George Zimmerman Trial: What Happens If He's Acquitted?

Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin's death, claims self-defense.
3:00 | 07/02/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Trial: What Happens If He's Acquitted?
Behind me is the courthouse in Sanford Florida where attorneys for the state and George -- have been duking it out for over a week. It was just a few miles from here that trade on -- was shot once in the chest and killed. That was eighteen months ago. In the weeks after that rainy February night passions were stirred protests ensued. And eventually criminal charges were filed. But now -- Sanford there are new questions and for some fears about what could happen would happen if he's found not guilty. Today the jockeying began early as the prosecution struggles to save its case in the George -- trial. When jurors arrived in court today the first thing they were told was to ignore effectively forget. A crucial moment of testimony from a key prosecution witness you -- to disregard. The question and the answer. Lead detective Chris Serena had come close to saying he believed George -- account. Of what happened the night Zimmerman shot and killed seventeen year old -- bond -- As -- critics say on the wire off the table as a possibility just for the purpose of this next question. -- -- -- -- If jurors believe Zimmerman is being truthful prosecutors could be in big trouble. Judge Deborah Nelson ruled that's -- Reno could not offer an opinion of another witness's credibility. A small victory for a prosecution trying to shore up its case against the neighborhood watch volunteers. It can be that is in the house here in front and there's no. -- -- -- -- -- -- Prosecutor Bernie artillery Honda continued questioning the detective -- -- with -- Zimmerman during a reenactment for police in the days following Martin's death. Detective Serena testified about questions he had as to why Zimmerman would have left his car after calling the police. What can. India that we don't. George -- parked his car here on a rainy night. He says he started walking today get his -- -- address for police that he was actually walking back to his car. The prosecutor say that doesn't make sense that he lived in the neighborhood and that he was too far away from his car. They believe he followed -- bond -- ignoring the 911 operator who told him he didn't need to do that. When defendant turns and points on video to this -- want -- say there's no matter who uses the back of the house. Right to the right what is there is your house there was an address. Yes there is. The question. Should Zimmerman had been able to easily see that addressed that night or should be authority known. You pointed out there was only three actual streets in the whole neighborhood correct. -- But defense attorney Mark O'Meara tried to get Serena to concede. He had no evidence that Zimmerman actually followed Martan. Is there any -- at all. To suggest that that time that mr. -- continue to follow mister Martin. Which point -- that the point that the offers -- sanity. -- on one -- emergency operators said we don't need to do that mrs. Zimmerman said okay. I would say yes there was what would what evidence which you -- Present location. -- -- -- and location to location where the incident ultimately ended. How that incident ended was were counted in court today by mark -- it. A federal Marshal in self described best friend -- Zimmerman James. Just songs from the because he's received from -- Publication -- this this thing. Prosecutors called in to show what they say -- is an inconsistency. Did Zimmerman told his friend betrayed bond Marten granted his gun rather than Zimmerman just -- Marten was about to reach for it as he told police. -- you recall he even told you to achieve -- monetize the -- you -- you reaching for. I thought he said he had grabbed. The gun. I've only heard the story twice what it was. Grabbed -- gun rack for the practice. Perhaps it was just intact. This comes on the heels of many legal analyst concluding that the testimony of prosecution witnesses including the police. Had been helping the defense more than the prosecution. -- we asked Sanford chief of police Cecil Smith. About his officers' testimony. The testimony -- the testimony I believe what they're doing this providing information that took place say the evening. In a professional manner and that's what they're supposed to be -- on the state. At the courthouse many now openly speculate. About a possible not guilty verdict. And some fear an uproar from those unwilling to accept that outcome. George -- is found not guilty -- -- your office ready for that. I believe we have planned stable. Be able to deal with issues as Xerox -- the worst case scenario then would -- rights. Yeah analysts say it again you know what we were not talking about her -- were talking about -- -- is that people choose to come to Stanford and voice their opinions or. If they want to comment in rally we welcome that we want people to have the opportunity to express themselves. -- Smith took over the job just three months ago a transplant from the Chicago area married to a white woman for fifteen years. He was disappointed to find race still an issue for some in this corner of the south. Was there any resistance to you getting this job there was some. Some will scuttlebutt within the department about some officers who may not have wanted to -- -- -- In this day and age nerve white officers saying I don't -- -- work for a black T bill failed that was kind of the the rumor. At the colonial room restaurant at community institution for thirty years who Marjorie lemon and other diners pore over the details of the case. She remembers a time when Sanford was aggressively divided by race. I have grandsons cities. And they walk around wouldn't be easy and -- shares sounds. It could have been one of them. But both black and white residents in Sanford. Say they don't expect any response to be violent don't think anyone's -- you know go crazy -- this -- ten things in this city. Nothing we can handle things appropriately here. No matter what the verdict games I think we'll give -- its name and only another dad and god keep moving forward. We're all trying to move beyond the incident that happened we're not seeing -- we're forgetting the things that took place. But we're learning from the things in this court hearing is is just going to be down kind of a steppingstone. To -- -- for what the community. Zimmermann attorney -- Mara. Is also well aware of the racial component and especially with no African Americans on the jury of six women. I would like to -- had a more to reverse the jury only so that those people who want to -- you would have a lesser recently concluded. But some would say it's entirely premature to be preparing for a not guilty verdict have looked at the jury they are engaged. There -- taking notes and I think that there was a real sea change sitting in favor of the prosecution. -- attorneys also found themselves on the defensive today over an instant -- photo posted by the daughter of Zimmerman defense attorney Don west. The controversial. Self be. Shows west with his daughter's holding up ice cream cones the caption reads we beat stupidity celebration -- Followed by the hash tag. Dad killed it. Today prosecutors asked for a formal inquiry over the photo. Posted after west cross examination. Of trade on Martin's friend Rachel didn't tell you -- -- -- it's. Think they believe an investigation is necessary to ensure quote this witnesses in court proceedings. Are being treated with respect. Defense responded saying the picture was taken to fortune teller took the stand. And has nothing to do with their testimony -- west says that since the photo went viral -- and his family have personally received threats of rape. And other violence should my family's personal information become known a firm reminder. -- this case is being tried both inside. And outside the courthouse. Stay with ABC news for full coverage of the Zimmerman trial.

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{"id":19561527,"title":"George Zimmerman Trial: What Happens If He's Acquitted?","duration":"3:00","description":"Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin's death, claims self-defense.","url":"/Nightline/video/george-zimmerman-trial-acquitted-19561527","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}