Alabama tornado survivor speaks out

Beauregard, Alabama resident Freddy Tate talks surviving the deadly tornadoes which claimed the lives of his great uncle, aunt and cousin.
4:05 | 03/08/19

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Transcript for Alabama tornado survivor speaks out
Let's go now to Alabama where president trump is going to be meeting with the people of beau regard ravaged by those tornadoes. And ABC's Rachel Scott has been there all week Rachel. Pylon a wolf this is the type of destruction a president trump can expect to. See this car right here overturned a leaning up against the street and just above that there is I'm not Trace stock in that tree right they're not I'm gonna locked appearance. I want to bring in Freddie T here who is a Bogart resident. Freddie thank you so much for being here we were talking a little bit before Freddie and you said. He rode out the storm beat you actually came to this area and found your family members dad yes. Have to go problem now and I have to get to Monte houses ash across the road all I just kept calling name. No one respondent thought came across the role maybe fifty feet from the how way and I thought of finding. Alma awful awful migrate awful first and then I just joked looking feel good enough in a funny my cousin and my until. I'm so sorry for your boss Freddie am we also were speaking a little bit earlier you tell me that there were actually. Two children that were inside of that home as well they manage to make their way out of the debris how did they and then being rescued. They got into my they got into the fall with Carr and agents here on the whole it to somebody came to all. After hearing from from the car. So you lost four fairly members here. Bob by marriage seven total. In your family that are now dead seven of the 23. Confirmed dead by these two deadly tornadoes that hit. President trump is in town today he's going to be touring these devastation areas. What you want the president to know about this community. All the devastation of wolf all widgets we. We want to be one or reveal all just leave our prayers and just supports such as you can look around especially financial support. Often of them all process of rebuilding. And this community from what you were telling me is it's small it's tight knit you guys are close its. Most people are family and if you're not failing that you're like family what is it going to take for this community says rebuilt. Just the poor man I have a one another pulling together. Andrew we can do individually say if god they're collectively. Altogether from one to reveal. You wrote out the storm he just had a few minutes warning although they're aware of reports of severe weather was coming through. Can you describe what it was like when those two tornadoes to hear nearly the same time 170 mile per hour wind just ripping through this area. We'll face last value of ten minutes away fell. We took cover it well was it I didn't ask you get the whole book of the as they got here but that's not that I got here defeated Saint Regis it was devastating. I never imagined in my life. I'm gonna grow just got so scared could do that in the us and nothing else. And and that's something I want to underscore here. This debris it was not over here before this track written these homes they flew fifteen to seventy feet in this area over here. They're off their foundation where girls homes are standing there is now nothing. Debris just scattered over here you've been combing through it trying to find anything that you could possibly salvage. But I would just ask about how you're doing Freddie. You've found your family members dead for family members that how are you holding up have you been able to process and US. We are really a lot of lot of anxiety or depression scared nervous is. Really don't have time to colleges taped off myself I'm still here your predation on hill mob Mohawk schools and IT and all known to re gather thinkers as you can see it's a lot. If you want to do we. Right Freddie law I just I wanna say thank you so much for being here in space on I know you guys are Bogart strong here I really appreciate it thanks so much Freddie. He's gonna continue coming through this area they're looking for anything that they could possibly salvage Lana but definitely a long road to recovery for the residents here a bowl guard. Who not only lost their homes but also lost their failing and their neighbors. Line. Please send our regards to Freddie thank you so much racial.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Beauregard, Alabama resident Freddy Tate talks surviving the deadly tornadoes which claimed the lives of his great uncle, aunt and cousin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61561132","title":"Alabama tornado survivor speaks out","url":"/US/video/alabama-tornado-survivor-speaks-61561132"}