ABC News Live Update: Former President Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial begins today

Plus, pharmacies are accepting COVID vaccine appointments later this week, and some states are starting to relax COVID restrictions as variants spread throughout the country.
20:04 | 02/09/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Former President Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial begins today
Consumer watch humorous conference there was senate majority leader Chuck Schumer and senate democratic committee chairs trying to show that the senate can both work on. Passing president Biden's code would release the plan while also trying former president trump. The senator stressed their belief that Google would release is urgent and crucial to the American people. On former president trumps trial Schumer says he expects the proceedings to be fair and the trial is set to begin in roughly two hours the former president is charged with inciting the mob that attacked the capital and January 6. That makes the capitol both the crime scene and the site of the trial and senators both jurors and witnesses. And house impeachment managers are teasing the possibility of introducing new evidence but have refused to describe it ahead of the trial. White House correspondent Mary Alice parks and presidential historian mark up to growth. Join me now for more on this Mary Alice senators sure made it clear that she and teacher will not stop other business in the senate he says to the pundits who said we can't do both at once we say. You are wrong. How is that going to work exactly. It's going to be hard. They want to show the voters that they are both going ahead with this trial but also getting some work they're trying to pass president Biden's call that relief package they know that Americans are hurting they want schools though band and vaccine roll out to be ramped up. But that trial may end dates that senators are there in the C it's paying attention for hours every single day until the trial is done. So what they have to credit they got to do is a work in the morning before the trial starts every day out work around the clock. To fit the trial and it addition to this other work. But I guess that it's not going to be easy and Republicans frankly aren't really interest dead in 24 hour day is up there. And Mary Gaza senior aide on the impeachment TNT's that new evidence. Will be evidence nobody has seen before how are they expected to lay out their case. Yes to your aid that. There is said that Democrats are going to show up violent criminal style prosecution. They don't want to how. Trial that some that's low that's frankly boring that's a lot of legalese and constitutional. Civil law debates. They want to look at does the help they wanna look at that view Healy. Shocking evidence of the country watched in real time and show that debt the sitting at members of government felt like their lives were at risk. And that the highest sort of most respected. Building in US politics said the and a symbol of democracy in the country was under direct and violent threat. I don't know what this new evidence in that need thirty year that's of these other serve teasing out it'll be interesting to see if it actually relates to that. Day something that we don't know yet that the president said or didn't say. Or literally it's to the weeks leading up you know wasn't just backs that day but bunt and weeks and and frankly months. The president perpetuating a big lie around the election that a lot of those writers are now saying. Motivated them to get involved and sold movement and the the evidence could in theory relates to January 6 or the weeks leading up to it. And mark how does child be different from past impeachment trials. Well the obvious what is that but president trump is now former president Lee never tried a former president before ash but frank. I think the act is bigger and there's the what he's being accused of is much bigger. Then went past presidents Andrew Johnson Richard Nixon. Bill Clinton and even Donald Trump last year were accused this is sedition this is Chris is this is trying to overturn. Who will the American people and as Mary Mary Alice. Suggesting it wasn't just inciting a riot on January 6 it was a few days leading up to work. That drumbeat that started even bulls for the election that it caused Americans cast doubt on the election results to rise up. Ultimately on January 6. And Mariel city unique aspects about this particular impeachment trial is that. It will take place at the crime scene those now acting as jurors and prosecutors are also. Witnesses how could that affect how this plays out. Eat them we have. Heard at the democratic members of congress but secular the last few weeks tell their personal stories of how they were scared for their life. And I think that that is the kinds of personal and emotional story telling it that we're gonna see from Democrats. They want to remind the senators that it's. That maybe the potentially their own lives were at risk. And that. And that they were out witnessing. The violent attack in real time they want to antique senators back to that moment. I think that that they might be able to do that like he's sad that date they were not just jurors but that day our witness says. I think it's less likely that Democrats called their own witnesses and additional witnesses of this point because. They feel like they have a hundred witnesses sitting right there. And I think that that the fact that the senators were there that day. And if they if Democrats can reminds senders and there are sitting there that day also gets to appoint of what the writer's intentions work. That it and that really gets the seriousness of the charges. That it wasn't just to create chaos but the writers were trying to stop the Electoral College vote from taking place that's why senators were witness says. That's why senators were there that day. They were confirming the Electoral College well. And