NY Pizzeria Owner Wins $1M Lottery Prize

Dimitrios Hatzisotiriou won a million dollars on his 73rd birthday.
1:01 | 12/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NY Pizzeria Owner Wins $1M Lottery Prize
More than thirteen million dollars was handed out to the big winners one of them a pizzeria owner from Long Island. Who won a million bucks and it was his 73 birthday happy birthday. Commanders from lake grubby says he got to the bank too early show to kill some time he went to a nearby stories today I'll buy scratch off ticket. He won 25 bucks but how we don't just take the 25 putting your pocket he used that 25 to get a holiday millionaire ticket. The Renault was admitted it has set up something. The good guys you wouldn't be present when it doesn't I got the call my brother mab farm was that age limit pharmaceutical my brother says. Another idea you have in the ambulance and the guy that was as good a dozen. I love him Hinton he plans to pay some bills and visit his mom and Greece. But she won't believe you wanna million dollars to array a couple by the way from Glenn had Long Island also won. Five million dollars Metz adding the biggest one of the big winner was a store owner from queens and he picked up seven million dollars million not sell.

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{"duration":"1:01","description":"Dimitrios Hatzisotiriou won a million dollars on his 73rd birthday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"44468820","title":"NY Pizzeria Owner Wins $1M Lottery Prize","url":"/Lifestyle/video/ny-pizzeria-owner-wins-1m-lottery-prize-44468820"}