ABC News Update: US volleyball player tests positive ahead of Olympics

Plus, the bipartisan infrastructure deal is set for a key test vote and Giannis Antetokounmpo talks about the Bucks’ NBA Finals win.
27:11 | 07/21/21

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Transcript for ABC News Update: US volleyball player tests positive ahead of Olympics
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks for training with us a US volleyball player has tested positive for culminate at the Tokyo Olympics. Officials say they're not ruling out a last minute cancellation of the Olympics of cases keep rising. Meanwhile the first games are officially under way ahead of Friday's opening ceremonies we have the latest live from Tokyo. At least sixteen people are confirmed dead after severe flash flooding in China rescue workers are on the scene saving children in this case from a stranded. Kindergartens and now officials say things can get much worse with more rain in the forecast. And the military says a dam could burst at any time. Back here at home the Milwaukee Bucks are celebrating their first NBA finals win in fifteen years. The Bucs beat the suns and an incredible game six sending fans outside the arena into an absolute. Frenzy. And BP G honest and to just call vote put up fifty points. Hear what he says is on his mind at the clock hit zero. We begin in Washington. Where a key vote set for today on the bipartisan infrastructure deal could be pushed to next week. Negotiations went late into last night with Republican selling majority leader Chuck Schumer the bill needs to be fully written before anyone in the party will vote to advance it. Let's bring in ABC's political director Rick Klein and congressional reporter Trish turner who's on the phone for more on this. Tricia outlets to start with the latest who will we see a vote on this today are not. Cutting and yet we are absolutely gonna be able to today senator Schumer was shot on the floor. Reiterating. Want to devote to Dartmouth debate today I'm on the bipartisan bell. And that and neither he just today it's gonna happen later that afternoon and he's trying to reiterate you Republicans have been a deadline to have every final detail worked out. You know he's saying about an attempted jam anyone. But we also know not one Republican of critical Bratton on the they were here the bipartisan negotiators late into the night with a White House official that we know they're very close. A number of them told us that but they still haven't gotten up to build it still won't have a price tag. I'm they don't have a way to show Republicans that all of that spending the nearly 600 billion in new spending it paid for city simply can't. Start debate on any product that is that written and the innovate don't know enough about. The red apple consumers seem to indicate that it was an unusual request for the bill to be written before this vote happens is that the case again. CI his bill and that's part of what job what complicates the situation is Trish has been covering Schumer is the majority leader he controls the senate floor and he's trying to force the hand of negotiators it to the point the Democrats only hits in six months now. In two with a by the administration jobs senators have had ample opportunity to come to an agreement. And Schumer wants to smoke about a little bit now he says this isn't gambit this isn't. Attempt to jam anyone a lot of Republicans disagree with that and they'll also point out the Schumer got his own political cross pressures including pressures from the left on his party some forewarned not about the idea this bipartisan package so. I eighties there's a lot of imaginations that are going on through all of this. Eighty even if this this bill or this this attempts to it took to start debate fails he can be brought up again and which is almost certainly what would happen. But for now at least the Biden Schumer candid album this strategy that they're that they're using doesn't appear to be working we'll have to see if they. If it moves the end product a little belong but they're not the key votes here that's what makes the dynamic so intriguing. Pitchers it's been almost a month since president Biden met with the bipartisan group senators at the White House instead we have a deal so what's sticking points are left to iron out here. And you'll blow everyone at learning. The legislating it's actually really hard it's easy enough to get a little heart and out. For them they at least today hey we've got an agreement on a framework. But when you start to put the deed held together gets really hard. Still political come crops current or coming in Q these negotiations and. They had to remove a giant financing mechanism to organize you know president Biden and Republican to really onboard with beefing up the ire of to get about a hundred million dollars. Kicked copper than it's spending 200 million dollars coming in from all the people who are paying their taxes. But Republicans you know conservatives especially they got a long history and it's not good with the ire ask you know they really can they were targeted back. You know it it didn't he had in previous administration then and and that just not willing to give the IR. I'm you know a bunch of money Q you know send out every had to go get a stock everyone in you know it didn't you know plaguing them Westpac. Audits and so they're just not willing to do that. And to that the giant hole that these negotiators had to fill until these. Scrambled they're trying to figure out a way to pay for this through you know it changed kind of it's it's really sweetie but like Medicare rebates. That prevent trouble trying to put into effect and the ability to stop that then you know more money it saved and also there's a giant problematic to last night the biggest problem they're treating it. How do you I'm finance. Transit. So that Janet Patton agreed yet on a bill to do you. Consider trying behind the scenes to figure out how much many to give a public transit. So there's there's like lots of sticky little issue there's not a lot left but the things that are left are pretty darn bags and facilitating do you think you're gonna get cute. An agreement on a deal a final deal sometime this week