so I think that that is vacated Democrats can get senators back to. What they were thinking and feeling that day it's it's not only the emotional sort of pull it's also remind them of the seriousness of what occurred. And mark Republicans have warned that impeaching former presidents when a new party takes over is not a good precedent to set for a democracy so how do you ensure. That presidents are held accountable for actions toward the end of their last term. Without setting the kind of precedent that Republicans are now warning about. I'm not sure that that stands I mean they eat them what you need to do is hold anti government official accountable swore. His or her actions while in office were whether they're still in office or not. This sets a very dangerous precedent in my view. That and in an incumbent president can do are shooting at an incumbent president in his last days as guys when he is a lame duck. Can do what ever he wants if we go. It's set a precedent this as you can't do that. We back. I think is is dangerous going forward so we we need to really consider what this trial means. Almost every president unless he dies in office. Is at one point a lame duck president will be whether he gets voted out of office or not. So you have to use this trial in my view as a means of saying you can't do whatever you want. As a lame duck president and in this case I think there is a very solid rounds were having impeachment trial. And Mary Alice today's debate will focus on whether or not it's constitutional. To hold a trial for a former president what can we expect to hear. Exactly and this debate I am lead I think that Democrats are Gunner reminds. A. The senators reminding American people that it's the president's committed these acts and he's being got charged with. While he was in office that the impeachment. Both occurred in the house while he was in office. Yes a he was a lame duck president has heard us talking about he had been voted out he was about to leave. But she hadn't concede it. He hadn't talked about Cindy election as a free and fair election though every expert every court had found it to be so. This is president who refused to attend the inauguration. And so I think that knows are the sorts of sort of points of evidence that Democrats are going to be bringing up. As they say it not only business constitutional. But it written in their words senior aide said today it is common cents. That's. This former president should still have to stand trial. And markets looking unlikely that enough Republicans will vote to convict. Former president trump is that a sign of just a larger political stance or or does this show that he still has a stronghold over the GOP. Straw. We posed into the and Republicans know that you're the fact is that most impeachment trials that we. Are are are are are judged on partisan lines mean if you look at it Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton then and Donald truck they were really that the votes came down to partisanship ultimately. The exception was Richard Nixon. Who ultimately was not impeached because he resigned. Be in the face of almost certain impeachment. In the house and conviction. In the senate. But it was a very different day in America and there was deep concern among Republicans. And Democrats alike. That they are head didn't. Misdeeds. By the incumbent president and so Nixon resigned rather than face what was almost certain impeachment. And and fishing you think that the Republicans went to Richard Nixon and told him. He would not survive either in the house were probably in the senate. So it's very different day in America we are far more partisan than we were in the days of Richard Nixon or even in the days of Bill Clinton. And mark up to grow then Mary Alice parks always great to have you both thank you. The U. And rescuers are searching for more than 100 missing people after glacier burst in India destroying a damn. Officials still believe many of those trapped under the rubble are still alive Maggie really has the latest. This morning a desperate search for survivors after a massive glacier burst in northern India. Sending this wall of water and debris crashing into everything in its past. Dozens of people running for their lives before the river Ingles them. At least 32 people have died more than a 170 are missing rescuers have been searching for survivors since Sunday. It urgently trying to get there will my heel and a half of debris to find 37 workers believed to be alive. Draft and was out contacts and stabbed him first. Experts say they believe this Burris may have been caused by a landslide slamming into the glacier in and that climate change could make areas like this more vulnerable and unstable. Ask the client continues to warm and gracious continues Mel and now. Landscape becomes less and less stable you know you are really putting his infrastructure and people associated with it. In harm's way. Environmentalists had warned against the building in this area saying that landslide to couldn't be a problem and now Diane because of changing weather patterns. Many scientists say they fear that natural disasters like this one could become even more comment. Fans tonight Maggie really for us in London thanks non. And in honor of Black History Month it seems only fitting that we talk about how one woman made history. Right here at ABC news Carole Simpson was the first black woman to ever anchor a network newscast. Eighteen years after she left the week an edition of world news tonight our own Lindsey Davis now sits in that chair every Sunday. Lindsay had a chance to speak to Simpson about what her journey was like and how she paved the way for so many. ABC news. Rome headquarters for fifteen years Carole Simpson was the face of ABC's weekend world news good evening everyone I'm Carole Simpson. A pioneer in a wants male dominated industry. How does a little girl with a flair for drama in elementary school through high school end up climbing her way to the