'This Week' Exclusive: Lon Snowden

Edward Snowden's father Lon and attorney Bruce Fein discuss Snowden's next moves in Russia.
3:18 | 08/11/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Exclusive: Lon Snowden
Good morning, and welcome to "this week." Spy shift. The president reforms america's secret surveillance programs. Was his hand forced by this man? No, I don't think he was a patriot. This morning, snowden's father responds. Brand new details. Will his son come home to face trial? What will he reveal next in only on "this week." Plus this morning, the embassies reopen after the worldwide terror alert. Are we at risk? And why is donald trump stumping in iowa? The republican party is in serious trouble. The roundtable weighs in on the politics right here on this sunday morning. Good morning. In the news overnight, a dramatic rescue. Hannah anderson, the kidnapped san diego teenager is safe after an all-out man hunt ended in the idaho wilderness. James lee dimaggio was shot and killed by a tactical agent. Hannah anderson was located with dimagg dimaggio. She appears well. She will be reunited with her father this morning. One of the deadliest days in iraq for years. A series of car bombs all timed to hit those celebrating the end of ramadan. And across the region, 18 of the 19 american embassies and consulates closed after a global terror alert are open again. Martha raddatz has been tracking the threats that led to the closing. Are the embassies opening again now because u.S. Officials believe the drone strikes in yemen this week actually got the plotters? George, officials say the plotters of this specific plan were not killed in strikes in yemen, but the dead are part of the network of terrorists trying to kill americans. Intelligence officials believe the plan was to send a truck nto the u.S. Embassy there. But a senior u.S. Official, that because of the actions taken, the terrorists have likely moved the explosives out of the vehicle and are changing tactics. Adding that we think that the imminent threat dissipated, but fear they have gone back to ground waiting for the next opportunity to strike. This immediate threat may have passed, but the threat of terrorism never passed. We heard from u.S. Officials that tlebl that the nsa surveillance programs helped track this emerging threat. The president announced some reforms on friday in those programs. And had tough words for the nsa leaker edward snowden, said he was not a patriot. Take a look. Mr. Snowden's been charged with three felonies. If he believes what he did was right, then like every american citizen, he can come here, appear before the court with a lawyer, and make his case. So, what have you been able to learn about what u.S. Officials are trying to do to get snowden right now? Some officials I've talked to wish that a deal could be struck to bring him back to the u.S. Make no mistake. One official said he has done irrefutable damage. The more the terrorists know how we can monitor them, the less we will be able to. That's the single most important asset we have. Some officials say we don't know all of what he has, we don't want him in the hands of the russians. Whatever message it would send, he's gotten the president of the united states to make some changes. But the justice department has given no indication a deal is in the works. Some pushing for it. Thanks. Now to the exclusive interview with lon snowden. The family's lawyer, thank you for joining us. Some officials believe that a deal may be in the united states' interest. Do you think your son is open to it? I'm not open it. That's what I'll share with my son. In terms of plea deal, at this point -- not open to it. Not open to it. What I would like is for this to be vetted in open court for the american people to have all of the facts. What I have seen is political theater. I was disappointed in the president's press conference. I believe that's driven by his clear understanding that the american people are unhappy with what they've learned and more is forthcoming. What disappointed you in particular? What he suggested is superficial. We can go over that point by point if you would like, but a deal -- the only deal will be true justice. You know, justice should be the goal of our government. And it's also the goal of a civil society. Those are the words of james madison. But I could make these points, george. Number one, we have a date for visiting moscow. You're going to moscow. You have visas from the russians. We have visas, we have a date which we won't disclose because of the frenzy. It's imminent? Very soon. And we intend to visit with edward and suggest criminal defense attorneys who have experience in espionage act prosecutions. There have only been ten in 100 years. We think it's important to go back to what president obama said about him not being a patriot. It was the voice of the american revolution, thomas payne who said it was someone who saves his country from his government. We heard about the alleged disasters that would ensue because of what edward has done. Back to the bradley manning case, at the damage phase, the united states conceded not one person has been injured and impaired because of of what he disclosed. What was your reaction when you heard the president he's not a patriot? I would say, again, I think he was put in a tough spot. There's many questions that should have been asked that were not. I would have liked to see them ask about the dea special operation division, many other things, his treatment of whistle blowers. But if he's a patriot or others like peter king who says he's a traitor, what I would say is my son has spoken the truth. He sacrificed more than the president of the united states or peter king have ever in their political careers and their american lives. How they choose to characterize him really isn't -- you're not open to a deal, but it does sound like you're going to encourage your son to come back and face trial. I can add, because I wrote a letter with lon to the attorney general of the united states saying we would like to discuss conditions to make it permissible. Pre-trial detention, no gag order, he would choose the venue. At a venue that was impartial because history of eastern virginia being a graveyard for defendants. They were not stated as ultimatums. They were subjects for discussion with non-circumvention clauses in there. Understand, we can't dictate what the department does. As a father, you want your son to come home. As a father, I want him to come home if I believe that the justice system we should be afforded as americans is going to be applied correctly. If you consider the statements by the leaders in congress, they are irresponsible and inconsistent with our system of justice. They have poisoned the well in terms of a jury pool. Where my son chooses to live the rest of his life is his decision. But I would like for him to be able to come back to the u.S. Whether he's going to live here, and face this. I believe that the truth will shine through. It's clear that the american people regardless of the laws -- it does appear he broke the law. No. That's simply irresponsible to suggest before a trial someone has broken the law. May well be that what he disclosed is protected by the first amendment. The president conceded the there's something about irregular with the nsa program -- other avenues -- let's go with that. Mr. Snowden should have gone to the congress oversight committees. They have gone on record, dianne feinstein, guilty of treason. They knew for seven years what going on and refused to disclose it to the american people. The best was some cryptic statements. If they knew what was going on, they would be stunned. Edward snowden is supposed to go to them? That seems rather implausible because they were the ones responsible for the secrecy. I want to add to this. In terms of the president made the statement that the president had enacted whistle blower laws that protected contractors like my son edward, that is absolutely untrue. Either the president is being mis-led by his advisers or he is intentionally mis-leading the american people. The whistle blower -- absolutely not. We should go through that. Hypothetically, let's imagine he said there's a problem -- he got on an airline in honolulu and flew to washington, d.C., And lands at dulles and actually gets an audience, let's say, peter king, or dianne feinstein. How do we think he would have been received if he had a private audience? We have seen how they reacted, they spin the truth, he would have been buried and we would have never known the truth. I know you haven't been in direct contact with your son, but what do you know about his condition right now? I'll say that having spoken with his russian attorney, he said he's safe. He obviously is exhausted. But he's now needing a period of time where he can recoup his energy level and reflect on what he wishes to do going forward. That's from his attorney. We hope to meet with him very soon, with edward in the next weeks. Good luck. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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{"id":19929865,"title":"'This Week' Exclusive: Lon Snowden","duration":"3:18","description":"Edward Snowden's father Lon and attorney Bruce Fein discuss Snowden's next moves in Russia.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/lon-snowden-week-exclusive-interview-19929865","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}