and and then they hope to have the legislative tax and these analyses we give them. Scores tell them hey collier financing an option to cover all your spending that's the big thing they hope to have that by Monday and to Republicans are signaling to senator Schumer hey Juanita put off today's vote let Cabot on Monday and then. A novelist will be with a view and we know this year needs. And Republicans to be let them. So older happen. All right so wreck what happens it's. This vote and the deal itself sales could that impact the larger infrastructure bill Democrats are trying to pass on our own. Big time because there's already a lot of sticker shock about how big the Democrat only packages the other the parallel track that's been running here. And think about it's obvious these one point two trillion dollars falls away. This is supposedly the easier stuff and the Democrats are gonna wanna golf a lot of that up into the air package so it means the price tag almost certainly goes up substantially. All of the Democrats only package. And that package is in cooked yet either. Today is also kind of soft deadline that Schumer has set to have that Democrats agree. To that the size and the scope and start getting into the details. Of their debt infrastructure package and yes the fact that he could expand by media trillion dollars more is gonna create even more concerns among some moderates so. These are complicated issues we heard Biden initially when that deal was announced about a month ago. Explicitly link the the two packages the smaller harder infrastructure vs the Democrats only. A broader package he kind of walked that back but the fact is they are very much into related they are connected and the failure to advance one impacts the other. There's no way around that and and that's why today's vote matters and the outcome of this bipartisan deal is is pretty essential to. Biden's view of how government should interact with people Biden's view of how government should war all of it is is wrapped up into these coming votes. I'm like a game of jango Washington's salary climb Trish turner thank you people think fittings and and coming up an American beach volleyball player has tested positive for coated at the Tokyo Olympics. But we come back we're live in Tokyo with the latest for just two days to go until the opening ceremony stay with us you. Welcome back Tokyo officials say Kobe case is there have surged 155%. Over the past seven days. A beach volleyball players now the latest American athlete to test positive as officials say. There's still considering canceling the games altogether with the opening ceremony just two days away ABC's Kenneth mode and is in the Olympic bubble in Tokyo. With more on this high Kenneth what's the latest on his positive Cason and what does it mean for team USA. Well Diane we know this American beach volleyball player is in quarantine here in Tokyo be tested positive at the airport. USA volleyball has not release his name but here's what we do know that he's in quarantine again. At a local hotel. And also when it comes to his sport. We understand that even though volleyball qualifies them please it appears he can replace an athlete up until Thursday evening. So there's still a chance for him to be replaced a head of that. Sunday match how does that further that person's partner then if they have to play with someone new. Very duffel court T imagine. God knowing that you have trained with this person you qualify with then you've gone through the ups and downs of trying to make it to the Olympics through the Olympic trials. And then there's his last minute replacement but when it comes to team USA a lot of these athletes die and they know we each other. And so hopefully won't be that big of a difference for his partner where his playing partner but still. Yeah it's big to be pretty tough. That it cheaper Tokyo 20/20 organizing committee said that officials will continue discussions. As they monitor cases has given any more talks about potential cancellations. Well no public talk we don't know exactly what's going on behind closed doors but you with being Diane they've got to be talking about this. When it comes to this surgeon numbers here and we dropped that. Blind eyes that bomb on this yesterday about eleventh hour possibility of an eleventh hour cancellation it was like a ripple effect I threw glow with people. You know know that 111000 athletes will make their way to this country over the next two weeks. Tens of thousands of people connected these connected to these games are already poured into this country who when you're talking about those numbers of those who. Are coming into this country connected to this game and the fact that we've had about what seventy or eighty positive cases since July 1. That number amazing small but here's why it matters to die in help ex was a raising alarm warning that this virus is spreading faster. Been during the third wave of infections at the beginning of the year just today Tokyo reported. IA six month high of new cases more than 18100. Essay you at all that together this is not a good recipe. Meanwhile women's basketball players who bird and baseball player Eddie Alvarez will be carrying the American flag at the opening ceremonies are looking tell us about why they were select. Did and. What are selected because they're pretty bad you know what they were selected by either team members on teen USA about 600 athletes. I voted for them to be the flag bearers a let me tell you about them they've got an impressive CV here each of them Sue Bird a four time Olympic champion. And baseball player Eddie Alvarez a twin fourteen Olympic silver medalist in speed skating. Again they were chosen by their fellow athletes that's how high esteem they are they're seeing there are burdening her debut in Athens to the other four she won four straight gold medals. Is trying to get her fit Alvarez has competed in the games a four curly plays pro for the Miami moral and Maier leads. He's the first baseball player to be a flag bearer and the opening ceremony. For the US. Now organizers say that this is the most gender equal in fiction history what do they mean by that. What they mean as is the turning point and it's incredible to see especially when you