Trump unveils new 'merit-based' immigration plan

President Trump laid out his new immigration plan in the Rose Garden Thursday, saying priority will be given to "higher-wage workers insuring we never undercut American labor."
30:03 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for Trump unveils new 'merit-based' immigration plan
And. Everybody welcome to the briefing room on this Thursday and Devin Dwyer great to have a two White House reporters with a salas now on our new justice reporter I should say well I don't supporter Jordan tells us reporter report the view. I want the White House yesterday for a briefing on the president's immigration plan how much he just unveiled in them Rose Garden a short time ago tickle. Priority will also be given to higher wage workers ensuring we never undercut. American labor. To protect benefits for American citizens. Immigrants must be financially. Self sufficient. Finally to promote integration. Assimilation. And national unity. Future immigrants will be required to learn English. And to pass a civics exam. Prior. To admission. OK so let's break down the plan and put it up for everybody to see you don't get into some of the details the president says. This plan will keep the old world number of legal. Immigrants to this country exactly the same one point one million green cards given out each year I but he says the distribution of those green cards will now. Can be done through a what if they're calling it a point system based on workers' skills. Based on the ability to speak English what they're calling patriotic assimilation. It does not address the dreamers of course those young undocumented immigrants that are in this country it also talks about tightening up border security which really know. Jordan Phelps the big headline out of this whole process is that the White House wants to shift. But the composition of those coming into the country got on a more mirror peace plan as opposed to family ties which the current focus yet. That's the big headline here doubt and and this is really the president's way to re frame this issue the White House is concerned that the president is always cast. Indian native white on this issue and they're trying to show what he's forced a rather than haven't always framed as what he's. Now it's from the Justice Department's. Perspective which you have been following closely around the administration facing that big challenge down the southern border. With processing a lot of these asylum claims coming into the United States part of this plan. Would also try to overhaul the asylum system as well. And this is definitely shift because I think earlier in the week we were aware aren't saying was is an asylum was not largely going to be addressed in this plan Cole performed by the president I think anticipating that. That criticism though come out the president has said that he wants instead more of an expedited way to deal with those do those Central American migrants that are coming up to the southern border that is creating. That crisis on our border right now and an expedited way to handle those micro. On the front end we understand yesterday from this briefing at the White House rather than on the back end it could as it currently works if you come in the United States you're given. A court date and basically released to show up at court in some cases the backlog of cases. That date could be two years from the time you enter the country president's team yesterday told us. They want to come up with a plan to adjudicate these things much more quickly and the front and get people's cases resolved. The fine print. He has not yet been released we haven't seen the details but let's talk about the impact of this would have on families and on immigrants seeking to cut to the United States. Legally. With an immigration attorney who helps. Those applying to become citizens in green card holders go through that process Francis surreal I joins us from California France is great to see you. Hubs so one of the headlines out of this the Jordan was worth mentioning was the president is proposing. Shifting more focused towards there was merit based workers right now it's all about 12% a green card holders. They want to make it about 50%. Words that what's your reaction to that proposed. Well and you know complete overhaul how the immigration and current works. And it's true. Employment and so Mary basis and that's it doesn't wait and we. Bases and out. What does that pretty into that category and skill on our point. And win Batman. And basis. So it would eliminate for all parents shall over aren't. His conditioning siblings and the Disney caring. So it sends a way what's called a bullets and added. What it doesn't eliminate. The immigration law essentially turns into the east. Karyn Easton really don't I'm. Acted. Who edited are all very how that's going or you aren't quite. So he's written rest are. Here. Are all at. And. Tom posture at the president's former Homeland Security advisor and an ABC news contributor. I has been part of those meetings he joins us now on the phone Thom. I think you for joining us I want to get your reaction it's picking up where Francis just left off to some of the criticism the president. Is already facing he's being called a migrant hypocrite. From immigration groups because as you know so many of his family members here is mother and father in law for example. Receive green cards because of their family ties. Well I applaud the president there and I understand critic they're gonna jump on them for a lottery to include. Those he killed that we don't yet know what to get a conversation starters that reforming our immigration system requires. Start with drug principal. And answer those details in a way that accommodate. Both sides of this debate politically. And all those different concerns that we had and our economy so I believe the president's doing something positive here and the contract city. Proposal doesn't have all the deep don't yet bush against our current system here later Nixon is somewhat vulnerable to criticism is just a little bit unfair. I'll answer that question of is scrambling. We