Friday Rewind: Chaos at the southern border

Border Patrol officers fire tear gas as dozens of migrants rush a border fence.
2:59 | 11/30/18

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Chaos at the southern border
Put up New York City and pretty clear and angry over the weekend and at episode episode I the. Or wrapping up a week of headlines that range for migrants to Mars. And for us just what degree of separation from being Gail K dear now is our weekly Friday relied. The migrant caravan arriving at the border continues to grow. Expected to reach 9000 in the coming days contingent of migrants rushed the fix that by a wool the tiered yes. Violence against frantic mothers and their children. Rolling outrage over the reported birth of the world's first genetically modified babies twin girls their DNA was changed. Gene editing which involves all terrain a section of DNA could soon be used to treat life threatening diseases. But its use on embryos is banned in the United States and many countries much of the scientific community is outraged. The largest auto maker in the US announcing massive layoffs and plant closures in North America the company playing to eliminate more than 141000. Jobs five plants on the chopping block all slated to shut down by the end of next year. She's a self proclaimed model and into grand influencers and the hauled Erica White teenager is being accused of pretending to be black to get more followers to Twitter user posted these two photos of her online. One showing her with much lighter skin and straight here many who say they assume she was black or biracial. Are now accusing her of darkening her skin and altering her hair and lips in order to capitalize on beauty trends and get brand endorsed. It's this image from NASA's insight mission proving it stuck the first Mars landing in six years inside begins a two year mission for the first time peering inside the red planet. Rex is something that's a little Trippi that's the short blow your mind it did for us. Yet so yesterday we mentioned our friend of the show Gayle King copying or nieces poses while on vacation and it turns out. Dale was actually watching them. Give me good morning guys. And he much he's really slowed. Anybody getting out and I hope that the game. Or money. He's on the Mary Hardin jail employee. I completely made our day. And still make Saturday it dead so then. Gil is watching us watching her and then I was watching Gail watching us on CTM from. And then we played it yesterday and kill we're watching us watching. Her. It's really amazing yeah let's say they. But again the older residents spend. Perhaps doesn't know she has one of those. And as well. I'm watching again.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Border Patrol officers fire tear gas as dozens of migrants rush a border fence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59519498","title":"Friday Rewind: Chaos at the southern border","url":"/US/video/friday-rewind-chaos-southern-border-59519498"}