Marsha Blackburn to deliver victory speech after winning Senate race

Blackburn discussed bringing "Tennessee values" to Washington at her victory party.
11:06 | 11/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marsha Blackburn to deliver victory speech after winning Senate race
Yeah. Thank you all right now king randomly. I found in line behind me and her country. At me. I I think yankees and really get mad. And certainly US an inner. Yeah. And we value. Got this week at. Lately but not without olive news I ask. You want to keep this country and Manning on the right track and I am so incredibly grateful for all of you. Enhanced. Act. It warned don't think an outlet. When he appreciate yeah. Everything that you and I thank you tell there. Harry I. This yeah thank news. And that I want today. First of all out. 8 PM. And aren't hearing our message and hard hitting me here. For. Me me and r.'s but linemen. At Herat. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. You know when your. Yeah campaign. And today knock on the area. And yeah not. And I'm. Out. At. Free. Alcohol. And can't plant. And a prayer and got home. I am you know. You have got and it banner and when he. At restoration effort that we can't ever see me selling Nike home right now. I count on I ninety apple cart interns. I am today F. It today and NN and I really quiet night into our campaign leadership team lord banker. Okay. I am. If that mark you are game. Pat rent it. And hours today. And in Manhattan and rightly theirs where our campaign that they get special thank you the end iron has. And light. I. Okay. Hanging. Out. Apparently got hard every had not ours son and want our daughter. I am greatly. Van well more yes. I am late. And my brother and sister aren't near my other thing. Okay. Yeah me. And and a good. I'm acting today. Aren't. My husband's not. Just aren't meant campaign during. We haven't had never got on Friday. End and I hit it I. I can't thank him also. Our aging agent every one and you. Our family. Well cat ages weren't the right now we. I'd rather. Me I want to graduate liked him on the hard fought race. And I'm. That Mike Miller is hotly. And their supporters I paint will. It's not on better MRI's more children and our grandchildren. Now. I. Yeah. And I don't have to worry about economy. Congress. There it. And. And okay. I'm. Ranked and and I am saying that. I'm. Not gotten a mile away. And I heard regularly read mom acted like my payment. Oh. That yet. I eleven Darrell Waltrip is your errands and. And that I don't lie. And I. Don't learn things that I am I. You want to. Just didn't want to thank let me tell you let me tell you can't. I think one of the things we aren't for this campaign and can't yet. Want to make certain that apple cleaners we're not going to end at the omni issues. That fact. Our nation. That affect our children. Leaguers. Her mind and act big problems. A month later. Are going it need there to work with the president and and our hot. And I'm okay. Okay. You. Let out. I am going to me one that is lingers. The president and I present. It. Guess Clark. I'm aren't many times news vice president and mrs. van. And that guy you are really excited. Excited for a power namely Ares I get parts like Ares I get for our country. I've got bad on day one time that campaign. Up front take values that we share. And the war. NBC. All things that you see. Mark constitutional. Judges. Asked Yankee garden that we protect lie. We get and countries all. That we support our trip. And our best friends. And they certain that we don't. Off. I'm not a lot of outlined Portman air tonight. And thank and then supported me thank him for the quarter police endorsement. And I got it not yet that night me and apparently it when he got secure and order it every day into martyrs day every pan and ordered an. I have my. Me out. We want to make certain day you lot like me to do loudly days. Mark every day and I say I can't and I farm act all the big. Namely freedom hope and opportunity. Stand let me tonight is different. If you stand with me instantly Clark company issues are day Barak Haitian. Wing and we are going to be going to work. Early tomorrow. On the issues that trend and again. I want calling me years and her got lights. Oh.

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{"duration":"11:06","description":"Blackburn discussed bringing \"Tennessee values\" to Washington at her victory party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59015440","title":"Marsha Blackburn to deliver victory speech after winning Senate race","url":"/Politics/video/marsha-blackburn-deliver-victory-speech-winning-senate-race-59015440"}