are moving our country remember history of the wood work from a system that was open and permissive. To a system in 1920s it was based on the immigrant natural order didn't. Good system in the sixties does that that's racist or discriminate or is discriminatory and somewhere. Papers Stanley preferences. And now to get into our country they blow up are the 1965. You have to have a family members here or you have to present some specified skill that will bring you here under a guest worker program that there. That is a very random way and very random. Justification for entry into the inner city if you don't have a family member here good luck you're not gonna get here you are becoming illegally and establish an anchor. That's typical for people to understand that the move the conversation. Into in the system that's based on the needs of our economy. And in need of our record record record and open to all nationalities. It's probably a good move to put people criticizing it they're probably getting a little bit ahead of them. Tom Bonser thank you Alex you're at the briefing yesterday with White House officials they were making that case that a lot of western countries European countries actually have much higher proportions of their legal. Bereft foreign residents in the country are are based on skill not so much family they're trying to model actually Canada United Kingdom and. She and they certainly wanted to take the focus off from what we've recently heard that this is more policy based on an internal argument and the White House and they wanted to say. Look at what other countries are doing that actually makes sense to them. Rather then this is an argument between. No the national side of the White House and Stephen Miller and people like Jerry commissioners kind of pushed for more Democrat friendly type immigration comprehensive immigration over. Hope the speaker and elements are during the speaker of the house just coming in right now has also made some news on the president's plan. I'll lashing out a president front for what he just unveiled Nicholas. But I want to just say something about the words they use merit it is really condescending word of the same family is without merit. I think shame what the people haven't come to the United States. In history of our country are without merit if they don't have an engineering and they certainly didn't want to attract the best. In the country to our country and that includes many people. Part of society we have to do it way to secure sample later has a path to citizenship. Six the value of the family to us it has certain principles that we would agree to. Yet Nancy Pelosi there kind of shows you that whatever the policy debate we might be having. This politically isn't going to go anywhere on Capitol Hill a lot of members of congress RD essentially colonists dead on arrival that White House even making clear that they're really just 1990 Republicans here. There is no serious legislative proposal around. This broad set of principles right now so we're probably not gonna see anything pass yeah. President's ally Lindsey Graham of South Carolina in cannot said just a few hours ago that this is not. Intended to become law that is certainly starting point for conversation Alice now think you so much our Justice Department reporter Torrence gonna stick around. As we turned out to the news on abortion this week just after. Into effect and now the Missouri senate also moving forward. How would a ban on abortions after eight. Weeks. Opponents of those efforts have spilled into the streets of Georgia today. Our Avery harper out was down there are out following the rally which also turned out. A prominent. 20/20 democratic candidate Avery tell us what's going on down there. Hi Devin well kissing Pearson Gillibrand senator Kirsten Gillibrand was here earlier today for that pro choice rally here at the Georgia State Capitol. It was an event that was in two parts it was a roundtable talk with women let received abortions activists health care. Top provider of elected officials and that was standing room only about 75 people plus the national and local press were off ramp visitors room. Talking about these slew of restrictive abortion legislation that has been passed across that country. Senator Gillibrand. Definitely have some choice words about bats she says she is welcoming. The fights. To fight for women's reproductive rights in this country titles and what's yet to say. Make it clear beyond a shadow doubts that women in this country have a guaranteed right to an abortion. That. End the Hyde amendment. Which disproportionately blocks women of color and women with real incomes from getting access to abortion services. Third in the mostly thinks that I'm going to take if president. I guarantee access to reproductive health care including abortion no matter what state limit. And I can tell you one thing if it isn't quite a pregnant trump wants it isn't I think she wants with yeah. The American people and this is why he wants with America's women about white people half and it has a loose. Now this is definitely a topic that we are going to continue to hear about it is important to note this is according to the New York Times. That women's role in the democratic gains in the mid term elections and they are expected to be the majority of voters in the twenties when he primaries. DeVon it's certainly going to be a hot topic in for harper one of artist campaign reporters thank you for that reporting every let's bring in now different voice from Georgia. Who's been guest here in the briefing her before Joshua Edmonds. Is the executive director of the Georgia life Alliance One of the sponsors of the bill that drew those protests today Josh what's great to see you. I'm what do you make of this of this national attention that your state has been giving. Getting over these past couple weeks and now drawn into this point Tony debate. Yeah it's so great to seated conversation about safety flight is being brought the national spotlight. If people and asking me what what's the big win on these types of legislation in states around the country. Right now