is my hometown so much and news. Tonight ahead it's dancing dad the end zone and it is very conscious maintenance reacts. See this it's seated yesterday. It's very proud of the fact. As a strong. Cities here. I think storytelling that Emmy sees signs it may command says. Pessimism was seen across. President homelessness that TC in the sciences that we love and anxious. But people are very proud an assassin units is not known as as a beautiful city since brazen industrial. And I. You see down the sped things. Molly Daly up just in Manchester. But across. England there there's the threat level to be considered authorities say that they are concerned about potentially more attacks it remains. Pretty high where our officials pointing us towards right now what's the latest on the potential threat and simple way. I think I'm I decided to say one thing about what Patrick that everything he decides it's my first ever visit and after it is the first time I've spoken. Clinton and after. All of that rings so true all today that he believes. Here in the fact people are incredibly proud parent thousands and thousands like many. Anthony the crowd size because not only are they activists where but they're leading into all the signs street. And it absolutely incredible and even and they sent the programming is over but no one wants to leave people want to be here but here question about the fat level. That's exactly right for the UK right now has that threat level act at that and I add they had. Now if in fact at Westminster attacked that we. Had a couple weeks ago I came about two months ago now. And UK authorities hats that now for the last couple of years they were expecting an attack here that they were ready for an attack ads we talked about before of course. Even those plans that every police department across Europe and across this country and or. But they weren't able to thwart at this time we don't know whether this. Hacker was known to authorities or not I'm sure we'll learn that or at least more information about that in coming days. But we should hear more at bats silent on but right now remains the fact I. Patrick you're talking about the spirit of the people there. Being tested this isn't the first time that folks in Manchester. Have faced a serious terrorist attack right. No famous nun and up from seventy sentences. The late ninety's. Not just either S and UK based. Things from the Irish news the IRA and innocence it today taste in. 96 in this huge IRA bomb as he. Let's city since as he gets tiring on the net and it. It is bombs detonated. It's not fun when money is right now as was the site of that last. And it just. And yeah that was. The city. Be generated around that area became and it is the nicest smartest thing in the city is now back want to. I decide on the same time again not just people and I just didn't bring in general. Yeah I remember very well. The thirty year period let employees let bombings. Regular guys there are other bombings in Manchester as well but eight. And we speak gaming commission and dozens were injured just like just like. This time that's the difference is that the IRA used to give warnings whereas we see it generally jihadist terrorists instead provide anyone in the implemented as the idea is to kill as many people as possible. And it's and that 1996 bomb attack by the IRA amazing you never know was killed and a 200 people are injured by this enormous ball. That's incredible but that 96 bombing from. Still go online eat the explosion happened because as you mentioned. People were born there were cameras trained on the truck bomb there I'm and you can watch it actually happened. But if Patrick at a bus ticket to take on asserted that knowing the city Israelis you do. Some of the things people often point to when there are attacks like this and people who grow up there at that. You know there's any excuse for ever carrying out anything this horrific. But that sometimes there's disenfranchisement. There's a dissolution there's hyper segregation is all the things that need people. To believe that they are somehow not wanted in whatever way. At that happened in Manchester were there some kind of tensions between communities act. And anticipate Los Angeles city as specialized was the population relies CEO. Listen realized. The rescue mission population actually. Hang it. Days there is a lot of votes that meant sending you know in the costs meant sisters had saying. Its own problems. If racial tensions as prosperous as many other countries. In the 1990s again it was an eight minutes and company. Intense race riots Manchester. Recently unit in the past two decades I just has become a global prosperous and in general. I'd say that has become a lot less tense sending. It's not some landed. It when you would expect some slightest amount of because of racial tensions it's more that unit there is a large in this population. Seasonings. Sliced steak thing and it can it's as defined sympathizes indicating. The same time today. Muslim community images SP net. Many generations and there is there is very little. Tension Jenny. This is not. It's not as that is as it has been painted elsewhere succeeding bed and ethnic tension and ability to seat on this wet weather he. Face criminal backgrounds in a yelling at some of their lungs how much they love the city. Molly it's Patrick mentioned there ice is has claimed responsibility for the attack we should point out also. With the death told wearied is right now this now makes this attack the second deadliest. The recent history there after the 200577. Bombing across many of being at the subway stations and and a bus bombing. As well and I remember back then I'm sure you do to all the stories we heard. About acts of kindness and heroism and people coming to gather in the absolute worst of times. I'm wondering if you've heard similar stories there from folks you've talked. I'm that. They're pouring out of every one so last night of course the attack happened just after 1030 and never reports of everything from acting offering free rides from strangers. Opening their doors. Feeding anyone outside on a big difference and that's striking thing about this attack. Was it it was an attack on U that would attack on really really young people these were young girls. I eight years old was the youngest they can meet up at eight and twelve are Hannah grinding obviously incredibly popular with that he needs freaking fat. So there were a lot of really. Young people really young kids walking on the street last night I'm so that we heard act these. That we heard hotel's opening up their lobbyists. Feeding heat up bringing people into rooms of course that when are you not to four out of town visitors and it. Concert but absolutely at every turn. Absolute strangers extended their hands which is something of course that we hear so frequently. And Molly. Sort of related to what you're talking about there the authorities to confirm an eight year old. Was the youngest that they were able to confirm among that fatalities a young girl named staff he twelve children under the age of sixteen. We're also seriously injured and as you mentioned their injuries the extent to which we don't know yet that there are believed to be serious because of the nature of the attack. Our authorities offering any more information about where the investigation. Goes from here. They said the investigation is in. Incredibly wide ranging hundreds of police officer on it at a Reno will be closed pad for. From each and includes all over the property apart. Both of why it. He and chair at what point and it did heat that attic lets not exactly. Kind of pleased that you get airport apple picture of the it act. And the arena will also probably cancel. Event that Carty canceled some events but it's like you know can't have more at bats and in intently at nineteen over in that area. Patrick talked where crime theory phantom right after the attack happened maybe ten minutes down a rat and to take incredibly. Not balance the will be helicopters have been covering all day that athlete meanest banner of this. Heard it and you I drafted. Me and they. Work. Let it doesn't pan am content on as we often act even after all if we. They have to Barry White Nat and some people meet me on the raiders might not be but they do they go door knocking they try it get any kind of it together how this person what. Each mural of Manchester born. Sick of suicide bomber. The non hunters going to be on the ground following it for us there. Patrick as our resident now and CUNY and I'll give you the final word here is. There a message that you could send back tears your fellow townsfolk back a local that you indicated that right now. I think I'm more units may have an area just so touched to see. The reaction that others and how they have been. We have seen today. And acts of kindness and this reminder. And senator Connie. Six. Scene of life it's about being. And to see like my head. Even in those moments of darkness it's. Though a lot of to turn towards. Patrick are about in Moscow Molly hunter in Manchester England thanks so much for being with us. And thanks to you for watching this from a member you can always go to To keep up with the latest on that story and many others thanks for watching I'm on an Abbas. Cynthia back Houston.

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{"duration":"14:10","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to Molly Hunter and Patrick Reevell for the latest on the Manchester Arena bombing that left 22 dead and over 50 injured.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47589022","title":"Vigil takes place in Albert Square for Manchester victims","url":"/International/video/vigil-takes-place-albert-square-manchester-victims-47589022"}