Trump meets Queen Elizabeth amid mass protests in England

Protesters in London march on Trafalgar Square as President Trump meets Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.
8:21 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Trump meets Queen Elizabeth amid mass protests in England
Everybody welcome ABC news live from where Johnson history playing out in the United Kingdom today president trump. Meeting Queen Elizabeth for the very first time this is definitely something he was looking forward to. During his trip let's take a look at some of the images from moments ago there you see Queen Elizabeth dressed in blue the coat and the matching hat. President trample arriving with First Lady maligning a trump. They are at Windsor Castle. They were greeted by the guard of honor and given a royal salute and of the band played the US National Anthem. Again as I mentioned president trump was really looking forward to this meeting in an interview with the son he called Queen Elizabeth. A tremendous woman. He talked about the fact that his mother was born in the UK and how special his relationship is in the relationship is between the United States. And England in the entire United Kingdom let's bring an art Ian panel who's been actually following some of the protests. That are playing out so it's it's. Two very different images Ian you've got. Tee time at the castle and then you have protests in the streets but he had talked to us about the significance of this moment this historic moment the president. Meeting the queen for the first time. OK I think as you set your introduction this is a moment the masters a law suit president from. He talks aloft about hours ancestry come from Britain mother was born in Britain. The panel the role finally he likes. Pomp and circumstance. Remember when he went to brands measles are treated to similar displays. Medici parades. He's being treated very well he's been shot in the finest castles and palaces and he likes that. And the queen that the gas is a real pro at issue may be in the nineties. But she's done this for decades the schools also politically from all sorts of backgrounds at the very charming disarming manner with people that diaries. And that's what the president wanted and what's in the news what the president wants it. And some mobs diplomacy would dictate. That is why is to allow enough opportunity to meet the queen meet Britain's than it. Sit down have seen in the splendor of Windsor Castle. And to just you know tool through these day. Talk through the wedding no doubts. It's a kind of thing that place really really well. And in this is not the type of meeting because this comes after his joint press conference with prime minister Teresa may which I had some fiery moments and of course we know that the president. Has criticized the prime minister is well but this is a very different kind of meeting right we don't expect a lot of discussion on. Politics and policy Dowayne. No doubt brought having to clean is ahead to stay that is a big guy had. She does not get involved in politics to jokes about my government she does the government did it to the web any discussion on politics and Braxton. That's certainly to oral would dictate that they shouldn't be ending that's. Political wolf president trump says and brings up. Billion dollars for the queen as days of rope but so it's hard to imagine any circumstance this you couldn't navigate through. Citadel will give loans to politics I think is discussed as a pretty much gone now president trump we'd I was gonna fly have Scotland. We think and Michael back subjected to hold some meetings. But I think the political plots of this he's done and dusted the fallout however up look bill for some time. House will. Roads outside of being going home don't Napa hours and hours of US's largest protest. I've seen in London but many vehicles but the biggest protest since the protests against the Iraq War 2000 to 2000 right. An indication of the crowd could be. President throw. And he had you're you're Margie of walking with those alongside this protesters talking to them. And just so wide Yunel what our viewers are seeing right now two very different images you see the streets packed on one side the coverage they are of the protest. In the UK and then on the other side as you mentioned the pomp and circumstance. The president president from walking alongside. Queen Elizabeth there with the guard of honor giving him the royal salute. But let's talk about the protests again any and you you said the the fallout from the last few days and the NATO summit. The president criticizing prime minister's recent made for her negotiations with the EU on on Rex it. From the British perspective Howard they receive being the arrival of president from. The truth is that most people. The beating case Braxton place the problem not visible to but the British Tory government. So's I'd say they'll want to level the incident with the song went really surprising disappointment to people live for the movie. Another sizable collection of mud Molson. Who look angered and upset by the incident we have broad broad typical. You don't go to someone else's country. Our loss in panels signal for just a moment but let's see we got it right back in bear with us we got you right back we know that you've been walking along there with the protesters but we do have you back now. Tell us overtime what you're saying you're you're talking about. The president breaking protocol and coming to the UK and yet also blasting some of the policies from the prime minister on what are you saying there forgive me. We've gotten a lot of so that you don't goods on the East Coast of the big bucks waived and then publicly criticize him and that's how many. I'm now. I have found the president from. And it runs the bracket and then nut bags of sun newspaper which has a very whites have signed up for the school I had. So that then how did they give it a big difference especially not now. The sounds nothing to say. A kind of being Oakland and the politics doesn't develop just the holdup. It's about as well they're off tens and tens of thousands of people that can meet quality protest day. Way way into the night the all our president Clinton's visit is gonna go bruins' side now will hold the reason night without it. What are the plans for the protesters there how long do they had planned to carry this out. Good question that's left them with a question I have not had requested. That we've all the way through sealed bags. Yeah. ABC news how. You gotta be out today protesting. Pay as long as it takes walls. Thank you don't have time now that he not want them. Right event but they got kind of summarizes I see what a lot of people Bailey that's saying present throughout may not the grotesque self. But the message will be loudly they. This is one of the laws protests Lindsay. Could many many years. They're gonna carry all throughout the night. All right already impaneled bearer all walking down the streets. With some of the protesters meanwhile were also watching these pictures at Windsor Castle with president Donald Trump. First Lady and a lot of yet and Queen Elizabeth. We do have some video of the queen meeting with some of the other past US presidents this is something that she is done time and time and again there you see Ford. Gerald Ford meeting with Queen Elizabeth Ronald Reagan. The list goes on and on all these images here. I'm so the queen it very well first. And the president former President Obama there as well. Very well versed in pomp and circumstance of the moment. That tee time. Expected again to be very formal arm but now more about though pleasantries of president trumps trip to the UK. And not so much about the politics and policy in some of the things that we've seen. Over the past few days we'll continue to stay on top of all of the developments out of the UK and any other breaking news here on ABC news live remember you can fall back on Or you can download an ABC news app for. Breaking news alerts straight to your Smartphone to be done on what Johnson this is ABC news law.

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{"duration":"8:21","description":"Protesters in London march on Trafalgar Square as President Trump meets Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56569830","title":"Trump meets Queen Elizabeth amid mass protests in England","url":"/Politics/video/trump-meets-queen-elizabeth-amid-mass-protests-england-56569830"}