Into the Chocolate Factory

ABC's Linsey Davis visits chocolatier Jacques Torres' headquarters at their busiest time of year.
2:54 | 12/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Into the Chocolate Factory
Riiiicoooolaaaa ? masters in industry have that special something. Being a master chocolatetier is no exception. That you get to make delicious chocolate for a living. Here's ABC's linsey Davis. ? Reporter: No mistletoe here. These halls are decked with something just as synonymous with the season -- chocolate. Consider this Santa's works workshop -- don't mind if I do. Only the elf es are working for Jacques or the ris. The star French pastry chef. He's turned into it a chocolate empire. Everyone loves chocolate. Any gender, any age. I mean, this is great product to two work with. Reporter: He opened this 39,500-square-factory in Brooklyn. You can smell the chocolate. This kind of year, torres and his elves work practically around the clock for good reason -- Americans spend more than $20 billion on chocolate, eat more than 11 pounds every year. I tried my hand at one test. Getting these candy Orange peels covered in chocolate. In an onhomage to "I love Lucy." Not fast enough. Fa faster, linsey. Reporter: The cost of sinking your teeth into this deck dance -- it will set you back $ $66. A statue of the men of the season in chocolate is a bit more -- 120. Reporter: The chocolate is crafted by hand with chocolate artisans personally painting each detail. If you think this looks easy -- You'll do this one and I'll do this one. Reporter: I'm nervous. That's okay. ? Reporter: Think again, I learned firsthand trying to make my own chocolate Christmas tree. After filling our tree in chocolate. When I envision heaven it looks something like this. Then freezing it. The finished product was ready -- Voila! Reporter: Look at this. What do you think? Reporter: The gift that keeps on giving until it's gone. For "Nightline" I'm linsey Davis in Brooklyn, New York.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"ABC's Linsey Davis visits chocolatier Jacques Torres' headquarters at their busiest time of year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"27710055","title":"Into the Chocolate Factory","url":"/Nightline/video/chocolate-factory-27710055"}