highest sites of TV news. Sheer determination. Desire. Ambition. Com I didn't know what I wanted to be until high school when I was on the high school newspaper. And I like the whole idea of asking people questions. And yet she did Simpson not only broke news she broke barriers shattering glass ceilings along the way. We have interrupted your programs this morning for what we believe is a very newsworthy event. Chicago's first black female television reporter. Then in 1988. The first black woman to anchor any major network newscast. And later the first woman of color to moderate a presidential debate what are you going to do to get the guns off the street. I'm curious for someone who's up pioneer like yourself what your. Inspiration once it was the negatives that every one told me no I couldn't do fish and it was those knows that I refused. You access. I was saying don't tell me know I've prepared myself. I can do this and I'm going to show you. You have said the that you have feast three different forms of bias. Race age and sex discrimination. What would you say his bitter the most pervasive and most difficult to surmount. People are surprised when I say it. With sex discrimination. I suffered more discrimination because I was a woman and because I was black. I always hear things like you know women don't like to hear other women women can't be bosses because mend will not take orders from a woman. Coming up next repetitive but she's also described being plagued by what she calls a double whammy being a woman and being black. I had one correspondent. Speak to me and said I know how I could get an anchor job. All I have to do was put on some black ace and where Oscars and so I bothered me that there are lots of people that thought I only got the job. Because there was a black woman not because that might be challenged hit not because I might do the job well. And that was that it's very hurtful. Undeterred. She's covered some of the biggest stories in the eighty's and ninety's. This is the house where Mandela lived when he set up a secret military wing of the ANC. The Clarence Thomas Anita Hill hearings Oklahoma City bombing the senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton. You say that you can't understand what you've never been able to transcend race and gender and just be seen as a human being do you still feel that way. I do you. Do because it last did my entire career. Which was almost forty years in journalism. Com I'm telling you it was like slot work. Every six months there would be shopping. You'll remind me that hey you know I Carole Simpson. An anchor for ABC news. You're a black woman. And one of the incidents that occurred was. Bowing to a party for a correspondent who is leaving to do where tours of duty in Moscow. And I. Was so pretty in anger I was already a national Nagy. And I came into the room and people were all in the air happy. Cocktails and orchards. And walked into the room and what MD executives. Looked at me and shed. Your cap and apron she minister. And IQ I asked. Couldn't believe. I couldn't just be Chara. Why couldn't why would he looked at me and think I should be than me and should be serving orders I'm curious to. Get your thoughts on this so called. Racial reckoning. In that we're in now especially considering that that you covered there the height of the civil rights movement in the assassination of Doctor King aftermath there. What do you feel is different about now or perhaps do you feel a lot is still unchanged. I think it's unchanged. I mean you've just where we are now. We had this summer where every one was old yes black lives matter old black people we didn't know you were having all these problems why. Life garden just now finding out you're having all these problems. And so then everybody was all my god people were selling days flood lights manners signs a huge and everything you show. It was still like it looked like everybody was like getting. All of the sun. Then we've got the crowd were recently got them. Q a nine men lead god. All kinds of racist things. That are going on we've had any more black men held since George fling with GO. And yet. Do you hear anymore about that no. No. I seriously don't think I know not in my lifetime. I don't thinking you're a lifetime. But once when he did he comes I think it's expected. That by that year country will be majority minority. There will be more minorities. And women and there will be polite man show maybe by then bud. At no time soon now retired in eighty years old. Simpson has started a blog called wise old woman. She says reviews of older women are seldom heard in public discourse had she writes on her website this wise old woman has something to say it she's certainly done its. Well I don't feel too old he's certainly don't look too old I mean of people don't really question if your really eighty years old. What would you like your legacy. Like much thought about this as you get older you think about this. And I just the kind of person that it was not just for me I never had anybody. That helped me. So I decided it I'm going to help other people. And I want to it was more and more African American women to come behind me I wanted to. I had to. Not over the obstacles enough over the barriers. And get people to take it seriously and to realize that we are talented and that we are Smart. And I then why didn't and that to make them away from people like you Lindsay and so proud of you sell I want Miley. Is she to beat that she made a difference. She certainly did our thanks to Lindsey Davis and Carole Simpson. For bringing us that and that does if it is ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us in a river ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis and a programming note before we go ABC news will have. Full coverage of former president some second impeachment trial that will get started this afternoon around 1 PM eastern. Until then have a great day.

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