Charlie Sheen Opens Up About HIV Diagnosis

The Golden Globe-winning actor said 'I feel like I'm carrying the torch' for others battling with this disease.
6:32 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Charlie Sheen Opens Up About HIV Diagnosis
Possible that no one in Hollywood has had such a famous or public meltdown as Charlie Sheen. Just a few years ago he was bragging about how much crack he could smoke without dying. And claiming to be a warlock with tiger blood now he's showing off pictures of his grandchild and preaching about common courtesy. So what's changed here's ABC's Michael Strahan. Generic. But it tight squeeze. Thank you could filed with other places I've never thought I'd be. I was happening I was not a photo Booth we started seeing in the middle of this living room not Jesus said to others it's your clothes themselves. But then again you never know what to expect. When you hang up John. Hollywood's baddest bad boy whose very public very dirty laundry had been tabloid fodder for decades Iran Amazon made it's not from. When Jagger and Richards Allman has looked like. You know drew the I'd Armas children. But in late 2015. Follow any field rumors a sobering admission Sheen would diagnosed as HIV positive how do you feel. I Carolina doing that are really get IM shell grateful I am I for eight months now have been enrolled in an FDA study them for medication for drug called pro 140. That's that's in the in the late stages of its of its of its trial run I feel like to carry the torch from 44 for a lot of affection for the suffering. From the same thing saying you know so you feel like you're fury an example yes the error against lord yes yes this is an opportunity to to to just do something to him. Judicial and that that really matters in all of this that it happened to have their Vinnie if Philbin line. Oh yeah yeah yeah I don't mean to day I got the day I was diagnosed I immediately wanted to eat a bullet. A my mom was there wouldn't do that in front of her or let her. And fine Munich and of that last. But this quilts came over ran and they. They give me handful of collisions and you know home now and you gonna live song so grateful for what was available when it happened. And even more grateful for what's available right now and I am I'm in the middle of it you know they had to put everything into perspective yet Jan into India. Charlie at Hollywood royalty the son of actor Martin Sheen and a heart drop from the beginning. That cameo in fairies dealers day off to us a little more time doing it yourself. Little less time tournament which prejudice then platoon. In mind any. But my sanity Wall Street fund at all let. How many got you. How much stock in Major League. They give it played it California penal. Name me what it was as Roland Two and a Half Men that made him a legend. Oh look. It's my sweet Angel come to take me to happen if we don't touch me. At one time the highest paid actor on television burning close to two million dollars an episode. Later fired from the series he had gone while his work made him famous with his off air antics that made him infants. He's been married and divorced three times it has publicly admitted to relationship would prostitutes and porn stars. They're the best at what they do and I'm the best at what I'm doing together is like its on. Sorry numerically I senate. In this 2011. Interview with ABC I am on a drug called Charlie Sheen I have one speed I've won here go when you got tiger blood Adonis DNA and menace like. Get get with the program did seem vividly on a niche summer saying that your bipolar while. And then want what's to care medicine. Make me like them not gonna happen. I'm by winning. Tiger blow from Karen Adonis DNA can hope that that guys still exist he he he has to have but isn't it I. I think ultimately in R&R. In our blueprint error in 19 am I I I I I I believe we are the the the sum total of humble or experiences good and man you know it's fun to kind of watch sometimes but also just a little bit principal. It's like to what the hell was that's the actor also openly talked about his battles we gambling in substance abuse something he spoke about would dock at odds with rim. Manic behavior. Is usually in in the throes of do you parting. Do you substance abuse from drinking but through the worst Sheen is always the father to his five Q I'm looked at me here at C. Hands and feet on the war or. That's your your kids yes it's really refreshing and united had even a terrible day we come home and kids alike calling ash go to your kids you're not a superstar united. TV star movie star argued Tuesday gathered never rinsing my work. Are you kidding onerous and will work mom s.'s emphasis aggression and a little bit from solo work I've done it now come until they're old enough but. Definitely they don't know me as a performer it seemed a far different tone from a man who want to made a career out of being a rebel. If you could go back and talk to 21 year old Charlie should. You are young pretty face still got a pretty fair are yourself kind what do you say today guy. Would you change anything I would just tell the B two B a little more patient and not ruled by by by greed of the promise of quick gains were told to. Just be a little more forgiving. You get there to help. And now that before you fill my native scene is back with the new movie mad family a comedy about three families from different backgrounds. Court suspended vacationed together. Mon I am not a moron. Do you see this at the comeback of sorts killing a legal any such Kazan if it doesn't work then I'm wrong. Don't like they're wrong. Knowing it's it's it's it's as it's a steppingstone to I think Lou a lot of a lot of really cool stuff here for some reason. They just keep. Invited me back to the next. The next act what do you see if they'll continue here ten years I IE crying and I'm more concerned about others and myself you know here's what I do know. I'll still be here and that just might upset a few folks for Nightline. I'm Michael Strahan in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"The Golden Globe-winning actor said 'I feel like I'm carrying the torch' for others battling with this disease.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"44726401","title":"Charlie Sheen Opens Up About HIV Diagnosis","url":"/Nightline/video/charlie-sheen-opens-hiv-diagnosis-44726401"}