New footage reveals orcas' emotional intelligence

Underwater and drone footage of the killer whales shows the creatures playing and cuddling.
3:12 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for New footage reveals orcas' emotional intelligence
The name alone it will frighten you. Killer whale right so it's known to be the dangerous predator in the ocean. But some new drone footage by researchers in British Columbia showed a side of the or because we haven't seen the floor love and a that's Jane and I did that at that they don't think those mallicoat gusts of diet and vote in the thing you. Can they how they caption this footage it's very personal we whales cuddling on camera heavily of that yet it's interesting because the with the researchers are saying is that. They not only shot from an under the water which we've seen before but they also shot. From above and the way they did that was with drones yes and so what they're saying is that this is a very non invasive way of capturing a wells. Until the wheels of seemingly unaware that there even be monitored which means that they're able to just act like they would. Naturally if we weren't spying on them. And so what they captured was moments that have never really been captured before like this it's unbelievable so I have to ask you what was the original purpose of the mission because of that the prize. To the researchers say it was what there what they're looking to capture with this. But it is. To explore or what it is that's causing declining populations. To decline in and a lot of it has focused on food that they don't have enough food so what the researchers are looking to see is things like. How the whales hunt where they do find food and see what kind of information they can glean from that to see. Whether they're something we can do to help those declining populations. And of course they are gathering that data and they do intend in the next few months to put that altogether to paint that full picture. But in the meantime they also captured these really special moments so what we're some of the other day to day things that they saw with these orcas so what the big moment that most of them are saying really tugged at their heart strings one of them even said you know where we consider ourselves these hard research scientists and yet this really tugged at our heart strings. One moment was when you see this baby calf. Kind of barrel well laying next to its mother and it. You just see they that they're not only. Emotional animals which we already knew but they're also quite tactile and they seem to be quite affectionate. That there was another moment where they said they saw. One of the baby whales playing with the salmon. And desert carrying it around in its mouth but the baby well at that age is still feeding off milk of its mother so what was the salmon doing there. Is that baby is that another seven the way also is that baby well teething perhaps or is that they be well. Starting to learn how to hunting imitating the adults around it the same way we see our own children doing when they're little. So there's still many many questions to be answered. But a lot of it so it exciting doors that I think of opened with this video in terms of seeing. Just the how many similarities there are and how emotionally develop these animals really are. He and you can't judge a book by its cover everyone for so long bout these animals were so. Mean in the ocean and they have this soft side so I love you rob I don't want to be in the yeah. But I am very much enjoyed watching this but it does I think so many other people and yeah it was beautiful die in the fatal bringing some good news hey it's okay so we get to do now appreciated thank you I have that is the.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Underwater and drone footage of the killer whales shows the creatures playing and cuddling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"66823656","title":"New footage reveals orcas' emotional intelligence","url":"/Lifestyle/video/footage-reveals-orcas-emotional-intelligence-66823656"}