ABC News Live Update: Pipeline back in operation after cyberattack

Plus, a look at the group believed to be responsible for the hack, and protesters march against femicide in Puerto Rico
25:57 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Pipeline back in operation after cyberattack
Good morning I'm Diana stayed thanks for streaming with us and today's update of critical fuel pipeline is back in operation after being shot down by as cyber attack. Officials say it'll take days for fuel supplies to return to normal as states across the country reports gas shortages. We have the latest on a rush to refuel and what we're learning about who's behind the attack. The CDC has given the official green light for children as young as twelve to get advisors call that vaccines. The approval comes after the FDA granted emergency use authorization for that age group. Meanwhile Ohio is offering five lucky it dealt a million dollars each. In return for getting at least one code that vaccines give us the Ohio lottery will conduct the drawings on May 26. Prizes what we've paid for with federal corona virus relief funds. Many UN is warning the Israeli Palestinian conflict could be headed for full scale war. The US embassy in Jerusalem is urging staff to stay close to bomb shelters legitimate threat of rocket attacks. As a stated department tries to. Israel's military has launched airstrikes on what they say are Hamas targets in Gaza. Palestinian health officials say more than eighty people have been killed including Hamas operatives but also dozens of civilians. He's been at least seventeen children. Meanwhile Hamas has launched over 16100 rockets in the past few days targeting Tel Aviv's metro area for nearly half the Israeli population lives in. The violence is spreading to other cities as well what Palestinian protesters have clashed with Israeli police saying there. But we begin with that critical fuel pipeline back in operation almost a week after authorities say a Russia based hacking group shut it down. President Biden is expected to speak about the situation soon and we'll bring it to you live as it happens. Four states are under state of emergency in North Carolina 70% gas stations are without fuel and Virginia South Carolina and Georgia aren't far behind. Transportation correspondent GO many Tess has the latest. This morning the restart colonial pipeline announcing it has restarted operations. Five days after that Russian ruling tacked shut down the massive 5500. Mile pipeline but the ordeal isn't over yet. Overnight people driving from station to station just looking for gas. Let me guess issues should be tracked hate this is my sixth everything has sliding. At a Gaza. And gas buddy reporting at one point seven out of ten stations in North Carolina or out of fuel and outages affecting air travel to back Charlotte's airport they're trying to conserve fuel to avoid canceled flights. And national international airports fuel reserves dropping to just 750000. Gallons they usually have more than six point five million gallons the outages aren't hitting every state but in the last 24 hours several states seeing spikes in gas cost. Nearly ten cent increases per gallon in at least three states. And now another concern price gouging this Virginia station charging nearly seven dollars a gallon. Six gallons of dad and it's. For 35 dollars does absolutely ridiculous. The White House eager to prevent attacks like this from happening again overnight president Biden signing a new executive order aimed at improving cyber security. Our thanks to GO when he says in Atlanta for that report. And as we mentioned president Biden is set to speak about the pipeline cyber attack shortly we'll bring that you live when it happens. We're also learning more now about dark side that's the hacker group that investigators say are behind the pipeline attack. Experts say they're highly skilled cyber criminals operating on a dark web the hackers say they just wanna get paid future her off. This morning top government agencies urging anyone in charge of critical infrastructure to all their security because of dark side a team of what experts tell us appears to be better reading digital extortionist responsible for shutting down the colonial pipeline. Dark side is a criminal organization. Almost cyber terrorists if you will and what they look to do was to make money there are coming yeah Tim Curry estimates. The companies his cyber security firm works with have fought off attempted ransom where attacks that dark side is known for where hackers hold data hostage. It's like walking in to a bank and locking the bank employees out of the ball and making them pay you less connected. Yeah that's that's a pretty good analogy. And means perfect reserves into data is the new currency in some ways while this is a substantial criminal enterprise dark side claims to have a coded. Fixed saying they'll never attack. Places like hospitals schools are nonprofit organizations. And after the colonial pipeline attack even pledged to avoid social consequences in the future because quote our goal is to make money they act. Act like steak Robin Hudson clean didn't make donations but the let's be honest is don't the robbing from the rich give to the pork over the past year ransom where attacks across the board of spikes 300%. It even if dark side only targets wealthy companies cyber security officials fear other hackers may be more malicious. The potential is growing for more disruptive attacks. As our infrastructure is increasingly digitized. It trap hacker can get into the system to potentially create a destructive. Activity and possibly leave any catastrophic in the in terms says. The loss of life or a loss of the actual infrastructure for. Any institution for security