Colin Kaepernick and the NFL at odds again after failed workout session

The former NFL quarterback told the league to "stop running" following the highly-publicized workout.
5:11 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Colin Kaepernick and the NFL at odds again after failed workout session
You have to talk about Colin Capp critic over the weekend his first child for the lead in three years since his ex isle cap critics saying he's ready and tired. Of waiting take a listen. They're ready for three years. Of Mindanao after thirty years. We all know why I came out here showed it today when everybody we have nothing to hide. The world ravens very few owners would argue changed Roger Goodell all of them to stop running without running from the truth. Stop running from people. Are right now the work out happen but not without that he comes RT Dave all of now let's set to break all of this down Hulu. Going on the world but I do exerted and Colin gravity can use. Tell you think I mean I feel like this was also look amassed some material like the logistics the last minute switch. What's going on a hate to correct you here on your show. It wasn't a mess of hot mess. It was a hot bagels whole mess but this should have been this was a missed opportunity a lot of people are saying now. Look he's been trying for three years to get back into the league. Yes that there's so much mistrust between him and only remember he sued the league medical collusion Susan guillotine to me out. This could've been an opportunity here to. Make amends in some way but there was mistrust all around so they have this work out twice by opting disposal show up at the Atlanta Falcons facility. He's supposed to work out last minute he says no I'm not coming of that when I'm gonna do my own sixty miles away at a high school for this is because he didn't like that they weren't letting his cameras in media was an all out he'd say they just couldn't agree to terms so. Ultimately only eight teens were represented at the workout he ended up doing. And he gave it sound bites and looking good doing on his terms and you could see why he might not trust the NFL. But after this now we what's gonna happen is that there are any team interested it does. Mean it's hard pressed to say yes because so many teens. Working interest in him not necessarily because of his talent they didn't want the baggage may be they came with him all the attention in the press. Well what are we talking about today is not his talent. But all the controversy again which they're saying he is responsible for bringing a lot of this on himself now so. We don't wanna sign because it be too much of a distraction well look at his work out now became a huge distraction so this didn't make anybody feel good about possibly very. Why your here I wanna get your thoughts on Jay-Z because of the daisy received a lot of heat from joining forces in the NFL when this whole cap for nick issue wasn't resolved then and he was part of the reason why he got this tryout. So what do you think of his sort of involvement in all of the loomed. Jake and you know that back story there but the daisy has been outspoken about. Colin Capp and make his support of Colin happening what he's like you sit in partnership with the lead. Now so he. Noticed if you will he's absolutely reports are helped get this work out set up. Policy put his neck on the line but still he has been advocating he wants caffeinated just get a shot yet Kapanen got a shot he got an opportunity put 25 teams to see him in now. The way he handled it reportedly Jay-Z is not too pleased about how this all went down. Because a lot of he would just one and a lot of people either he's talented I'd like to see him play has nothing to do with politics. But there was a great opportunity that seemed to been squandered because of so much mistrust that you can you probably understand what these two sides. OK so TJ let's say he is signed and he's offered a deal what does that mean it now for athletes taking up social justice issues is an athlete allowed to steal Neil I mean what if he comes back in this is still. But again no GM. Past the signs you you don't have a right to play in the NFL so general manager sees this now and says I I don't want to head and again catalytic at this point. So give back up quarterback is that of his starter. Do you want your backup quarterback. Doing press conferences every day talking about just being that kind of a distraction and a lot of folks we'll tell you that it's going to be a turn off right now an attachment to him trying to get back into the leak. And some aren't our friends even a went off. Yes that this is not happening not showing us that you want to play football be shown us that you wanna be in his words a marker. And if he has a calling gets attention port that is fine and level and let him do it. But getting American League seems to be even more difficult after Saturday then. It should finishes in these so politics and and sports should remain separate nah I don't think they should I have I don't think any of us think so but you you have to. You have to. Be able to speak up and not be punished for that he should have never been put in this position rank in the first place absolutely. But no these guys should speak of they have these platforms a lot of athletes in this that I speak up and they should be feel free to do so. But for. A second tier athlete does not LeBron if they were he wants but four of the guy the into the vents can you really make a stand and expect to keep a job later. Though those guys will be hesitant to speak up. Frank TJ Holmes break it out all of that for the birds that.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"The former NFL quarterback told the league to \"stop running\" following the highly-publicized workout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67108549","title":"Colin Kaepernick and the NFL at odds again after failed workout session","url":"/US/video/colin-kaepernick-nfl-odds-failed-workout-session-67108549"}