Identical twin sisters separated at birth reunite

Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry were separated in China and then adopted by two different American families who live miles apart.
6:25 | 01/14/17

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Transcript for Identical twin sisters separated at birth reunite
Enjoy the go with Charmin. It reads like a fairytale. Two identical twin sisters adopted from China to two American families who somehow manage to track each other down. After months of anticipation, their first face to face meeting unfolding on live television. How did they find each other? Here's ABC's Gloria Riviera. Two little girls separated soon after their birth in China. They are about to reunite on live TV after nearly a decade apart. Audrey Doering, adopted to a family in Wisconsin and Gracie rainsberry from Washington. They might have never found each if Jennifer had not gone searching, a posting in a local newspaper circulated. I wanted that piece of history for her. I reached out to research and he gave us the finding ad. And an option to buy photos of Audrey they had. I purchased the photos. We opened it and the e-mail and I said oh, my gosh. There are two of them! What was your emotional reaction in that moment? It was unbelievable of this is the stuff you read about. A shocking discovery to the doerings and 10-year-old Audrey who was orphaned as a baby, suffering from a severe heart condition, listed as special needs. You were the mother of three boys and you were thinking, maybe someone isn't here yet. We felt like it wasn't complete. We decided to go through adoption. I remember going upstairs and looking at the picture of Audrey and saying, this is our one. This is our little girl. When they arrived in China, Audrey was far weaker than they had been told. We knew she was small and frail. They told us at 15 months she didn't walk yet. She was very weak. For a week she wouldn't smile. There is the first smile. There it is. Her family sees her through two touch and go heart surgeries. Four states away, a similar story was playing out in Washington. Nicole and Walt rainsberry found their perfect fit. Audrey's biological sister. What we were reading through their likes and dislikes and characteristics, she just fit. She had to fight for her life. She set up a cardiology appointment. I was at work. I remember you walked through doors and you broke down crying. I was like, oh, no. It was really a miracle to be alive. But nowhere along the way was either family told their daughter was a twin. Both families say it would have been too much to take on two special needs kids and believed the girls' separation saved their lives. But once Jennifer found that picture, she knew she had to find her daughter's sister. The adoption agency had no record of the other baby. But Jennifer took to Facebook where she found the rainsberry family. To be honest with you, one of the first things I thought was we're not telling her. We can't tell her this. But that didn't last very long. They broke the news to Gracie by showing her a photograph of Audrey. She kept looking at it and saying wait, that's not me. The first time these sisters spoke was through tears. Even now as their relationship grows -- through computer screen conversations and dance parties, talking about the other twin brings up a swell of emotion. When you looked at her, what was it like? Like she's me. Like she's you. When you talk to her, what is it like? The same thing. The same thing. Father, son, holy spirit. Now the families are preparing to take that next step. Meeting face to face for the first time on "Good morning America." What is it like as a mother to have this other family for your daughter. It feels like as far as the families, we got married. For good or bad, that's who we have. This is my suitcase. I'm going to fill it up to go to New York. The big morning of the show is finally here. Let me show you your room first. Mom! Stop! Excitement bubbles backstage. It is really happening. It's here. You look at that smile. That's a big smile. A moment nine years in the making moments away. We're going to welcome Audrey Doering, here with her parents Jennifer and Tom. Please welcome them. Do you want to do this? Come over here and stand right here. Okay? All right, Gracie, come on out and meet your sister. The twins finally together overwhelmed with emotion. How does it feel to hug your sister? It felt like there was somebody missing. Now it's complete. What did it feel like to be standing there about to meet each other? It was breath taking. And I saw myself right there. I just started to cry. You started to cry. Hug. A sister hug. These girls have so many opportunities ahead of them. They're so fortunate on meet at this age. They have their whole lives ahead of them. The road she had a uncharted and both families will have to navigate their new relationship. There is not a real book for how to do this. We're taking it one step at a time. They've kind of led the way for us. It feels like she's known her her whole life. For now being together is enough. Tears fade into laughs. And the twins explore New York City. For "Nightline," Gloria Riviera in New York.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry were separated in China and then adopted by two different American families who live miles apart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"44775422","title":"Identical twin sisters separated at birth reunite","url":"/Nightline/video/identical-twin-sisters-separated-birth-reunite-44775422"}