Hurricane Harvey survivors rescued from flooded homes, rooftops

With first responders and 911 call centers overwhelmed, citizens pitched in to help rescue hundreds of people in the Houston area from catastrophic flooding.
9:06 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Harvey survivors rescued from flooded homes, rooftops
breaking news, unfolding disaster in Texas, nation's fourth largest city, Houston brought to its knees by historic flooding, destruction is horrifying. The massive rescue effort, neighbor helping neighbor is inspiring. Here's our national news chief correspondent Tom young. We need. They got them out there in the water drowning. As the waters continues to rise all around them, and her children were desperately waiting to be rescued in Houston. They were just one of thousands of family in need of aide. We have no food. I haven't eaten in two days. No water. We will show aisha and her family's dramatic rescue coming up. Hers one of hundreds in the wake of the hurricane first to hit Texas in-years. What's clear is Houston will never be the same. The reality is we are just beginning the process of responding to this storm. The landmark hurricane swept through southeastern Texas hitting as a category 4 early Saturday morning, its winds taking down power lines and peeling off roof tops and as it began to weaken settled over the area and on Sunday catastrophic flooding, so far at least six people have died and fears are growing that the death toll will rise in the nation's fourth largest city, the national weather service predicting some areas here could see 50 inches of rain. Pull her up! Families floating on air mattresses, piling into canoes and rescue baskets, some on roof tops and children waiting for the fire department. As of 9:00 this morning more than 75,000 calls have been made to Houston's 911 system. We're not going to get out of here. Among those at risk those most vulnerable this heart breaking image of seniors trapped in an assisted living facility, water to up to their waste and some in wheelchairs. Had he were later brought to a safe location. The most important thing we have is our lives and to get through the storm the way we did and save so many lives is nothing short than remarkable. The flood zone expanding to more than 50 miles. Governor has activated all 12 members of the National Guard. Coast guard in the air and water have saved more than 2,000 people. Tomorrow the president will head to Texas. We are 100% with you. We're praying for you. We're working closely with your leaders and officials and I will visit the impact zone to assure you're receiving full support and cooperation from the federal government. The response teams remain so overwhelmed that FEMA is calling for ordinary citizens to get involved in the rescue effort. Hurricane Harvey may have beaten down buildings and homes, one thing it didn't stopple was the human spirit. Trying to convince them to get medical attention. They are taking it upon them selves to rescue their neighbors. Some areas can't see if it is a foot or ten feet. We told them about a woman who was trapped, all we had was her name evet and a possible address but that's all they needed. There's multipleim dogs and cats. The home completely under water. There's definitely more than two feet of water in this house maybe three feet of water. The home owner emotional at the sight of help. I'm going to start crying being an idiot we're fine we're okay, we're just really ready to get out. And then evet who put out her S.O.S. On social media emerges. Thank you so much. Both women telling us how quickly the water started to build. It came in at 5:30 and before you know it it's a foot and then two feet and it enveloped the house like you cannot imagine. They head out with their dogs, cats and birds to meet the men who saved them. Thank you so much. How many have you rescued today. These are the real heroes they are rescuing everybody out here. Thank you Jackson brothers. 41-year-old Adam Brockman was also one of many to answer the call for help. Hello. Hi. You want to go on a boat ride, can I pick you up and carry you. He drove far as flood waters could allow him. Say bye-bye to the house for couple days. Say see you later house. See you later house. Teaming up with local volunteers to rescue as many people as possible. It's unbelievable. Since yesterday he estimates he has helped more than 70 people and counting. Can you help us out of under this over pass and around the corner. Today we melt a driver who took us to a flooded neighborhood where a woman was stuck in her home, her family asking for help on social media. See the house with the roof collaps collapsed. We found the home and the roof that was caving in. She was displaced with hurricane Katrina and now dealing with Harvey. I've been through so much, I'm a war veteran, this is a bad joke for me. But she refuses to go to the shelter doesn't want to leave her pets. FEMA estimates more than 30,000 survivors need to be accommodated in coming days. Another concern those in ill-health this woman transferred on a stretcher many will be here at the George R brown convention center. Some brought in by dump trucks others by the busload. So far more than 5,000 evacuates signing in. Red cross is not going to deny anyone who needs help. First they it go through the security check point taking only what they can carry and then make their way to the registration desk where they check in with the red cross from there they make their way into that room where dry clothes, food and water is waiting. Spoke with a physician in Houston. What kind of injuries and treatments are you going through. For the most part it's relatively minor, cuts and scrapes and blueses and sprains, things you expect with people evacuating their homes but also serious problems with people not taking their medication for number of days. This woman seeking refuge with her three children took her three hours by boat, foot and by bus. Are you relieved to be here. Yes long as my baby safe. How long do you think you might be staying here? Hopefully soon as the water goes down I can get my family to come get me. Officials are concerned about Houston's dam's over flowing. The army corp of engineers is sending water downstream to relieve pressure on the dams but are filling faster than they can be emptied meaning homes are flooding, nearly three dozen subdivisions, hundreds of homes at risk. Could be days before the sun shines here again, tonight a ray of hope, after spending hours helpless and stranded. I haven't ate in two days. No water. Aisha and her family were finally rescued. Today that water was coming up so fast. My life flashed before my eyes. I wouldn't wish this on nobody. Safe but traumatized witnessing things never should. Once we seen those people die in that water it took a toll on me. They lost everything but have everything they need. Material things can be replaced my life can't. For those people who helped me out I can't thank them enough. I am so grateful. For "Nightline" in Houston. Next a family with another child fleeing their town under evacuation orders now returning after the storm to see if their home has ban spared.

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{"duration":"9:06","description":"With first responders and 911 call centers overwhelmed, citizens pitched in to help rescue hundreds of people in the Houston area from catastrophic flooding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"49482833","title":"Hurricane Harvey survivors rescued from flooded homes, rooftops","url":"/Nightline/video/hurricane-harvey-survivors-rescued-flooded-homes-rooftops-49482833"}