can hear the numbers. Men to women. Over the past that. Really the history of these games are letting me give you those numbers that it will lift the budget numbers. Diane but these are so impressive let me give them to you this is up from 45% at the last games in 2016. Organizers had said that women accounted for nearly 49%. Of the 111000 athletes and again that's up from 45% of the last close in 2016 and Rio it was just. 2.2. Percent at the 19100 games and Paris the first to have female athletes and when the gaels returned to Paris and 20/20 four. There is anticipated to be full gender parity with the same number of female athletes. To me and how about that Diane. Permanent times are changing Kenneth mountain in Tokyo. Thank you friends. Thank you. And let's bring in infectious disease specialist an ABC's contributor doctor Simone wilds for more honest act allows great to see it thanks for being here. When you look at the number of cases in the Olympic village so far how worried are you. And what do you think the chances are of them needing to cancel its games at the last minute. And next. And me. I'm definitely concerned. About. Increasing each day I know that. Hair salon so unanimous Ian really just aren't that as well. I think that there's going to be a lot of going on behind closed doors about what's the best step fall or. Cheating is that we want me shall everybody's safe and I'm sure there's a lot and aids ensure that that's happening they ink that ended the day it. These CEO why is what you should be in great sound and whether. In order to sort of game and be able we all games. Now a new studies also suggesting that Johnson Johnson vaccine could be less effective. Against the dealt a variant yesterday the CDC director face some tough questions. About why the US is taking so long to authorize booster shot so you think this is going to accelerate that conversation and how should we be looking. At this new study data. I absolutely hate being there's any definitely more conversations about what to do with this information about the and seen with regards to how it acts with adults have to Harry and I think they're number. I'd be more than likely. There was probably about booster shot over those. Dogs and either witness the dogs and dogs and scene itself. All are pending in mice and you visited him aren't being seen you know the IR agreement are just to ensure that he grew and action especially apparent attempts. And how concerned should be about break your cases how contagious. Are those people who are vaccinated and then still get over it afterward and cat may still get along Holler symptoms. A great question. I mean it right now I want is no breakthrough cases but I really want to stress that he is still are rarer I know it's. And right now it only had an I didn't and a million people vaccinated. And thousands. Break in Paris on number eighty we'll just watching closely he didn't know that those that have been pretty through and actions and how mild easier so usually. Want hospitalized. Will Mon an and seeing you know on number is low think. I shouldn't still say and a vaccine. Now some students are going back to school as early as today considering the spread of the delta Marianne what should parents and school officials be doing to maintain safety. Really hot topic right now as should school cheating his anti whining to show and school and second which are not lending. I really. Can't making a lot of wears them I really each. Really hard to distinguish those being vaccinated birds don't have seen it I think is just say one. Clean and identity arts. He Malaysian. Absolutely in court bench. And aren't heeding those are being a immediately needs to ensure. That school wanting to shore. And some learning Mena. And passion and what are. In states where they ban school districts from implementing mass mandates we know that. The CDC and the APR mixed in terms of what their recommendations are for masking and schools. But had a schools that don't have that option mitigate the spread. One of the things that they're down perhaps there's been more discussion between the boats especially Tuesday he's aware the acts in patient ratings are all ending a million meets. And out of politics aside and come together and really about what you say our children. Current doctors run wild always good to talk to doctor thank you. A little. Coming up the Milwaukee Bucks are celebrating their first NBA finals win in fifty years when we come back we'll hear from star player Janice and to took home vote about his MVP performance stay with us. Welcome back to Milwaukee Bucks are celebrating this morning after taking home their first NBA championship in fifty years. Yeah honest and it combo put up fifty points in game six to cap off his MVP performance. ABC's will read caught up with the so called Greek freaked after the big win take a look. The honest July 60. 20s14. Years we did. I'll never leave the team and the city of Milwaukee so we build the team to a championship level team seven years later did you ever waver and Natalie know. I got to actually believe it ninety believing that platoon you lose yet. Condolences in the city of Milwaukee myself that you can do this and then and sent his you say we didn't know but. Played to come it took so many to so many who said the president for us to have. Accomplice who becomes 99 and ended it without this support of the city. Like we had put it doesn't give you kidding aside for the but doesn't it does do walk outside city medicine who gave. That was amazing and welcome news for you wouldn't need we can't stop them that if you. To get embedded do it again have you seen images of what was going on outside and am now let me show you this and it's like unbelievable I was. When I wasn't watching you. I was while I was look at this. This is from the top of the year you know. This is innocent he's more than 3000 is 65065000. People who want to. It was your time this whole. There's this whole series manual on another level fifty points in the clinching game and a fifty year drought. What does that feel like explain to a mere human what that feels like I was in now wasn't big enough votes. Points I was just beat them by. Winning these games like I didn't want to go back to Phoenix