White House sets stage for another shutdown

Trump's budget proposal sets up another battle over a border wall.
4:22 | 03/11/19

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Transcript for White House sets stage for another shutdown
We want to turn next to the White House where there is yet another battle coming. Over border security and funding for it after president from delivered. His budget proposal to congress we're joined on Capitol Hill by ABC's Mary Alice parks our deputy political director but we begin at the White House. When ABC's Karen Travers Karen what's in this proposal that's touching off all this concern. The other big headline out of this proposal is eight point six billion dollars that's what the president is requesting Aaron to build a border wall and that is several billion dollars more than the request teenager last year which of course congress denied he did not get a dollar of that request. And then a fight over that money is what set up the longest government shutdown in US history so. The here we are again the president is drawing a very hard line in the sand on the money he once but. Parent budget proposals. Are really a wish list this is how congress considers it its he administration saying. Here we wanna do this year here are top policy priorities and what attach a dollar amount to it. This does not mean this is what congress is going to start. Working on today and get back to the president for his signature by the end of the fiscal year but it could be considered the start of a negotiation. The president sending a very strong signal to his supporters that he is not giving up this fight for a border wall that he is going to try to once again. Pushed congress on this to get a massive amount of money. Aaron no surprise the Democrats are not having it Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi issued a joint statement essentially saying this is dead on arrival. All right so that's via the edit and perspective from the Democrats Karen stay there want to bring in Mary Alice parks our deputy political director who's up on Capitol Hill. Mary Alice that the president has also face some resistance on this from Republicans who are. Not necessarily willing to go along with his approach to declaring a national emergency to get the border wall built. Is he going to have any more luck with the Republicans on this funding proposal. Is wild air and as the president is proposing to use additional border security money next year. He can even get Republicans to get on board with using additional funds. This year there's this resolution and is RD pass in the house and will be brought up for a vote in the senate this week. Which basically would terminates. The president's national emergency declaration. You'll remember that after that government shut down the care must talking about the president said spine I was just declare a national emergency all move money around. My own way and congress said notes and that this resolution is. Proposing. That that is a power grab is a bridge too far that the president shouldn't be able to declare a national emergency now there's artists for Republicans in the senate that are saying they will vote with Democrats. On that resolution meaning that there are enough votes for it surpassed. It is always easier to 52 53 at fifty cent men's. Vote on any belt so now that there are enough votes for the resolution to pass we expect even more Republicans to join in as well. Our it's a Karen is the president prepared to it to do anything more to try and sell this not only to Republicans but perhaps go wider audience he's gone of the border a couple of times but. Is he preparing a big legislative push. Yet there's no indication that the president is doing hard sales pitch behind the scenes the White House officials are certainly concerned that that number that Mary Alice mention for Republicans now who have come not to say they would support this resolution of disapproval that number could grow and perhaps get the senate closer to that 67. Veto proof majority so there are concerns here and I think you'll see some White House officials lobbying members of congress. And essentially boiling it down to this message if you vote for this resolution you're voting against the president and you're voting against border security that's a very simple framing by the administration of course because. As Mary Alice says there's a lot other issues here that Republicans are considering in terms of executive power by the presidents but. They're going to make this a very simple choice that doesn't mean they're going to be able to convince those Republicans to not be the other votes that go along with this and get Mary Alice makes a good point there. It's a lot easier once you know it's not getting that it is going to get plastic cup mountain say that your going to vote for it too because you're not the controversial vote anymore. ABC's Karen Travers are White House correspondent from her oppose.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Trump's budget proposal sets up another battle over a border wall. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61608890","title":"White House sets stage for another shutdown","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-sets-stage-shutdown-61608890"}