ICE raids brew fear among immigrant communities across the country

Immigration attorney Frances Arroyo explains the legality of seeking asylum in America and how the recent crackdown on ICE raids is terrifying citizens and undocumented migrants.
7:52 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for ICE raids brew fear among immigrant communities across the country
He now to the crisis at the border in the trump administration's immigration crackdown. After a weekend of ice raids across the country they didn't materialize in the way the president has suggested. The White House is up this morning announcing a new policy on asylum seekers now requiring anybody Seeking Asylum in the United States from Central America. To do so in the first country these step foot in. After they leave their home country this is a sweeping change meant to cracking down on the backlog or Serena Marshall. Back on the hill is also tracking this this important story covers immigration for Serena. Help us understand what exactly the administration announced with respect with sorrow. So condemn any administration is saying and this rule change that is effective immediately is anissina it is published in the federal register it will go into effect as means. Those people waiting at the border right now on a claim asylum essentially will be denied they're hoping to stem the flow that by doing this they're saying any third party country that you come you're on you're waiting the United States. If you don't apply for asylum there you are denied flatly at the United States borders so it's a huge change to how our asylum lines are actually impacted the change how the federal government. Actually crosses a silently said every asylum claim. Must be heard and adjudicated court system so we definitely expect a legal challenge to that. It did especially from some of those nonprofits an immigrant rights activists who were sent a say that this rule goes flatly against international law and US. On Serena Marshall thank you so much the issue of asylum seekers. Is front and center of the front administration blames. Wish to phony asylum claims. For being read to responsible for the backlogs are we see at this detention centers in the southern border are Marion kind traveled. Exclusively with the vice president of the United States on Friday to see that crowding up close are caught up with no real earlier today about her visit to the border. Visited two facilities in the ground there McAllen Texas on Friday. The nurses it was a processing center I was a lot of children and family. My fence he. You know I spoke with many of them had a translator with him and and then the second facility is released or you don't and that's contained in or those conditions that we've been hearing about just when this inside there and so few people. And then you go in with the vice president. At the United States. What's the scene. So when we first got there it's McAllen where else these. They you know kind of shows the facility. Aren't here. Snacks and water bottles inside that diapers the other report I was on the trips with the both started complaining like this is not accidents that we probably coming yet. Aren't themselves just as soon as we said it and needed. It's just other team at. Center where they actually county's adult men tenants as soon as he walked and you're just slapped in the east this overwhelming smell. I'm in the community. I'm analysis the first thing that I noticed something that I'm still thinking. We're inside crammed inside explains we want. On Sunday and were lying down. Hopefully. Other left wondering. What's going. It was so simply out. I mean the it felt good we were in there are a lot longer than it turns out we were. It's not in the pretty horrible. Facilities are hopeful that overwhelms their overcrowded. And one of the day this offense they're hearing from. Thanks again to Merriam Connor travel with the vice president to Texas to see that overcrowding from this asylum seekers. I want every now immigration lawyer Francis or worry order vary on. A rich were more Ramirez one of our producers who's covered immigration spent some time down hand Honduras as well thank you both. Efforts a sorcerer with you way. This challenge to asylum seekers is setting off alarm bells for civil liberties advocates because federal law says that asylum seekers have a right to come the United States to really means. Hot and make this claim how. Significant is it that the administration is gonna try to keep these people out. In order to make and a sound quite. Look I don't we heard today he announced and are essentially barring MC errors in. The costs are protections and a third country and this is a problem essentially are central and will be Barton's. However we also need to remember that there propose regulations don't bar. Protections under withholding. And eat from the action against torture so only or exciting or which is different law. How and where it's very important to know notes that an attack on immigrants we see in the close borders and a migrant policy. I doesn't do you want to few weeks ago. Where I visited shelters to help fill out applications. And sheltered are older crowded why. Close the borders. We need to remember that this situation is create it by an errant president Trump's own policies. General attack on immigrants and it's an agenda is trying to do so you get more votes. Actions now we we concede that I straits right out. And hair in their homes. Where seen it in our expert military. Are essentially cancel its program to help. I'm our people in the armed forces. It's a general attack on any significant and it complete sop. A lot of people feel that way even though the administration denies it says an attack they say they're simply enforcing the laws in these places Victoria though you've been hearing. From a number in of immigrants and documented documented citizens. Legal residence in different corners in the country who. Are have been just living in fear over these past couple of weeks because of the threats of deportation raids. I didn't support or my people this isn't just about those and document it's about entire communities. Absolutely Dimon in the conversations I've had with the various types of immigrants. Regardless of legal status from naturalized citizens to doctor recipients to even undocumented folks people are on edge in general wrong. I spokesman undocumented woman who this morning who's that she spent all of yesterday for the most part. Locked up out home she only left to go to church she told me. When asked her what her message the president why she said it's not fair to have us removed as of four worthless objects. Many of us come to work give us a chance to prove her case were not all criminal but we're not all criminals and we contributes in the economy. She says she's paralyzed with fear she has to US born children her husband is a US citizen they're in this would be what we caught makes. Legal status family and mixed status family and it and people are just trying to go about their day but they don't know how to. Yeah there's a lot of concern even though the immediate threat of these deportation raids of millions being taken out seems to have passed for now a lot of people even carrying their passports with them we've been hearing American citizens. In immigrant communities carrying their passports because if you're being swept up in these rates fixed. Victoria Ramirez thank you so much for your analysis and France a story of thanks for your I take on this as well.

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{"duration":"7:52","description":"Immigration attorney Frances Arroyo explains the legality of seeking asylum in America and how the recent crackdown on ICE raids is terrifying citizens and undocumented migrants. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64351039","title":"ICE raids brew fear among immigrant communities across the country","url":"/Politics/video/ice-raids-brew-fear-immigrant-communities-country-64351039"}