and minimize on especially your Georgia is that we're finally here this conversation yen the last Communist policies and protecting life in the womb in Georgia was 2012 that limit abortion. You twenty weeks. Of the curve on Georgia allows for a five month old baby and the moon the beating heart moving around them a reason to be imported nurse day and that's it doesn't reflect the majority of our citizens values and police on that has served as that are science. And perhaps this conversation not to just your group an international scale. Which is just fantastic this each state Missouri and Alabama all seem. With what Georgia did you last week. When asked about the and the Alabama Lodz it's it is notably different from the heartbeat bill that you helped pass in Georgia Joshua. Anyway is short of some criticism from a surprising corner and televangelists Christian televangelist Pat Robertson. One sure you know who opposes abortion strongly. Said overnight that Alabama went too far with this bill he said it's too extreme. Particularly because it doesn't have exceptions. Are for cases of rape and incest what do you make. Of that most restrictive abortion state law in the country. Jersey noted Georgia's original urging what. These are the exceptions either way back there's there's an exception are all this Spaniards as well that allows her or she. For child wants Iran outside the womb which was included in Alabama's law and normal originally removed that exception in the law as well. And the reason for that is because we believe that a child in the womb is a person. Then there's no reason that we can bond to justify. Any child's life whether it's six weeks or twenty. So each each legislature is unique and different in that process of crafting policy committee process is is you need each state. In our committee process all that language added an hour in his didn't. And and we we Jim universities are present to protect more like in their stay in across the country. So you used I don't think that there bought what is too extreme those barriers and. You know you look at the difference is there Lawler is that Schaub wouldn't it didn't. We got accepted because that challenge the person noticed the premise of Georgia's laws well. It's a way for to protect life in the womb may not only in the desert or your Ohio or elsewhere. We wouldn't we would support wholeheartedly. All right Joshua Edmonds executive director of the George elect alliance thanks so much for coming on Josh rancher interview appreciate it. I'll tune in to politics and legal angle on this abortion fight right now. Let's bring in Melissa Murray she's NYU professor also focuses on Celanese a reproductive legal battles that are on the way Melissa great to see you. Obvious you know. What did so many of these laws are bound for the Supreme Court they've explicitly said as much. Oh do you think there's any chance they are that the Supreme Court. Could find. And new nuance in the language we keep hearing from supporters these doesn't they've written in such a way. They think the Supreme Court will find something new to look at. What if Supreme Court Ali takes its four boats to hear a case and get really just a patent on where it gets for a boy both boats will come wrapped. There are three reliable conservative Justice Alito justice courts agent gets a comments it will certainly take a cute like this the real wild card. Our chief Justice Roberts and newly appointed tucked it's Brett Cavanaugh. Chief Justice Roberts and justice cap or not both voted with the throat laps vol two not he case because epic implications for planned parent let. What an abortion case the medical funding case. But again the conservatives on the court Hillary damper saint. That they wouldn't take a case despite an obvious circuit split because of the implications for an organization that is known for banning abortion note that suggested. That may be there is some concern with Justice Roberts and with justice Cabot doppler hearing too eager to take up the question of Roe vs. Wade right now. That had there are lots and lots that are making their way through the courts at the right out this is only quite what legal challenge there currently at least eight that are pending. And that will certainly percolate after the court whether one of those will be the ones that finally calls the question is anybody's guess but it does look like. They're calling the question and more and more obvious this is becoming more mart issued a court will be forced heater at some. Yeah packed two of those cases are on the conference list for tomorrow when the justices will meet in a room at the Supreme Court they're going to be looking. I deciding whether or not to take up the Louisiana. Abortion cases but Jordan its interest in I think that earliest if they did decide to take up one of these cases there are thinking here of the October. So we be getting into the campaign season that the president and Republicans you can do some reporting on this. They're happy just to have this whole conversation. As we heard from Joshua Edmonds in the bloodstream right now they think this is an Energizer for conservatives. Absolutely whether or not this goes this Supreme Court. The Republicans want this central to Tony twenty. We know that this president ran on as a strong pro life candidate in 2016. He runs in such a way that he likes to inner. He hasn't focused on uniting the middle so much as he does. As uniting his core supporters and we know that this is an issue that excites. Evangelicals weak hurt him during a 2016 campaign use really graphic language in talking about partial worst birth abortion. And his strongest supporters pointed that as a moment that actually. Was helpful to handing galvanizing his base in and they wanna do that again in 20/20. And Melissa edges to come back to this idea of the Supreme Court looking at some of these cases. You know weigh in addition to Roe vs. Wade you know there's a case called Planned Parenthood vs Casey from 92 which set out that undue burden. Test for so many of these laws in other words the court said. That states can't impose an undue burden on women I