Feb. 26, 1979: The US Northwest gets a view of the solar eclipse

This total solar eclipse was the last to be seen from the contiguous U.S. in that century.
4:08 | 08/16/17

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Transcript for Feb. 26, 1979: The US Northwest gets a view of the solar eclipse
This is an ABC news special. Live coverage of the solar eclipse. New York here is correspondent Frank Reynolds. Good morning this is indeed a special events broadcast about genuine special event. The last total eclipse of the sun over the confidant this century the Malone is moving between the sun and the earth. And across a relatively narrow strip of the northwestern United States in central Canada. What you are seeing now is a picture taken from they golden dale observatory. And it is it's showing the eclipse of the sun over Portland Oregon it is approximately 75%. Or so. Totality. In thirteen minutes it will be total over Portland and we'll show you a fantastic site then these are the lights of Helena Montana. Pops what's with the actual eclipse itself and we got a chance to and he mark cameras working Americans. Trying to find the song. The sun eclipsed by the moment. Franklin does is go ahead Robert Frank this is anti Giuliani candidate you can see it the roar of the crowd is just gone up. This is just the most exciting thing I've ever participated hit me this is the best picture we've had here this is the frank I can't tell you how lucky we are there just been thousands of people running around the Rocky Mountains going as much as four and 500 miles storing tonight. Trying to find a whole. In the clouds we were older did totaled cloud cover here and as you can see. Somebody's on our site that this morning though life here is eerie it's yellowish gray on the horizon. And I just hope that those who traveled through the Rocky Mountains all later are enjoying this eclipse as much as we are here I'm quite sure that they are here after making all out effort. To get to a place where even just a few clouds could blot out a site that we must remind you again will not be seen on this cop. Month and this century not until we see what as a novice when he first bodies seventeen ourselves. You know frank be able to see another one. Mentioning that kind of time span I was talking to a scientist who said on the average and eclipse will happen in the same place perhaps every 360 years. And I was just wondering thinking about what this area was like 360 years ago a few of French trappers. Crow and Blackfeet Indians and and now we have people running around the Rockies in their cars trying to find it I wonder what it's going to be 300 years from now you wonder what the reaction was that the people who sought to look at that time. Precisely. And sun worship that was so prevalent. At that time. They now it's beginning to move away is not right it yet have now died our city is coming into light again. This is half amazing. It's just at his office. Well I hope that both that I hope those thousands of people who are to the east of us. In joys such a fantastic. Citing us as we just we are us. We're seeing the moan now and a move across the face of the of the sun so that the eclipse is no longer total. Over Helena Montana. Well we've seen Portland. In the daylight wait we've seen that. Dark let's see if we NC Portland once again quickly see if it's a become like there again. Can we do that that we are welcome back to daylight Portland but but but. So that's at the last solar eclipse of is seen on this continent in this century and as I said not until August 21 Tony seventeen. Well another eclipse be visible from North America that's 38 years from now may they. Shadow of the moon fall on a world peace and ABC news of course will bring you a complete report on that. Next eclipsed 38 years from now.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"This total solar eclipse was the last to be seen from the contiguous U.S. in that century.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49259249","title":"Feb. 26, 1979: The US Northwest gets a view of the solar eclipse","url":"/US/video/feb-26-1979-us-northwest-view-solar-eclipse-49259249"}