in the Suharto that I want to live my family. You know and I wanted premeditated that is hitting for the big city of Milwaukee in front of our fans and now we decided that position at a time. And while however that mindset that was able to accomplish what I'm comes on the court so. You're like no who goes on the court and saved someone's got 59 tonight. Maybe someone that anybody PDQ you know but the mud. I think it was at that time a team until May be today you know his time and time sadness and the might Emmys is sentiment is. You know give carbonneau night. You've grown up injuries. Had to hustle you have to grind for everything in your life it's a long way from. Pulled in the two biggest trophies in your sport your hand as a champion. How far along how far away does that part of the journey. Feel now. He has he has united food and just like yes indeed it's musical. I know it and had his goes you know I'll comment. Good to continue to move on get on its mil from you know on I was I was. Did he mean about we get into could combined paid 500 euros a month. And that's not an endless 400. Euros like like Lewis avenue and but like gold medal those those struggles man pulled everything you had to went through was seen my mama my dad's the main line. And I've been on this tonight from this that made the YM today that made me. Thank you diesel installed when they got out one and so bad leg downwind to help my family come out of that struggle. I was able to Delwyn mind does have a better line than. When I did. I was able to him on the horizon that the school I was out one to 197 minute like I was looking David picking data now when it many times for the city of Milwaukee. For myself also. And like if you could should remind. People suddenly reminding you David B wake up dusted for ceasing abundant and how can I achieve his goal every day. That's not done to aid this you can achieve incredible things just to be a typical needed. Too weak jobs but like those those. This that was you know that we went through the challenges. That mainland and days hiding hadn't looked through that that would be ten. I would not the makes it sweeter I would think Timmy. Police in. I am thankful tonight he's been missed out by the bug me I don't know noon their time before that. Like this is great he nom I'm happy that enabled amid the moment enjoy the moment family and anybody collect them what do you think thinking about. What do we do it again because they beat me champion dean. King playing these stages addictive. You know I am. Now I'm glad to enjoy the moment but like. I want to do you not only did again. That you have a chance next year. I don't know I'd give it the decision but. I know that I want I want to play in the has them you know I want to be a part of that I want I want to. We Luzon given that the Muslim in Vietnam vet that the vitamin you know it play of entitlement funds about it anticipate significant. What does it feel like when the clock hit zero the confetti comes down this place is going nods. You know that you've just accomplished. Something. Unprecedented almost unimaginable to win the weighty you did. What goes through your mind and your heart in that moment. What do you concede. Thank our I was just thinking about the coliseum among them. You know I was to give up my family like how how much they want to do much I want to do what we had to move through known for us to be news it was a cynical and the it easy night he nods to some but he's thankful that pitted have to go through you know and he was it was an amazing feeling. Still you don't understand in cereal but given now. Still out like he's Israel will be known Budd Lake. Scene and they continue seated people kidding me like this didn't need some pitches against left to go. Tonight and he was just one name beachhead Chicago public meaning detention. You know it's a good eight. It's amazing and not one now when the big man. Here champion here is son your brother your father. What was it like sharing this moment with your son to me it's amazing. It's amazing. He doesn't know if he's so young repeated peoples and of the nine never give up. No matter what and that could mean no matter what the obstacle is that many give up and now was out of the government might mess on because I want him to see that. His dad was always playing like no matter if you make your FICO credibility bill whatever it is going to be keep kids playing he never give up you know so. Today it's time less time and time now and it was a next time you're gonna sleep. I'm tied it endlessly did not inclusive and that was given night guys have to vis Hamas and endlessly. Okay I'm tired you're not going out to celebrate in the Muslim and they the most beloved man indeed in the entire state. Level in this city and you're gonna I don't know I'm put to bed. Got a state called its peak. And I'm glad they give everything I give him to get him my leg. Kurtz. And I've had dismissed one serving. Since Harding and celebrate what's the plan. I think I'm I think my son to these men these me. He's been land this eight years ago this. This is you this in New York we'll tell you like a little kid. This is outside of where are Good Morning America studios are. You see that kid. And then you look yourself in the mirror now hold those trophies. Focusing your minds. Can stop. I can't stop light. I tapped to keep working because that you did I did. He committed himself to the game twos that decision is going keep what you no matter would that in his NBC that it. You know a Disney this document imagine what is going to be eight years from now. I've got to keep what you that can practice up and what is next for you what's your ceiling you're here you're rewriting what is possible in basketball I hope. I helped. But we believed to be qualify for the on the big games. But I hope I can now I can win something with my national. I think when that and that I can make my home country proud. We'll read thanks for that interview and that does it for this news cast Diane Diana Zeta thanks for joining us remember ABC news live as your free all day. But the latest news context and analysis LC back at 3 PM eastern with your Phillips for the breakdown Stacy.

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