Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 3 storm

The storm is expected to be the worst to hit Texas in nearly two decades.
1:27 | 08/25/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 3 storm
The winds are whipping rain is pulling and the water is getting choppy along the Gulf Coast but this. Nothing compared to what experts say coastal. Texas Mississippi and Louisiana experience after hurricane Harvey hits later tonight. Think of your life first. The most important thing that we're dealing with right now. As human life. Among the concerns of massive flooding three feet of rain in some areas storm surges projected to reach up to twelve feet. And with all that flooding widespread power outages. This storm is not going to play out. Overnight when the power goes all you can expect it to be all three to seven days. Voluntary and mandatory evacuations are in affect the message food over and over again. Don't brisket. Storm could change. And as they've said they're not gonna come rich get rescue. You're in Houston highway warning still drivers to prepare. Perhaps the insanity over this hurricane while in Corpus Christi all of the tiniest residents have been successfully relocated. Children's health tweeting praise for their support teams and evacuated their knee Q there. Here in Houston America's fourth largest city the governor is urging people to go north and I also want to get you a little bit of perspective hardy is expected to make landfall. As a category three hurricane the last time America experienced any of those. They were named Wilma and to treat. Reporting from Houston lawn is acting seems.

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{"duration":"1:27","description":"The storm is expected to be the worst to hit Texas in nearly two decades.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49424674","title":"Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 3 storm","url":"/US/video/hurricane-harvey-strengthens-category-storm-49424674"}