and technology says last year there were 2400. Ransom where attacks. On institutions like local governments schools and hospitals for these attacks do not take much to succeed it's why experts say it's so important you be careful with what you clicking your email. And routinely change your path. Diane I'm good advice you're all thank you. And massive protests have broken out in prairie style after a surge of violence against women and trans people. The island actually had one of the highest rates of genocide in the world with nearly one woman killed per week. We'll take a closer look at what the government there is doing to combat the violence Ken white protestors say it's not enough. Stay with us. Welcome back massive demonstrations have broken out in Puerto Rico after the murder of a 27 year old pregnant woman. It's part of a growing trend defend the sides on the island along with the rise in missing girls women and trans people. Puerto Rican officials approved seven million dollars in new funding for programs aimed at preventing gender based violence but demonstrators say it's not enough. Shenae Norman has more. Boxer Felix bird Deo Sanchez an alleged accomplice Louis Antonio can diss Martinez are pleading not guilty in the murder of a pregnant 27 year old woman. First reported missing after not showing up for work April 29. Charging documents state that key slow Rodriguez was killed after telling her day Hoke whose married that she was pregnant with his child. On April 29 for Gayle allegedly punched Rodriguez in the face injected her with substances using a syringe and then restrained her arms and feet with wire her body was sent tossup the cyber bridge third day Hogan allegedly shooting matter with a pistol search teams recovered the body to ease later in the San Jose lagoon Rodriguez's mother distraught. Floating yeah. We need and then he would. The suspects are facing federal charges of carjacking and kidnapping resulting in the death of Rodriguez and killing her unborn child both are being held without bail and could face up to life in prison or the death penalty and I am. And. This past weekend's demonstrations in Puerto Rico. As demands for justice over her dad yeah I'm friends and two murder of women on the island grow louder. Puerto Rico's governor says they are addressing violence against women. And so yeah they've got us. Can I mean Donna good yeah. Can I get eliminated. What's going on but we all Sony Cheryl. Those emotions any political. Their day how is a former Olympian representing Puerto Rico in the 2012 London Olympics he started his professional career vaccine here in the late we division. And has over 200000. Followers on NC gram piece a scaling back home in Puerto Rico. Pleading for justice. Get out yeah. Yeah we will need a good thing go to our mom human foot probably your movies alone and it cost him. Telling me as a woman who's faithful to its feet and ceiling of journalism. Any Norman thanks for that report then. It has been more than 100 days now since Puerto Rico declared a state of emergency territory for gender equity is here with more on all of this Deborah first off. Thanks for being here and walk us through how big of an issue this is. Four people on the island and how things got so bad there. Well look different and occasional we're making on this issuer bid civil mesh and why. I'll do it isn't very dire situation com they organizations. Feminist organizations and that being call an attention to this issue for the last three years. Especially deadly hurricanes need not on money becomes a situation. Or crisis. Tends to increase in gender violence and wiest we saw letting Chris. And lose and need to. Making collecting data so that we could actually prove to the government that they increased less need because they Goran was not producing numbers. Amin you mentioned that album senate million dollars or request that an allocated to come back disintegration are to deal with this situation goes I don't like that they'd be out or. I'll metaphors. But it. It is. We should mention that problem that all our site is called sidebar initially denied seven million because we aren't colony where occurrence or the United States and this is our site or I shouldn't say I'm the bio dad a thing I miss those renovations that that we're not percent they're out an emergency and need us arms to be able to. To create their menus on BA Europe's new common Carlisle agents since two. Heal correctly would be Asian I'm bit fiscal armored site that night was still sponsor and own a reason why they outdated that mount. It's because there aren't any stations went onto the streets some woman went to the streets and that it. You know protests being. What happened and that situation. So what are littered they're hoping that this news seven million dollars and approved funding will do to help. Well what we have seen since the declaration of all the emergency is that the bend don't wasn't commuting the ninth could meet their bodies. How have been discussing com is up. Doesn't that agency come needing. Where many several organizations nonprofit organizations that work with Limon and have knowledge of first time issues not gender violence. I sitting together at eight sounding name was going on in the system. That what we can see is the album. This fifth and is not working. Ever every agency and assist and needs to make changes and a lot of those changes require additional funding because. Many of dead reasons there. The Monday and AGCO. Provided is. That there isn't enough funding to higher than they need add personnel. And also though they reason enough funding to provide adequate trainee. We also about a lot of the funding also is supposed to golfers public campaigns which can put very good that hasn't really