Bryce Harper signs with Phillies in $330M deal

The former Washington National signed a record-breaking 13-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies valued at $330 million.
4:46 | 03/01/19

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Transcript for Bryce Harper signs with Phillies in $330M deal
If you need a bit of a break from politics we offer baseball and we want to turn to Clearwater Florida now. And say hello to our friend Pedro Gomez from ESPN who's with the Philadelphia Phillies. The team that just signed baseball's newest 300. Million dollar man. Even saying the figure Pedro is staggering for Bryce talked. AA it really is there and and you know this is only the third contract to reach 300 million in the history of the game so that tells you how exclusive this company is. That he is just reached and this is by the way the highest of those three figures so he is truly in special company and other thing is that. You know there's there's so much excitement here but the excitement has spread to the city of Philadelphia Aaron because. Just since the announcement was made at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon that they had come to an agreement. They've already sold well over 100000. Single game tickets at this point so that tells you the level. That that Phillies fans have already embraced this move and I was in the Phillies clubhouse earlier today when it was open. And I can tell you that that they are ecstatic with this move they've already made some big free agent and trade moves over the winter to really improve this roster. But adding Bryce Harper now at such a late stage here. Just as icing on the cake in west genes to girls told me when I asked him what was your reaction he's going to be the new shortstop for the Phillies this year his reaction was. World Series champions this puts us in that conversation no doubt about it Sean Rodriguez another veteran here but who I asked the same question goes. It's like waking up on Christmas Day and Santa Claus brought you exactly what you wanted. I RA Christmas morning. Aside it until this signing the teams have been a little stingy on the free agent market this year. Yeah I mean Manny Machado signed about a week ago and that was a ten year 300 million dollar deal with the Padres but there are still several. Pretty big name free agent sitting at home who have not signed you've got Dallas cycle. Who won and Cy Young in the American League just a few years ago for the Houston Astros he is at home. GO Gonzales who has been a very very good quality Major League pitcher he is still at home. You've got Adam Jones who's been a multiple time all star center fielder. For the Baltimore Orioles he is still at home so they're still. Some pretty prominent names out there who were at home a lot of the big leaguers that I've been talking to so far in spring training for the last three weeks have told me. They are frustrated with this they feel like the owners. Aren't opening up those huge pocket books that they have been given because of this game. Let's not forget that this past season Major League Baseball was over a ten billion dollar industry. So they feel like K we deserve our cut to Wear the ones on the field. So 330 million for Bryce Harper and drop in the bucket that we took a look by the way Pedro what you could buy with 330 million dollars in Philadelphia. Two point eight million cheese steaks. For each year of his contract. So in if you're comparing. I don't know that he'd be in shape the I don't know the Libyan state to play if you did that with what every plate appearance it is going to be worth almost 45000. Dollars. Just to step up to played it if it's a staggering. Figure and every time that we see one of these contracts if it is eye popping but as you say. It seems to be in line with baseball's economics these days. It really does errand to a large degree I mean it look if if if clubs couldn't afford it. They wouldn't be spending this kind of money and let's not forget that on the global stage when you look at the English Premier League in England the top soccer league there. Or the top soccer league in Spain or Germany. This is the level of contracts that the elite players received. So it's as much as it is in mind blowing and staggering to a lot of the American public. These are the figures there are doled out to the top top level players it's very few players who are in this stratosphere of contract. As I said a little while ago there's only three players in the history of the game. Who have ever received a contract in excess of 300 million dollars so it's not a common occurrence by any means. You know the majority of the players the average salary is in the two million dollar range two to two and a half. That's the average salary that is not the median salary so there's there's a large chunk of players on each roster. That are. Within the 500000. To one million dollar range which is a large sum of money but let's not forget that a lot of these careers. Last well short of ten years. For sure Pedro Gomez the baseball reporter for our sister network ESPN it's good to see what that sunshine and baseball behind Pedro thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"The former Washington National signed a record-breaking 13-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies valued at $330 million. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"61412851","title":"Bryce Harper signs with Phillies in $330M deal","url":"/Sports/video/bryce-harper-signs-phillies-330m-deal-61412851"}