CES in 60: Tech21 Cases

Tech21's iPhone case has a secret ingredient.
1:33 | 01/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CES in 60: Tech21 Cases
Hey guys Joanna stern at CES 2013. -- tiny ones do it. Something's gone on here it's cheap and tell us what he's doing JC can do -- and sixty seconds. Are right. -- at 21 is. Yeah me to run in the world making reputation cases for the my -- -- tablet and laptop market. The reason witty -- -- in the world making -- -- cases is that we did anyone actually puts real. Impact protection material inside out cases they -- -- three it's -- -- new Italian fabric is very soft. But upon impact. Geddes road hogs -- -- -- yeah we'll pop an inspirational and you get -- Well I can't thank you think that -- so -- now the exclusive -- capitation -- an apple politely. -- rolling out across America you'll see some new products in there around 25 -- steady -- -- -- brands. And pat bands. We -- -- to design -- -- -- -- some cases. Tablet cases. And and in addition to that cameras and a brand new product we just about to -- Is any impact children's book -- -- story and has a a same diploma used -- but it curricula are write your time's up but tell it what must think what how much -- based -- how much it costs. Between 24 money findings -- on nine. All right thank you so much Jason.

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{"id":18161503,"title":"CES in 60: Tech21 Cases","duration":"1:33","description":"Tech21's iPhone case has a secret ingredient.","url":"/Technology/video/consumer-electronics-show-ces-2013-recap-highlights-tech21-18161503","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}