being. Many come paints to talk about gender gender balance there isn't really a need to create this educational campaign that talked about. What to end their violence is and what we can do to avoid that to change the way we look at gender and the way we're look at and so on social girls a woman in society so that we can. Preventing none shows I have to what happens that prevented was going to dissidents violence against women. And chance people. Abbott in this state of emergency has been declared for a hundred days now so. What else is they did that do to help address this problem besides this now new move providing a sector funding. Well actually brings everyone to the table it actually created up I need and un. And in part to actually try to make changes and all of them all day means that are sitting on the table have nots it really is said together with the disposition to actually make changes in in the past. And that's what we really needed this isn't that's what this is really provide an and it's providing there for a day at this down. Convicts to be able to say well this is something that needs to be taking care and we can just say oh we're gonna take care of within the next year at night has to be taking Kara now. Like we saw you're talking about the case of Kish not dying. But actually are being assassinated that same day another woman was assassinated and that case that case a London area. Actually show them how bad the system. It's actually how much is failing women because in this issue did everything anyone will ask a woman that is in a city commission agenda balance. Gone to the police. Going to let courts there were quick a protection order. I'll try to get a conviction for this person she did everything and she was denied every step of the way. And this became obvious the word Allah record inside an audio recordings where she was talking about how the solutions who was on the system Hud had felt her. And we also wearing them to see some transcripts of what the judge actually saying here here is. And it was just devastating to see Hollywood alone in this woman was within the system under the title. You know doesn't I don't convicts and behavior and the needs to be changed and is not easy changes I'm gonna happen overnight but. But we really need this gender perspective medication. And training and for the system to action to develop appropriate particles to act in this situation it's. So can people watching right now what couldn't. What can viewers at home due to help. Well I think what people can do to help is talk about the issue in their homes took about the issue with their families would that partners. I think a lot of what the movement is talking about is also the role must killing in December all of the men in this fighting can not only be fight. Old woman alone. Men need to recognize where they are and what are they play in this process and an assist night I didn't meet. Nelson just due to make sure that consume the good to halt accountable the institutions. That they at ten to especially Daryn places a privilege. Because we need to be out lies to the woman and children below that electrons that but I am not in a place a privilege to actually be able to protest and demand that the rice be held up on. For example we just hide under legislation turned down Billiton legislation that come. We were trying to a stop and prohibit an outcome where some happy east. For people who are crimes or are buying or are did TV communities does something none is still indictment is being done. By religious communities. But also by bomb professionals mental health professionals are doing conversion therapy and where it's basically he's hurt your turn doing dumb people. That do not Cheney this founders of gender identity I want to. Could proclaim a different gender identity and this insulation. Let's not passed and what it doesn't just eight gray skies that day called Trumba lives that. Sounded should be community is dawn are doing something but it's not right and that is that type both believe. That prejudices people and allows this gender violence to replicate so doesn't let them things that people can help help us a second live in this they should let. Prohibit. Intolerant behavior that prohibited racism that prohibits. Being prejudice against Communists and it's CBQ I. Well as communities. Right observatory bird gender equity analyst Deborah Lupe Hernandez we appreciate your time today thank you. Thank you. And right now in the US tens of thousands of Americans are in solitary confinement. When we come back we'll bring you the story of one man who says it nearly broke him. Plus a new push for reforms stay with us. Welcome back tens of thousands of Americans are isolated and alone for most if not all of the day in a jail cell. They're convicted criminals many consider the worst of the worst but some are in solitary confinement. Due to a series of events that led to harsh pundits that a harsh punishments including the man you're about to meet. He spent 22 years of isolation and he's now on a crusade to dramatically change this practice. Here's Linda Davis. Isn't harder own. It is cold is a dungeon psychologically anyway Doug Weight is Jim in a room it is very small images seem like the walls are caving. There is no sense if you do leaders now it is single ladies this is like anti football stadium bush on the other end of the spectrum. Is loud and chaotic like somebody to score touchdowns and I was strapped zoo are actually 40 today. On everyone's so it might be sworn into yells like I'm ready to go outside so what we cut like a dog saves and yeah there's four hours so bone but for the most part. I'm trapped in his CEO so the only way I was really able to engage with people didn't see other people and