think a lot of people watching this debate right now in his past few weeks are wondering. Don't all these state laws impose an undue bird. Could they really find out if that's not where you. What do you think the likelihood is that they could that they could C event that would apply here. Well it's not just keeping that the issue here there's a 26 teen case that the court recently heard Koppel and his helpers at tellers that. But actually gave the heat to the Casey standards. The fact that it feeds are going to have to lot actually have to show your reasons for doing it. Match up with their actual her as an act and how that's up back but why the women seeking abortion care. So it's a scary to eat standard and the court how to interact in Poland Alpert at Alex that the Louisiana case that you reference. Concerns a lot of very similar to the one struck down parliament how admitting privileges La. And the court in Poland with Al but a lot which aim to protect maternal how. What think reasonably related to what was going on each had no discernible back on maternal health and instead was intact it's simply. To prevent women from seeking abortion care so a gang. We have another standard of our recent precedent its earliest when he sixteen and that's really where we should be looking not necessarily TC. But he the tee at hole in its health gave to Casey. Greek perspective most of our thanks great to have you as always torn pumps think you for your reporting from the White House appreciate it a little earlier today we caught up with one of the democratic. A 2040 challengers looking to unseat president trump who caught up with Jay ins with the governor of want Washington State he was here. In Washington DC today to promote his new climate plan. How we have a look at what that plan is he's calling it the ever green economy planet is bold he's running on eight on a platform of climate change. Confronting climate change nine trillion dollars for jobs she would also invest in a good number I've jobs programs green industries. Jeans Lee told me that that cost nine trillion dollars is totally worth it. It's actually a small investment. In the face of how much we will pay. In that could in the course of inaction if we do not stop climate change is gonna eat us alive. In the multiples of trillions of dollars it's doing that today it's burning down or towns it's ruining our crops look this is inexpensive way to deal with this which is to stop it. So how do you get it off the ground you've talked a lot about the green new deal as being an aspiration all documents of the U your fond. Do you see your plan the ever green economy plan is being more actionable. Actually some in that you could could enact if you became president got very much so and it's very complementary to the people put out the green new deal that was very helpful because it's. Good aspirations. I see this as a compliment. Kind of puts me on the ball right I guess if I thought of an example I would think you know Kennedy said we're going to the moon. Green new deal should rebuild their economy. I design a rocket ship by put policy in place yet nobody is accusing you of a middle of the road plant here or not just that it's not middle of the road it is it is detailed it is robust it's comprehensive it touches every place we have to build our economy. It is the most detailed. Any of the plans by you know a country mile because we need policy look we can't just do this on a bumper sticker we need a plan. To rebuild the economy of America this is a plan to do that I think you'll find people as they are looking added we're energy do rules. They'll Sarah's the tops you freely state your campaign on this issue you think this is this is going to be one in the democratic primary also been starting to be critical of Samir rivals Joseph Biden. Who. Has a reported plan coming out what what do you make of Joseph Biden on on the one. Well I know. People are concerned about this comment that some we would have a middle ground because I haven't seen it yet. Yet to be clear and seen it yet go to the if you start here if you look at the lens to list just behalf. Mr. halves he's here with the serve have measures you're not it doesn't cut the mustard. You we didn't win half of World War II so if you start with that kind of approach I don't think that that's satisfactory now. I will look forward to it to Joseph Biden put out a plan I hope you'll match what I'm seeing and I think that would be delightful if you followed my lead. Like you know. I wrote a book about this twelve years ago so it's something I've been working on for a long long he says he's them work ally attempt to Asus nobody's been more consistent not taking on the environment green revolution and I have to disagree that. We'll see we'll see what he puts out as a plan but I'm the only candidate today that is what is true. And what is true is we have to get off Cole in the next ten years what is true is we have to get off fossil fuels their electrical grid. Now I haven't heard him say that yet. I hope you'll join me I hope all of them we're joined me so that we can getter. The candidate who McDonald took a blip in history. And we can build a clean energy economy throw about rescue are too quick headlines in the news today abortion Alabama signed really restrictive bill as you know. They wanted to go to the Supreme Court how would you confront its Supreme Court. That would overturn Roe vs. Wade if you're president way. How do you confront a lot of people are concerned about the conservative majority what would you do. Well as president I would try to rally the nation for federal protections in this regard and we can do that federal basis. To protect women across. United States look it shouldn't. A woman's liberty in this is the liberty interest this is a privacy freedom issue the issue for a woman. And whether you have that are not should not depend on your zip code if you're American you should have the freedom and privacy that a woman has enjoyed for decades now. Want to ask you quickly about Iran obviously and headlines very tense right now at Enron would you be open to sitting down and talking