Clinton Campaigns in Ohio During the RNC

ABC News' Celica Vega reports from Cincinnati, Ohio where Hillary Clinton is campaigning.
4:54 | 07/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clinton Campaigns in Ohio During the RNC
Trump led the movement. To delegitimize. Our first black president. Trumpeting this so called birds are movement. Donald Trump plays coy with white supremacists. Donald Trump and salts Mexican immigrants even an American judge Barnett. Mexican inherited. Donald Trump demeans women. Donald Trott wants to ban an entire religion from entering our country it. So this was sort of a litany of sound bites if you will something. In her campaign I'm sure is very cognizant of when you puts out its short little snippets like that we in the TV media. Cut them down and put them on TV and that is exactly what happened with her speech today guys. This is a chance for Hillary Clinton to steal some of that spotlight away from the problem Republicans not too far away from Cleveland. And that's it she did today out here in Cincinnati. And meanwhile Cecelia hit the entire Clinton operation which we've talked about before 700 plus strong that it out of Brooklyn New York. Has really quite a remarkable team ready this week to counter the message here coming out of the Q right they've got we've already started to see some videos and mockery. PR release is an all sorts of things give us a sense of what they're going to do aside from Hillary herself. Yet they're not gonna sit back this beacon just watch the Republicans take the stage if you will they're having they're certainly having narrowed counter convention I'm told. By some staffers that there are at least two dozen Clinton Campaign staffers who were on the ground. There in Cleveland there capped up about a mile away from where you guys are. Add at the convention center. And I mean this basically like rapids where fire rapid fire rate like it's it's it's political hunting it's. A political trolling if you will they'll be on Twitter you mentioned those. Adds they've they've already got a couple of thousand of those out today. I also should tell you it's not just the Clinton Campaign it's doing this. One Hiller pro Hillary Clinton super pac today just released a six figure ad buy that air is only and Clinton this is going to be online. And he's our adds they're still adds you'll see him on things like FaceBook. That basically link Donald Trump two one David duke former kkk leader David duke to North Korea's Kim John un. To Russia's Vladimir Putin so they're message is crystal clear. Don't believe everything you hear from the Republicans and and they're gonna stick with what they've been saying over the last few weeks their new theme in campaigning. He should be afraid of Donald Trump that's what the clintons are saying right now. Just say I'm curious though when things we've noticed here particularly without responsive. Donald Trump has been in south in reacting to some of the news events that we. Seen over the last couple weeks because it's been at her a couple of weeks not just here in the states but around the world. I you've seen that kind of responsiveness. When it comes to the Clinton Campaign. Messaging right now had they then we don't have been quick to put out statements in response to some of the bigger events. But you mentioned her target seems to be focusing on attacking trump. More then it necessarily sort of read that hitting her passage to react to what's been going on in the rest of the world. Yeah first today was an. Very much it was sort of a trifecta of issues she attacked trump it was a huge piece of it but she really did. Focus and and hone in on. These issues here on the home front when it comes to police seeing and race in this country. Talking about changes that need to be made in policing. And and really some on some policy stuff about. You know presented it to schools to prison pipeline that exists. At a number of issues that communities around this country are struggling with in real time. And I healed but the thing about it's when it comes to foreign policy and Secretary Clinton as you know Bush's former secretary of state she. She plays this up all the time on the campaign trail and certainly has. In recent weeks as we've seen these horrible events unfold around the country but what I can tell you in talking to sources. This issue of what's happening overseas is coming into play right now as she moves her way through this vice president selection process. I'm told that as she goes down the number of of people on her list that she is betting. This issue of national security and Florida fears is taking more prominence now that it has in recent months that she did her focus. On who she might be looking at in terms of the VP pick might well I'm told now that she's really. Want someone with good foreign policy experience who can hit all these issues of national security here at home to. A sort of shifting the way she's been looking at possible candidates at least in the last few months.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"ABC News' Celica Vega reports from Cincinnati, Ohio where Hillary Clinton is campaigning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40682203","title":"Clinton Campaigns in Ohio During the RNC","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-campaigns-ohio-rnc-40682203"}