Celebrating World Wildlife Day

San Diego Zoo Global is rebranding itself as the “San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance,” a nonprofit focusing on conservation.
6:57 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Celebrating World Wildlife Day
In this world wildlife Davis in a zoo is celebrating with a major announcement the organizational and now we called. The San Diego Zoo wildlife alliance a nonprofit focusing on conservation. And here to tell us more about that as the organization's CEO Paul bear bald and its wildlife ambassador Rick Schwartz gentlemen thank you both for being here. Well good morning. So called good morning to you what led you to make this change and what does it mean for the San Diego zoo and the animals in his care. Well this is a huge change for this organization this is really about us reaching to fulfill our potential. Here at the San Diego zoo and sandy users a far apart. Ice filled with talented team members from veterinarians to nutritionist secure specialists. That are committed to changing outcomes for wildlife. This next chapter of our history is really formed and what happened to us all this last year. The Coleman pandemic has affected all of us because it's a step back and ask. Are we being as effective as we can be for wildlife conservation. Can we be more strategic coming work with partners and a more collaborative way. And so that really let us a look at our work and step back and say. We we have eight areas of the glow across six continents where we could work. And drive greater outcomes for wildlife working with partners at all levels from national local so it's a huge change for us and we're excited about it Bryant. Paul thank you it sounds great and Rick I want. Askew zoos get a lot of criticisms people see wild animals and enclosures and it appears there there just for entertainment and to make money and that doesn't sit well. With a lot of animal lovers what is stated that. Well I would sell it as an animal on myself and someone who's dedicated my life to connecting people with wildlife. In the efforts to encourage conservation and care for them how would invite any animal lover like myself to come to the zoo or safari park experience for themselves should. There's absolutely amazing and wonderful space our staff to such a great job with these animals cans medium annals I've got some great animal ambassadors and up to introduce you to right now. All right Rick introduce my favorite part of any of these segments all right. And knowledge this is really where the magic happens to when you come to the zoo or safari park amortized. You get a chance to meet these animals up close and personal and that's when you can look to many nine experience they're looking unionized well when you fall in love within you and you don't want to know how can you help wanted you to make a difference well to Ozzy here's asking crowned crane in a beautiful name so of course the beautiful crest is managed for years. Sheila season's show often in his beautiful. They need our help like Paul mentioned we are dedicated taking care of the ecosystems and areas where these patients can be found when you come join us to be an ally for wildlife. You make a difference as well and that's what this is all about. Todd is enjoying a morning sun right now here in San Diego have a beautiful time America. Now she's it would donate a ministry she's a cracker is native to Africa. We have another half an animal I'm and had to cancel his right here on the duo of dirt area who set up we've got a little friend it's going to be coming out of that eared Fox News the house also. Which one of our hubs. In Africa. I'm sorry I'm an area that's about it one of our clubs were really focusing on animals like elephants and rhinos lions and leopards. But the biodiversity is just as important as anything if we only focus on one urgent species. We're gonna lose our opportunity to really take care of all the animals and an environmental nursing you know those are seen as. Now the battered sizing government they're obviously do turning from those large ears. There omni Everest are gonna meeting lot of bugs and insects and grubs digging in the ground looking for the truth but also right now she's aware of a lot of people and activity on the other side of this plant. So she's picking up sounds there this is normal as doing fundamentally there food they'd be listening for predators might be out there for them. Now in just a moment what heroes are gonna try to snag you might hear a loud whistle that's going to be or call to head back home will bring out a cup more animal story. Alba there's still some snacks and there she says all honest and open it up that's when Nestle one fronting about working with our animals and again having. I'm close and personal is an opportunity to learn a day are their own individuals who own personalities. We have coming up no another animal from Australia up. Often would this animal when you first glance Adam we have a lot of people asking us. Is this related to their heads stronger maybe the fourth line well believe it or not this is the only other egg laying mammal on the planet alive today this is called the new kid not. Now they're an insect aboard directly related to the platypus. And we also have another conservation hub right there Australia and again when you're looking at these things are conservation is amazing animals in Kansas think about the individual. What about the biodiversity were up the health of the environment. And of course the people when people make a big difference. Those that visit the areas where the animals live those that live natively where the animals live and then people coming to Missouri supplier park supporting our conservation efforts around the world. Now the fun thing about things like all cruel to animals that cannot sit there quills is just a myth. What they can do those are big themselves down just as the pats and quills right up there are so predators really don't want a missile them too much. Let's reading and Australia we do have one more animal to share with you a little more. Well no and perhaps to the Australian area it's a large marsupial you might recognize who bring out just a second. Now I want a christening of the brain are now not all marsupials have pouches that stencil was inaccurate we didn't think all martian does that count as he did things and I'm. Well if you're my sugar means you were raised in the couch so in other words only the females have pouches. They raised a young and the parents who don't give your key is there anything else they did have a good time here ruby come say hi. Released checking out on warning sign. Mr. CR hi sweetheart come learn the swing and you go so looming here is there are a little red kangaroo. The classic kangaroo commercials large high led his people always ask us if they box well. The mills when fighting for territory rights will get up on their hind legs nice and tall boys can get 280 pounds almost six feet in height and they will grapple with each other. But what looks like boxing vaccine they're kind of measuring the distance is an overall grip on their tail and could provoke powerful back legs. And that the united kangaroo phils are the same net as the deer here in North America they live in large Grossman sort of being called our Bob Herbert called a mob. There's a couple males that might hang out really be in charge of the whole mob with females in the youngsters and McNabb most of the population. The big story getting out here is animals are important and we need to connect people to and that's why we're here and sitting wildlife alliance is dedicated not just in connecting our guests are members. To these animals. We're looking at does at a global level we are partners all over the world that we're working with sharing information and sharing her passion for animals were very excited to announce all of this world wildlife day. And I. Paul Mara Balt and wildlife ambassador and shorts in the San Diego Zoo wildlife. Alliance thank you both we appreciated and thank the animal league but I'm going to show porn.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"San Diego Zoo Global is rebranding itself as the “San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance,” a nonprofit focusing on conservation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76231640","title":"Celebrating World Wildlife Day","url":"/US/video/celebrating-world-wildlife-day-76231640"}