to Iran's leaders who think they can be trusted. Look it depends on the circumstances but item can't be trusted in this Donald Trump. He lies to his every day baby every hour. And I see in the run up to the Iraq War that I opposed vigorously hero and we should not have another president who get us into another Iraq War. And I call on all my Democrats to join me to stop this this chaos. Trying to. Drum up threats that may not exist the president today is unveiling a new plan on immigration he says we should move away from Camry based. Priorities more towards mayor faced. For green cards is that broadly principal you'd support. We'll look for a guy whose married to a woman who got in under questionable circumstances it takes a lot of gall to try to change the situation. No we're finding we are finding families to be the building block for our communities. Failings of the folks who get together start businesses some of the best small business people in my Stater people who came. Who get their whole family working and an enterprise and that's why are immigrants have been such of life blood of economic development. It is sad that in a country in a state like mine. We understand the power of diversity. We want my dreamers to get an education I'm proud that I was the first governor to get dreamers and education. I was the first governor to stand up the Muslim band. And now we ought to hold Donald Trump's feet to the fire to honor the spirit of America which is understanding the power diversity in new blood in our country. No the velocity of getting in today. Welcome all parties. All right GN please ready for a fight he hasn't quite get made it to the debate stage yet but are is a reporter. Johnny Republicans here with us and we are also joined now by our new dip block zeal reporter testing Gomez is in New York City been following his big announcement to answer would you Justin. Up till the Bellagio getting in creating some waves there he's really running on his record there are New York City. Yeah this morning he releases official campaign video announcing that he's in a run for president in 220. These sightings is pre K for all guaranteed health care and other initiatives of his past here in the city. As his main reason for wanting to join this race to take that the national platform. Of course on GMA this morning for his first post announcement interview and he got caught up with you Justin on the sidelines of our said there in Times Square. Coming out swinging against Donald Trump what's Nicholas. And what frustrates me is. Help from. Said he was running on behalf working people he's been guarding on behalf of the 1%. Hong Kong Don because he's conned people and raised in New York comment we know that type. Fortunately it didn't exist. And we also got to take a month. I know his game plan no August 1 I know challenge this guy he's lasted only what you always confront. I intend to do that. All right it's also claiming to be the one who can go toward tell what president frock Johnny. You have been you've ever following the fields in the beginning there is reason to see just insane now and then but. What sets the glossy or parties he is it like Joseph Biden making this about him vs trump not so much about to any of the other Democrats. Police trying to figure out a way to stand out now we have we have 23 candidates in three more spaces than are are on the debate stage. For the first democratic debate in June and I mean to Bosnia comes in this as a well known Maine but not silly someone whom Democrats concerned clamoring. Four to get into the race I think he's really going to try and set up that. Very stark contrast the in New York or fellow new Yorker that that's kind of new to. And bush wing in this field would you put applauds UN for somebody's not that familiar with in the museum sort of the Bernie and I think Jesse more than Biden it has felony and he mentioned Bernie there's a Graham our colleagues like yesterday that prisoners was actually the one who swore in bill to Bosnia for second term as mayor of New York City. He swore Medicare for all the bridges act that comes that's exactly more on the on the left and the spectrum not running as a centrist and all. And just things you asked to build the glossy now number 23 in this race what took so long. What do you tell you what was the tipping point out why he got into this race right now. Yeah I asked them why it was the decision making factor considered to run into this and he said it was. Many factors but he said it was president Trump's tax plan when he overhaul the tax system. Was really what set him over the edge he sighed as it handout to near 1%. And not to the working people as he's. Using working people vs campaign slogan so he thought this is what I need to do this is my next up. Do you originally said he was supposed to run all his four years as mayor here in New York City. Apparently changing game plans here now is going for the presidency. He did face some hecklers we should say all they along a lot of New Yorkers unhappy would build the glossy that created some minor headlines and New York City but. I Justin Gomez will be on the trail with him throughout the way Justin thank you so much for your reporting and for your immune Johnny. It's a disease are talking about debates we asked Jay in clear earlier today where he's going to be stage he's. Not yet hit that threshold where about a month away from the debates I think any dual with 2.3 candidate. It's all so that's a big they're they're gonna happen twenty they DNC has announced that there's going to be tiebreaker rules and it's going to be based on. Basically good people to qualify on two thresholds that don't donors expect thousand donors and 1% and three national. Or early state polls and they're coming on average that men go down the list but only be cents. Often can do since I couldn't get out about them will be followers Johnny thank you so much I've given to our Washington great to have you with us on this busy Thursday during a briefing and join us tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time. CNN.

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