talks other people. And I gazes up. It was extraordinary idea yeah Conseco people bush. It was under. Each rating circumstances because I engage in self harm but I got out it was much different because I didn't have the duty street in order to have. Social stimulation looming cuts had. It's estimated there 80000 Americans in solitary confinement on any giving day Antony tells us it nearly broke him. You talked about how it says serves as a psychological killer what is the worst part the worst part is. Be entrapped in his Seau. Own sweet force and then. Not being able to receive from social currents then you mean concert. When Anthony gay was twenty years old got into a street fight he's accused of stealing a hat and a one dollar bill. He was charged with aggravated battery and robbery. I had no idea. That I was about to me he. Tortured for gay didn't. In the state of Illinois there are six different classes for sentencing a felony offense each one carries a sentencing range of Barry's depending on the class. But for offense using classes one through four the judge has the option to sentence a defendant to a term of probation instead. So they were like is hugely guilty. The robbery. They're dismissed agony to better absorb things get I don't want to face force continues foolish to try. So I'll plead guilty to the robbery. And give four years' probation. When I get out when driving a car without a license I give what over. And I get arrested. My probation in. Just three votes to drive without a license. I get reset his. He was re sentenced to seven years in prison but it was after a fight while serving at time that he was placed into solitary confinement. You had a fight and because of just a fight UN to solitary. Act out through urine that would solve all the suitors it would stick in my time home. Endings there so we're quite instead of light around you see middle hill and taken it as a health concern. And so did they so punitive measures giving them. Under estimating we'll be you know appropriate what are. I don't think people really understand he had some people who don't share in other people are not just a waiter. It's really it is very devastating and brutal way of containing people are the breaks down the ability for people. Did you emotional regulation and Tara Reid appropriate social accused and then people act out. Because they're overwhelmed in their brain is flooded in their hippocampus is shrinking and when they act out then they get more time and so it becomes this like impossible cycle where people can't get out. I don't think there's an of dialogue about the consequences of what it's like for staffs to look at humans in captivity every day and Tom look at what happens to them when they're enforcing these dehumanizing. Approaches to you solitary confinement. Representative LeSean Ford is the Illinois house sponsor for the bill HB 3564. Also known as the Antony. We learned about Anthony geese. Situation how it impacted him. Mentally. And would he hit to do to get out of solitary confinement. It was devastating and he immediately. So it's not. Hard ten years in the making this bill would limit isolated confinement as well those allowing Maine's to have access to certain activities while outside of their cell. Where we hear from learning the news did stairs wing to be some form of solitary confinement is our job to make sure that you don't keep people. Locked away for over twenty years in the solid theory it's the it's harmful this dramatic and it only harms palm society as a whole. Because those people come back and they become our neighbors. And Sharon as a person shorter hours and how they're oversized 64. Thank you chairman this bill is not to move past second we will work with the department. We're all of the witnesses to give him a green. I do want to decide what is still doesn't doesn't do it does not eliminate disagree segregation this does not only department's ability to punish people. What does do is say that a every prisoner Hussein gone way it should be out of their cell these four hours laboratories for hours and if they're gonna put the Minnesota for more than four hours the limitation in his. Ten days or six mark. The bill passed through the house and is now on its way through the senate. Across the country similar bills are on the docket in multiple state legislatures. In March New York past the hole to act which limits time spent in solitary confinement to fifteen days. And Washington State in Connecticut advocates are looked as soon follow suit. For Anthony this is personal every day since his 2018 released he's been advocating for prison reform. For those who remain floundering in solitary confinement. You said sometimes you still cry at night. What's causing those two years. I know what is likely beat him he torching. I know that meeting people are still being tortured. Did and I feel guilty because I got out and they didn't but I believe there. If we get you four more people and more people become aware that did stretch is in numbers and we can compare him to take a hard look. This is domestic terrorist this is psychological torture this is a crime against an eighty income didn't do something about it. It's wrong Lindsay is is despicable in his whole who didn't exist. Our thanks to Lindsey Davis for that report and that does it for this ABC news live update and then Maceda thanks for joining us. I remember ABC news live as your boy you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Also programming note for you president Biden is set to speak soon about the pipeline cyber attack boasting that he lives. As it happens and we'll also see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran. For the breakdown they saved.

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